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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Quotes

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a television show that first aired in 1970 . The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe stopped airing in 1970.

It features Mark Johnson (producer) as producer, Harry Gregson-Williams in charge of musical score, and Donald McAlpine as head of cinematography.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is 145 minutes long. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.

The cast includes: Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie, William Moseley as Peter Pevensie, Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie, Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie, Patrick Kake as Oreius, James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus, Kiran Shah as Ginarrbrik, James Cosmo as Father Christmas, Skandar Keynes as Mrs. Pevensie, and Elizabeth Hawthorne as Mrs. MacReady.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Quotes

James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus

  • (James McAvoy) "Always winter, never Christmas."
  • (James McAvoy) "Now, that -- that is my father."
  • (Georgie Henley) "He has a nice face. He looks a lot like you."
  • (James McAvoy) "No. No, I'm not very much like him at all, really."
  • (Georgie Henley) "My father's fighting in the war."
  • (James McAvoy) "My father went away to war too. But that was a long, long time ago."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Do you know why you're here, Faun?"
  • (James McAvoy) "Because, I believe in a free Narnia."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "You're here because he turned you in -- for sweeties."
  • (James McAvoy) "Now, are you familiar with any Narnian lullabies?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "Sorry, no."
  • (James McAvoy) "Well that's good, because this probably won't sound anything like one."
  • (James McAvoy) "He's not a tame lion."
  • (Georgie Henley) "No -- but he is good."
  • (James McAvoy) "How would it be if you came and had tea with me?"

Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie

  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Edmund, I would very much like to meet the rest of your family."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Really? They're nothing special."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Oh. I'm sure they're not nearly as delightful as you are."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "But you see, Edmund, I have no children of my own. And you are exactly the sort of boy where I could see, one day, you becoming prince of Narnia; maybe even king."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Really?"
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Of course, you'd have to bring your family."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Oh. Do you mean Peter would be king, too?"
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "No. No, no. But a king needs servants"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "I guess I can bring 'em."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "If home's still there."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Tell me, Edmond. Are your sisters deaf?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "No."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "And your brother, is he unintelligent?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Well, I think so. But Mum says --"
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Then how dare you come alone."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "I shouldn't have encouraged her but you know what little children are like these days. They just don't know when to stop pretending."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Wait, no don't. Beaver said something about The Stone Table. And that Aslan had an army there."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "An army? Thank you, Edmund. I'm glad this creature got to see some honesty -- before he dies."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "But that's a girl's coat."
  • (William Moseley) "I know."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Whoa, Horsey."
  • (Philip the Horse) "My name is Philip."
  • (Maugrim) "Be still, stranger, or you'll never move again. Who are you?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "I'm Edmund. I met the Queen in the woods. She told me to come back here. I'm a Son of Adam."
  • (Maugrim) "Hmmm, my apologies, fortunate favored of the queen. Or else, not so fortunate."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Edmund. Get away from there. Peter."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "What do you think you're doing? Peter. Quickly, the shelter. Now."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Who's Aslan?"

Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie

  • (Anna Popplewell) "The professor knew we were coming."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Perhaps we've been incorrectly labeled."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Do you think we'll need jam?"
  • (William Moseley) "Only if the Witch serves toast."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Look, just because some man in a red coat hands you a sword it doesn't make you a hero."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Impossible."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Gastrovascular -- Come on, Peter. Gastrovascular."
  • (William Moseley) "Is it Latin?"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Yes."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Is it Latin for "worst game ever invented"?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "We could play hide and seek?"
  • (William Moseley) "But, we're already having so much fun."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Besides, we could all use the fresh air."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "It's not like there isn't air inside."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "She thinks she's found a magical land -- In the upstairs wardrobe."
  • (Professor Kirke) "What did you say?"
  • (William Moseley) "Um, the wardrobe. Upstairs. Lucy thinks she's found a forest inside."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "She won't stop going on about it."
  • (Professor Kirke) "What was it like?"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Like talking to a lunatic."
  • (Professor Kirke) "No, no, no. Not her, the forest."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "You're not saying you believe her?"
  • (Professor Kirke) "You don't?"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "But, of course not. I mean, logically it's impossible."
  • (Professor Kirke) "What do they teach in schools these days?"
  • (Mr. Beaver) "When Adam's Flesh and Adam's bone sits at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "You know that doesn't really rhyme."
  • (Mrs. Beaver) "It's the world, dear. Did you expect it to be small?"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Smaller."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Thank you for your hospitality, but we really have to go."
  • (Mr. Beaver) "Oh, you can't just leave."
  • (Georgie Henley) "He's right. We have to help Mr. Tumnus."

William Moseley as Peter Pevensie

  • (William Moseley) "Wake up, Dolly Daydream."
  • (William Moseley) "Mrs. MacReady?"
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "I'm afraid so."
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "Is this it, then? Haven't you brought anything else?"
  • (William Moseley) "No, Ma'am. It's just us."
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "Small favors."
  • (William Moseley) "She's right. He's gone."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Then you'll have to lead us."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Peter, there's an army out there, and it's ready to follow you."
  • (William Moseley) "I can't."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Aslan believed you could. And so do I."
  • (William Moseley) "He said he knows the faun."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "He's a beaver, he shouldn't be saying anything."
  • (William Moseley) "I'm gonna kill him."
  • (Mr. Beaver) "You may not have to. Has Edmund ever been to Narnia before?"
  • (Mr. Beaver) "Come on, humans. While we're still young."
  • (William Moseley) "If he tells us to hurry one more time, I'm gonna turn him into a big, fluffy hat."
  • (William Moseley) "Why can't you think about anyone but yourself? You're so selfish. You could have got us killed."
  • (Professor Kirke) "What were you all doing in the wardrobe?"
  • (William Moseley) "You wouldn't believe us if we told you, sir."
  • (Professor Kirke) "Try me."
  • (Professor Kirke) "I don't think you'll get back in that way. You see -- I've already tried."
  • (Georgie Henley) "Will we ever go back?"
  • (Professor Kirke) "Oh, I expect so. But it'll probably happen when you're not looking for it. All the same -- best to keep your eyes open."
  • (William Moseley) "I think you've made a mistake. We're not heroes."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "We're from Finchley."
  • (William Moseley) "Are you with me?"
  • (Patrick Kake) "To the death."
  • (William Moseley) "For Narnia and for Aslan."
  • (Professor Kirke) "You seem to have upset the delicate internal balance of my housekeeper."
  • (William Moseley) "We're very sorry, sir, it won't happen again."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "It's our sister, sir. Lucy."
  • (Professor Kirke) "The weeping girl?"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Yes, sir. She's upset."
  • (Professor Kirke) "Hence the weeping."
  • (William Moseley) "What's she doing?"
  • (Mrs. Beaver) "Oh, you'll be thanking me later. It's a long journey, and Beaver gets pretty cranky when he's hungry."
  • (Mr. Beaver) "I'm cranky now."
  • (William Moseley) "When are you gonna learn to grow up?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Shut up. You think you're dad, but you're NOT."
  • (William Moseley) "Well done, Ed."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "You bowled it."
  • (William Moseley) "We just want our brother back."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan."
  • (Aslan) "His offense was not against you."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Have you forgotten the laws upon which Narnia has been built?"
  • (Aslan) "Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Then you'll remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property"
  • (William Moseley) "Try and take him then."
  • (Jadis The White Witch) "Do you really think that mere force will deny me my right little king? Aslan knows that in this, I had blood as the law demands. All of Narnia will be overturned and perish in fire and water. That boy will die on the stone table -- as is tradition. You dare not to refuse me."
  • (Aslan) "Enough. I shall talk with you alone."
  • (William Moseley) "When are you gonna learn to do as you're told?"
  • (William Moseley) "Maybe we could call to the police."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "These ARE the police."

James Cosmo as Father Christmas

  • (James Cosmo) "Winter is almost over."

Kiran Shah as Ginarrbrik

  • (Kiran Shah) "Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Do you want some milk?"
  • (Kiran Shah) "Is our little prince uncomfortable? Does he want his pillow fluffed? Special treatment for the special boy. Isn't that what you wanted?"
  • (Kiran Shah) "How dare you address the Queen of Narnia?"
  • (Kiran Shah) "This way for your num-nums."

Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie

  • (Georgie Henley) "Told you he was real."
  • (Georgie Henley) "That's all right. Some little children just don't know when to stop pretending."
  • (Georgie Henley) "It's all right. I'm back. I'm all right."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Shut up. He's coming."
  • (William Moseley) "You know, I'm not sure you two have quite got the idea of this game."
  • (Georgie Henley) "Weren't you wondering where I was?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "That's the point. That was why he was seeking you."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Does this mean I win?"
  • (William Moseley) "I don't think Lucy wants to play anymore."
  • (Georgie Henley) "Are you all right? You look awful."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Well, what do you expect? I mean, it's freezing. How do we get out of here?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "The sheets feel scratchy."
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Wars don't last forever, Lucy. We'll be home soon."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Yeah. If home is still there"
  • (Anna Popplewell) "Isn't it time you're in bed?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Yes mum."
  • (William Moseley) "Ed. You saw the outside. This place is huge. We can do whatever we want here. Tomorrow's gonna be great. Really."
  • (Mr. Tumnus, the Faun) "And what about you? You must be some kind of beardless dwarf?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "I'm not a dwarf. I'm a girl. And actually, I'm tallest in my class."
  • (Mr. Tumnus, the Faun) "You mean to say that you're a daughter of Eve?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "Well, my mum's name is Helen --"
  • (Mr. Tumnus, the Faun) "Y-Yes, but, you are in fact -- human?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "I wouldn't lie about this."
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Well, I believe you."
  • (Georgie Henley) "You do?"
  • (Skandar Keynes) "Yeah, of course. Didn't I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?"
  • (Georgie Henley) "Narnia. It's all in the wardrobe like I told you."
  • (Georgie Henley) "Don't beavers make dams?"
  • (Mr. Beaver) "I'm not that fast, dear."

Elizabeth Hawthorne as Mrs. MacReady

  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "Professor Kirke is not accustomed to havin' children in this house. And, as such, there are a few rules we need to follow. There will be no shoutin'. Or runnin'. No improper use of the dumbwaiter."
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "No touchin' of the historical artifacts."
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "And above all, there shall be no disturbin' of the Professor."

Patrick Kake as Oreius

  • (Gryphon) "They come, your highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our own."
  • (Patrick Kake) "Numbers do not win a battle."
  • (William Moseley) "No -- but I bet they help."

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