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The Company of Wolves Quotes

The Company of Wolves is a television show that first aired in 1970 . The Company of Wolves ended its run in 1970.

It features Chris Brown as producer, George Fenton in charge of musical score, and Bryan Loftus as head of cinematography.

The Company of Wolves is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Company of Wolves is 95 min. long. The Company of Wolves is distributed by ITC Entertainment.

The cast includes: Sarah Patterson as Rosaleen, Angela Lansbury as Granny, Tusse Silberg as Mother, Micha Bergese as Huntsman, Dawn Archibald as Witch Woman, Graham Crowden as Old Priest, David Warner as Father, Kathryn Pogson as Young Bride, and Georgia Slowe as Alice.

The Company of Wolves Quotes

Angela Lansbury as Granny

  • (Angela Lansbury) "Your only sister, all alone in the wood, and nobody there to save her. Poor little lamb."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Why couldn't she save herself?"
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Get ye back to Hell from whence ye came."
  • (Micha Bergese) "I don't come from Hell, I come from the forest."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "What have you done with my Granddaughter?"
  • (Micha Bergese) "Nothing she didn't want."

Sarah Patterson as Rosaleen

  • (Sarah Patterson) "They say the Prince of Darkness is a gentleman. And as it turns out, they're right; a fine gentleman."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Little girls, this seems to say / Never stop upon your way / Never trust a stranger friend / No-one knows how it will end / As you're pretty, so be wise / Wolves may lurk in every guise / Now as then, 'tis simple truth / Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "I'm sorry. I never knew a wolf could cry."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Who's come to sing us carols, then?"
  • (Micha Bergese) "Only my companions, darling. I love the company of wolves. Look out of the window and you'll see them."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Poor creatures. It's freezing cold out there. No wonder they howl so."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "I'd never let a man strike me."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Oh, they're nice as pie until they've had their way with you. But once the bloom is gone -- oh, the beast comes out."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Is that all you left of her? Your kind can't stomach hair, can you? Even if the worst wolves are hairy on the inside."
  • (Micha Bergese) "What do you know about my kind?"
  • (Sarah Patterson) "My Granny told me plenty."
  • (Micha Bergese) "Are you very much afraid?"
  • (Sarah Patterson) "It wouldn't do me much good to be afraid, would it? My, what big eyes you have."
  • (Micha Bergese) "All the better to see you with."
  • (Micha Bergese) "They say seeing is believing, but I'd never swear to it."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "Jesus, what big teeth you have."
  • (Micha Bergese) "All the better to eat you with."
  • (Sarah Patterson) "And then they lived happily ever after?"
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Indeed they did not."

Tusse Silberg as Mother

  • (Tusse Silberg) "You pay too much attention to your granny. She knows a lot but she doesn't know everything. And if there's a beast in men, it meets its match in women too."
  • (Tusse Silberg) "DON'T SHOOT. DON'T SHOOT."

Georgia Slowe as Alice

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

David Warner as Father

  • (David Warner) "Seeing is believing."

Kathryn Pogson as Young Bride

  • (Kathryn Pogson) "He looks just the same. As the day I married him."

Graham Crowden as Old Priest

  • (Graham Crowden) "Are you God's work, or the Devil's? Oh, what do I care whose work you are? You poor, silent creature."
  • (Graham Crowden) "It will heal. In time."

Dawn Archibald as Witch Woman

  • (Dawn Archibald) "So I wasn't good enough for you? I was once. Once upon a time. Don't you remember? Well, don't you? The Wolves in the forest are more decent."

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