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The Core Quotes

The Core is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Core ended its run in 1970.

It features Sean Bailey, David Foster, and Cooper Layne as producer, Christopher Young in charge of musical score, and John Lindley (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Core is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Core is 135 minutes long. The Core is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Stanley Tucci as Dr. Conrad Zimsky, Delroy Lindo as Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzelton, Tchéky Karyo as Serge Leveque, Alfre Woodard as Talma Stickley, Alfre Woodard as Stickley, and Delroy Lindo as Rat.

The Core Quotes

Delroy Lindo as Rat

  • (Delroy Lindo) "Are you going to be doing that Carl Sagan narration all the way down to the core?"
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "I never taught the computer how to read empty space."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "And I never taught Virgil how to fly."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "I don't know what to do."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "Why do you get dibs on being the hero?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Because it's my damn ship."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Oh that makes perfect sense."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Look, for twenty years I've done nothing but 'Virgil.' Twenty years. 'Virgil' belongs to me, and I will not let her fail. I will not. Now, if you want to know what's worth dying for: this ship. Building it instead of imagining it. If 'Virgil' needs more blood, it will be my blood."
  • (Maj. Rebecca Childs) "Guys? We're dodging diamonds the size of Cape Cod, so bear with me. Not exactly nimble here."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "Diamonds? I want some."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Can I help?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "You guys aren't here to whack me, are you? Because I was really, really hoping to have sex before that happened."

Alfre Woodard as Talma Stickley

  • (Alfre Woodard) "Damn you."
  • (General Thomas Percell) "Damn me? Too late."
  • (Maj. Rebecca Childs) "I show possible touchdown at 335 North 118 West."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Endeavor, that is confirmed. Turn right, heading 175. Expect visual contact with Los Angeles River in five seconds."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Endeavour, guidance is bad. You are now one-two-niner miles off-course."
  • (Maj. Rebecca Childs) "Uh, roger, Huston. We kind of noticed. Is that?"
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Los Angeles. That is confirmed."

Stanley Tucci as Dr. Conrad Zimsky

  • (Stanley Tucci) "Thomas? Um, look -- it seems Destini may have caught up with us."
  • (Col. Robert Iverson) "People. Doctors Zimsky and Keyes? You guys are our resident geophysicists, so what do you make of this?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "The mantle is a chemical hodgepodge of, a, variety of elements --"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Say it with me: "I don't know.""
  • (Stanley Tucci) "For here, in the great unknowable, man can come to know the most important thing of all; himself. He can understand --"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "What the f*** am I doing?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction. A perfect acronym if ever there was one."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "Beautiful."
  • (Col. Robert Iverson) "Forgive me, but, you know I'm not the expert here, but what if the core is thicker or thinner? I mean, what if it's not what you think it is? Isn't that going to affect the way the explosions are --"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Yes, yes, yes, yes, and what if the core is made of cheese? This is all best guess commander. That's all science is, is best guess."
  • (Col. Robert Iverson) "So my best guess is you don't know."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Oh, come on, you're a bunch of suicidal morons. What are you, crazy? Plan C? Restart the core "somehow"? Oh, that's a great idea. That's a brilliant idea. I can't believe I'm stuck in this floating septic tank with you lunatics. You may have nothing to lose. You may have nothing to lose. You may have nothing to lose, but I have my life to lose thank you very much while you're up. Now turn it around. He told us to go back and we're going back. Why? You want to be a hero? You want to be a martyr? What do you want to be? You're out of your mind. Thank you. Turn it around."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Are you interested?"
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "Yes."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "We're interested."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Then let me smoke a cigarette, and I'll tell you."
  • (Taz 'Rat' Finch) "How many languages do you speak?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Five, actually."
  • (Taz 'Rat' Finch) "Well, I speak one -- One Zero One Zero Zero. With that I could steal your money, your secrets, your sexual fantasies, your whole life. Any country, any place, any time I want. We multitask like you breathe. I couldn't think as slow as you if I tried."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "As the EM field becomes more and more unstable, we'll start seeing isolated incidents; one plane will fall from the sky, then two, then, in a few month, anything, everything electronic will be fried."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Static discharges in the atmosphere will create superstorms with hundreds of lightning strikes per square mile."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "After that, it gets bad."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Hello Braz."
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Why the hell aren't you dead yet? Okay, this way."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Well, that went better than I expected."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Braz. Edward"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Yes, Conrad?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "You're right, it is your ship. But I wish to God it had been ours."

Tchéky Karyo as Serge Leveque

  • (Tchéky Karyo) "I came here to save my wife and my two children and -- seven billion lives -- it's too much. I just hope I'm, I'm smart enough and brave enough to save three."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "It's a disaster."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "Excuse me Dr. Brazzelton, when do you think the ship will be operational?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "When I get my fabrication methods perfected, twelve -- ten years. Ten years."
  • (General Thomas Percell) "What would it take to get it done in three months?"
  • (Delroy Lindo) "Fifty billion dollars, I --"
  • (General Thomas Percell) "Will you take a cheque?"
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "You should use a credit card. You get miles."
  • (General Thomas Percell) "Hmm."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "I'm married to my work."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "So am I. Which makes my wife my mistress. That's why I'm still in love with her."
  • (Dr. Josh Keyes) "I think we are in the wrong place here --"
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "Yeah, we're in the wrong place --"
  • (General Thomas Percell) "No. If you were in the wrong place, you'd have already been shot."
  • (Tchéky Karyo) "That's a hell of a greeting."

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