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The Changing Face of Evil Quotes

The Changing Face of Evil is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Changing Face of Evil ended its run in 1970.

It features Jay Chattaway in charge of musical score.

The Changing Face of Evil Quotes

  • (Admiral Ross) "Damar may have just bought us some precious time; if the Dominion doesn't track him down too quickly."
  • (Captain Sisko) "We need to find a way to help him. Legate Damar may be the key to saving the Alpha Quadrant."
  • (Nog) "This is bad, very bad."
  • (Colonel Kira) "You say that every time we take the Defiant into battle."
  • (Nog) "Impulse manifold purged and clear.; If we lose the Chin'toka system, we lose our only foothold in the Dominion territory. I think that qualifies as bad."
  • (Colonel Kira) "Oh, we haven't lost it yet.; Initiating impulse pre-start sequence."
  • (Nog) "Microfusion generators online.; But the Breen, they seem unstoppable. First Earth, now Chin'toka?"
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "Ensign, no one is unstoppable.; Collimate the nadion emitters."
  • (Nog) "Collimation sequence in progress."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "What more can I say, Miles, but 'I'm sorry'?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Dilithium matrix is aligned and calibrated.; Just be a bit more careful, that's all I ask."
  • (Colonel Kira) "Opening antimatter injector ports.; Trouble in paradise?"
  • (Doctor Bashir) "It was nothing.; Emergency life support and damage control systems standing by."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "I wouldn't call it nothing."
  • (Lieutenant Ezri Dax) "Autonomous guidance system initialized and active."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "He lost Travis."
  • (Colonel Kira) "Hm; sounds serious.; Verify astrometric database."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Miles built this Alamo model, replete with small figures. Quite spectacular, actually.; Data sets loaded and verified.; Anyway, he was showing it to me in Quark's when we; rather I; accidentally misplaced Colonel Travis."
  • (Nog) "Phaser safeties engaged.; Can't you make another one?"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "What, so he can lose it again?; Field stabilizers online."
  • (Colonel Kira) "Well, that's what happens when you share your toys.; Synchronizing warp plasma flow --"
  • (Chief O'Brien) "It's not a toy. It's a model, built to scale."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "He really did a fantastic job."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "Nacelles holding at pre-warp threshold."
  • (Doctor Bashir) "Miles, look --"
  • (Solbor) "There is an old saying: he who studies evil is studied by evil."
  • (Weyoun) "I could be the last Weyoun --"
  • (Damar) "The Dominion victories are no longer our victories."
  • (Martok) "We must give the enemy credit. To launch an attack on Starfleet headquarters -- Even my people never attempted that."
  • (Dukat) "The Pah-wraiths have judged you and found you worthy. Their secrets are now your secrets, to do with as you please. Take their gift and use it. Seize the power they're offering you."
  • (Odo) "What's so funny?"
  • (Quark) "Marriage; it changes everything -- If you're not careful, that could be you and Kira."
  • (Weyoun) "All those escape pods; so small -- so vulnerable --"
  • (Captain Sisko) "What're you -- you doing? You don't cook."
  • (Kasidy Yates) "I know; I was just making sure."
  • (Dukat) "I am but a moon made warm by the light of your sun."
  • (Kai Winn) "I hope you're a better farmer than you are a poet."
  • (Lieutenant Ezri Dax) "You're a good friend, Worf."
  • (Lt. Commander Worf) "I know."
  • (Captain Sisko) "She's a fine ship."
  • (Chief O'Brien) "No one will argue with that. But like you say, it's time to go."
  • (Kasidy Yates) "From now on, you wear the apron in the family."
  • (Captain Sisko) "Nobody touches my peppers."
  • (Gul Rusot) "I remember the day I heard the news that Cardassia had joined the Dominion. Like everyone else, I rejoiced. We were going to be rulers of the entire Alpha Quadrant. Instead, we're a conquered people, servants in our own land."
  • (Damar) "By the way, in case Weyoun neglected to mention it, the Dominion once sang Cardassia's praises as well."
  • (Damar) "That's really quite simple. They expected the war to be over long ago; it's not. For that, they blame us. Now, if the war isn't ended soon, they'll shift the blame to you."
  • (Damar) "Maybe so. But win or lose, I wouldn't turn my back on Weyoun if I were you."
  • (Weyoun) "There's something -- different about you today, Damar, I can't quite put my finger on it. It's almost as if you're only -- half-dressed --"
  • (Damar) "What're you talking about?"
  • (Weyoun) "You don't have a bottle in your hand."

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