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The Burrowers Quotes

The Burrowers is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Burrowers ended its run in 1970.

It features William Sherak as producer, Joseph LoDuca in charge of musical score, and Phil Parmet as head of cinematography.

The Burrowers is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Burrowers is 96 minutes long. The Burrowers is distributed by Lionsgate.

The cast includes: Clancy Brown as John Clay, William Mapother as William Parcher, Doug Hutchison as Henry Victor, Karl Geary as Fergus Coffey, Sean Patrick Thomas as Walnut Callaghan, Galen Hutchison as Dobie Spacks, David Mindhunter as Dull Knife, Anthony Parker as Ten Bear, and Alexandra Edmo as Faith.

The Burrowers Quotes

Karl Geary as Fergus Coffey

  • (Karl Geary) "He called you Walnut."
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "Yeah, he did."
  • (Karl Geary) "Is that your name?"
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "The name's Callaghan."
  • (Karl Geary) "Callaghan. You Irish?"
  • (Karl Geary) "It's about -- Maryanne."
  • (Karl Geary) "I came close to joining the army after New York. Impossible to get work there. No one will hire the Irish on account of us being a bunch of thieves and beggars."
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "Sounds familiar."
  • (Karl Geary) "That's Maryanne."
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "She yours?"
  • (Karl Geary) "I was working on her."
  • (Karl Geary) "The name's Coffey."
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "Coffey. You black?"

Sean Patrick Thomas as Walnut Callaghan

  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "We've got a fire."
  • (William Mapother) "Careful, we don't know if these are friendlies."
  • (Karl Geary) "Yeah, well, as long as they are human."
  • (Sean Patrick Thomas) "They like my soft parts -- s***."

William Mapother as William Parcher

  • (William Mapother) "They -- they use some kind of poison. Bury their victims alive."
  • (William Mapother) "Who takes men and horses and leaves the valuables to rot?"
  • (William Mapother) "Henry Victor would rather pull toes off the Sioux than follow the trail before us."
  • (William Mapother) "We find the Utes; they lead us to the Burrower tribe; we kill the Burrowers; you get your girl; you build a cabin on the prairie and you play American."
  • (William Mapother) "Here, it's yours."
  • (Karl Geary) "What do I do with it?"
  • (William Mapother) "Hellfire, I don't know. Find comfort in your Maker. It's your watch."
  • (William Mapother) "She should've bled out more."
  • (William Mapother) "What is that?"
  • (Doug Hutchison) "Hmm?"
  • (William Mapother) "What the hell is that?"
  • (Doug Hutchison) "It's a tobacco pouch."
  • (William Mapother) "It's ugly as s***."
  • (Doug Hutchison) "Yeah. Come off an Injun. Big buck by the name o' Sack-o-Tabacky."
  • (William Mapother) "Jesus Christ."
  • (Galen Hutchison) "W-What is it?"
  • (Doug Hutchison) "s***, son."
  • (William Mapother) "It's a scrotum, Dobie."

David Mindhunter as Dull Knife

  • (David Mindhunter) "You'll be awake in your grave. You'll be alive when they feed."
  • (David Mindhunter) "I'm glad they like white men, too."
  • (Doug Hutchison) "What was that?"
  • (Anthony Parker) "He says he likes white men."

Alexandra Edmo as Faith

  • (Alexandra Edmo) "When the blood is thick and the organs are soft, they return and eat. They drink."
  • (Alexandra Edmo) "They bury their food. Let it rot. The poisoned cannot sleep."

Doug Hutchison as Henry Victor

  • (Doug Hutchison) "Well, I guess all we can do is make sure them Indians never do something like this again."

Clancy Brown as John Clay

  • (Clancy Brown) "If you so much as touch that gun without my say-so, I will holster it in your ass."
  • (Clancy Brown) "Indians took 'em. God help 'em."
  • (Clancy Brown) "Why do you spend so much time rubbin' that boy's belly? He already thinks you're Jesus Crockett."
  • (William Mapother) "I'm courtin' his mother."
  • (Clancy Brown) "That's Gertrude Spacks' boy?"
  • (William Mapother) "Yeah, oh. Oh."
  • (Clancy Brown) "Skinny woman. Might as well just poke the boy."
  • (William Mapother) "That's not a very godly sentiment, John."
  • (Clancy Brown) "You think that Sioux back there was Burrower tribe?"
  • (William Mapother) "There's more flavours of Soiux that I can count."
  • (Clancy Brown) "How come we never heard of them before?"
  • (William Mapother) "I can't say. But I expect they'll introduce themselves shortly. The Mick ain't made us the most popular white men in Dakota."

Anthony Parker as Ten Bear

  • (Anthony Parker) "Where do we find the Burrowers?"
  • (David Mindhunter) "They'll find you. Even if you do taste like white man, now."

Galen Hutchison as Dobie Spacks

  • (Galen Hutchison) "He's seen us."
  • (Doug Hutchison) "You think I didn't know that?"
  • (Galen Hutchison) "Why ain't he running?"
  • (Doug Hutchison) "Well, why don't we ask him?"

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