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The Cooler Quotes

The Cooler is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Cooler ended in 1970.

It features Sean Furst as producer, Mark Isham in charge of musical score, and James Whitaker as head of cinematography.

The Cooler is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Cooler is 101 minutes long. The Cooler is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Maria Bello as Natalie, William H. Macy as Bernie, Alec Baldwin as Shelly Kaplow, Alec Baldwin as Shelly, and Ron Livingston as Larry Sokolov.

The Cooler Quotes

Maria Bello as Natalie

  • (Maria Bello) "I thought s*** like that only happened in the movies."
  • (Maria Bello) "Oh my God."
  • (William H. Macy) "Hey. You look in the mirror, you don't like what you see, don't believe it. Look in my eyes, I am the only mirror you're ever gonna need. You look in my eyes, Natalie."

Ron Livingston as Larry Sokolov

  • (Ron Livingston) "Don't get me wrong. Nostalgia is great. We love nostalgia. But nostalgia belongs in a museum. I think there comes a time to decide whether you're running a museum or you're running a casino."

Alec Baldwin as Shelly Kaplow

  • (Alec Baldwin) "What? You mean that Disneyland mookfest out there? Huh? Come on, you know what that is? Huh? That's a f***ing violation is what that is. Something that used to be beautiful, used to have class, like a gorgeous high-priced hooker with an exclusive clientele. Then along comes that Steve Wynn cocksucker and knocks her up and puts her in a f***ing family way. Now she's nothing but a cheap, fat whore hiding behind too much f***ing make-up. I look at her and see all her f***ing stretch marks, it makes me want to cry; because I remember the way she used to be."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Lootz is kryptonite on a stick."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Jesus Christ, that's such a f***ing touching speech, Bernie. All that Jimmy Stewart bulls***? I've got such a lump in my throat I can't tell you."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Now listen to me, you little Harvard turd. Lootz is all right, so he's walking out of here with everything he's got coming to him. If you so much as touch one f***ing hair on his f***ing head, I'm gonna f***ing wallpaper this f***ing bathroom with your f***ing ass, do you understand me? Muted tones, isn't that what you said, huh? Huh? I can't hear you. Wait, wait a minute. There it is. Blended in, at a subsonic level, like some kind of mantra: "Pain, pain, pain.""
  • (Alec Baldwin) "Jesus, Bernie, is that what you think? That I would f*** with your happiness? That hurts me."
  • (Alec Baldwin) "I can make you disappear like that. And not one f***ing person would miss you. Not one f***ing person."
  • (Maria Bello) "Bernie would. He loves me. He loves me, and that kills you, doesn't it, Shelly?"

William H. Macy as Bernie

  • (William H. Macy) "Better luck next time."

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