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The Commitments (film) Quotes

The Commitments (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Commitments ended in 1970.

It features Roger Randall-Cutler, and Lynda Myles as producer, and Gale Tattersall as head of cinematography.

The Commitments (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Ireland, United Kingdom, and United States. Each episode of The Commitments (film) is 118 minutes long. The Commitments (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Robert Arkins as Jimmy Rabbitte, Ken McCluskey as Derek, Glen Hansard as Outspan Foster, Johnny Murphy as Joey, Robert Arkins as Jimmy Rabbitte, Sr., Michael Aherne as Steve Clifford, Félim Gormley as Dean Fay, Dick Massey as Billy, Andrew Strong as Deco, Michael Aherne as Steve, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Natalie, Angeline Ball as Imelda, Bronagh Gallagher as Bernie, and Maria Doyle Kennedy as Natalie Murphy.

The Commitments (film) Quotes

Robert Arkins as Jimmy Rabbitte

  • (Robert Arkins) "What do you play?"
  • (Failed Drug Buyer) "I used to play football in school."
  • (Robert Arkins) "I mean, what instrument?"
  • (Failed Drug Buyer) "I don't."
  • (Robert Arkins) "What are you doing here, then?"
  • (Failed Drug Buyer) "Well, I saw everyone else lining up, so, uh; I thought you were selling drugs."
  • (Robert Arkins) "Is this the band then? Betcha U2 are s***tin' themselves."
  • (Unemployment Official) "Mr. Rabbitte, you've been collecting unemployment benefit for two years. Are you trying to tell me you can't get a job?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "We're a third world country; what can you do?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "Soul is the music people understand. Sure it's basic and it's simple. But it's something else 'cause, 'cause, 'cause it's honest, that's it. Its honest. There's no f***in' bulls***. It sticks its neck out and says it straight from the heart. Sure there's a lot of different music you can get off on but soul is more than that. It takes you somewhere else. It grabs you by the balls and lifts you above the s***e."
  • (Robert Arkins) "That's f***in' blasphemy. Elvis wasn't a Cajun."
  • (Robert Arkins) "How did Ray take the news?"
  • (Ken McCluskey) "Not too bad. Said he was goin' solo."
  • (Robert Arkins) "He doesn't have much of a choice, does he?"
  • (Smiths' Song Singer) "I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now --"
  • (Robert Arkins) "Yeah, I know how you feel."
  • (Robert Arkins) "say it once and say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud."
  • (Robert Arkins) "What do you call yourselves?"
  • (Ken McCluskey) ""And And And.""
  • (Robert Arkins) ""And And f***in' And?""
  • (Ken McCluskey) "Well, Ray's thinking of putting an exclamation mark after the second "and." Says it'd look deadly on the posters."
  • (Robert Arkins) "Psshh --"
  • (Glen Hansard) "You don't like it? You think it should go at the end?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "I think it should go up his arse."
  • (Glen Hansard) "Well, we're not married to it."
  • (Robert Arkins) "I got Mickah Wallace to do Security."
  • (Glen Hansard) "Mickah Wallace? But he's a savage."
  • (Robert Arkins) "Yeah -- but he's OUR savage."
  • (Robert Arkins) "Elvis is not soul."
  • (Robert Arkins) "Elvis is God."
  • (Robert Arkins) "I never pictured God with a fat gut and corset singing "My Way" at Caesar's Palace."
  • (Robert Arkins) "What did Evel Knievel want?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "God sent him."
  • (Robert Arkins) "What?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "God sent him."
  • (Robert Arkins) "On a f***ing Suzuki?"

Johnny Murphy as Joey

  • (Johnny Murphy) "Look, I know you're hurtin' now, but in time you'll realize what you've achieved."
  • (Robert Arkins) "I've achieved nothing."
  • (Johnny Murphy) "You're missin' the point. The success of the band was irrelevant; you raised their expectations of life, you lifted their horizons. Sure we could have been famous and made albums and stuff, but that would have been predictable. This way it's poetry."

Glen Hansard as Outspan Foster

  • (Glen Hansard) "What's that? A Mister Chippy van?"
  • (Mickah Wallace, Drums) "We can't travel in that s*** heap."
  • (Johnny Murphy) "Buddy Holly's last words."
  • (Bronagh Gallagher) "What?"
  • (Johnny Murphy) "We can't travel in that s*** heap."
  • (Glen Hansard) "Did Buddy Holly say that?"
  • (Johnny Murphy) "Before he flew to meet his destiny on that storm-tossed night."
  • (Glen Hansard) "Will crashin' in a chipper van make us famous, huh?"
  • (Glen Hansard) "There's a band around called "Free Beer". Always draws a big crowd."
  • (Ken McCluskey) "I like "A Flock of Budgies"."
  • (Robert Arkins) "We have to be "the" something. All the great sixties bands were "The Somethings"."
  • (Glen Hansard) "We could be -- The Northsiders."
  • (Ken McCluskey) "Or The Liffy Lads."
  • (Glen Hansard) "How about -- The f***ing Eejits?"

Dick Massey as Billy

  • (Dick Massey) "And you -- George Michael -- you ever call me a f***in' eejit again, you'll go home with the drumsticks stuck up your hole -- the one you don't sing out of."
  • (Andrew Strong) "That'll be the day."
  • (Dick Massey) "I'm tellin' ya it's coming, so keep your Vaseline handy."

Andrew Strong as Deco

  • (Andrew Strong) "I've a bugle here you can blow on."
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "I've an arse here you can kiss."
  • (Andrew Strong) "If they're singing, then what am I supposed to do?"
  • (Dick Massey) "You can sing along, you've bigger tits than all of them."

Félim Gormley as Dean Fay

  • (Félim Gormley) "Do y'not think, uh; we're a little white for that sort of thing?"
  • (Félim Gormley) "I'm black and I'm proud."
  • (Rock Salmon Man) "Excuse me, would you have any Rock Salmon?"
  • (Félim Gormley) "No, I'm sorry; we only have "Soul"."

Michael Aherne as Steve

  • (Michael Aherne) "f***. f***. f***."
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "That's three Hail Marys for you tomorrow."
  • (Michael Aherne) "Used to, when I studied I would sing hymns, but now all I can sing is "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Marvin Gaye"
  • (Father Molloy) "Percy Sledge."
  • (Michael Aherne) "What?"
  • (Father Molloy) "It was Percy Sledge did that particular song. I have the album."
  • (Michael Aherne) "Oh --"
  • (Michael Aherne) "And there's these three girls with the band, I've had lustful thoughts about all of them."

Angeline Ball as Imelda

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Natalie Murphy

  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "What do you think, Jimmy, they'll be eatin' chips out of our knickers?"
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "You all right, Jimmy?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "Sure. They just get on my arse at times."
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "Wanna share a taxi home?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "For f***'s sake, Natalie. How could you ask me that after what I just said in there?"
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "Well if you weren't the manager, would you?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "Would I what?"
  • (Maria Doyle Kennedy) "-- take me home?"
  • (Robert Arkins) "But I am the manager."

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