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The Crimson Pirate Quotes

The Crimson Pirate is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Crimson Pirate stopped airing in 1970.

It features Norman Deming as producer, William Alwyn in charge of musical score, and Otto Heller as head of cinematography.

The Crimson Pirate is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Burt Lancaster as Vallo, Eva Bartok as Consuelo, Torin Thatcher as Humble Bellows, Leslie Bradley as Baron Jose Gruda, Noel Purcell as Pablo Murphy, and James Hayter as Prof. Prudence.

The Crimson Pirate Quotes

Torin Thatcher as Humble Bellows

  • (Torin Thatcher) "There goes a good pirate, Stub Ear, to sell his wares like a fish peddler. Meaning no disrespect to the skipper, of course."
  • (Unnamed) "And us, with a price on our heads, hove to in one of His Majesty's ports like sitting ducks."
  • (Unnamed) "But if the skipper pulls us through again, we'll be the ducks what laid the golden eggs."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Ye be thinking of geese, if you'll pardon the correction, Poison Paul. Geese -- on a wild goose chase."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Meantime, we got regular pirate business to settle. We got the plank, the culprit and the verdict. All we need's a trial, an execution and a sentence."
  • (Slimy) "He's guilty."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "So much for the trial. Now for execution."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Be that bit of fluff El Libre?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "That's the bit of fluff that's taking us to him."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Thou hast a generous choice: the gallows, or the sea."
  • (James Hayter) "If it won't crowd you?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "I'd rather you weren't coming, but I don't want to seem inhospitable."

Leslie Bradley as Baron Jose Gruda

  • (Leslie Bradley) "You may be over-confident, Captain Vallo. There are 200 of the King's marines aboard this vessel."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "And only 20 pirates. That puts the odds slightly in my favour. Better surrender the ship."
  • (Leslie Bradley) "Bored?"
  • (Unnamed) "If only there were something to break the monotony of this voyage."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Hands aloft, please."

Burt Lancaster as Vallo

  • (Burt Lancaster) "Gather round, lads and lasses, gather round."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "You've sold me Humble Bellows; and to a king's flunky."
  • (Torin Thatcher) "Aye. 'Tis my modest opinion that no man can fly pirate colors who's not willing to sell his friend, his sweetheart, or his mother."
  • (Leslie Bradley) "Well spoken, Mr. Bellows."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Foul spoken it is, Humble Bellows. You've turned your hand against your captain's back. Yellow was never a pirate's colour."
  • (Slimy) "Nor rescuing a fair maiden a pirate caper."
  • (rebel) "You killed Baron Gruda?"
  • (Burt Lancaster) "If I did a thing like that, you wouldn't need the guns I want to sell you. I'm a pirate, mate, not a dog killer."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Why did you bolt your cabin door last night?"
  • (Eva Bartok) "If you knew it was bolted you must have tried it. If you tried it, you know why it was bolted."

Noel Purcell as Pablo Murphy

  • (Noel Purcell) "This one"
  • (Noel Purcell) "can't talk and this one"
  • (Noel Purcell) "can't keep quiet."

Eva Bartok as Consuelo

  • (Eva Bartok) "You are a fighter. Fight with us. Fight for something decent."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Not I. All my life I've watched injustice and dishonesty fly the flag of decency. I don't trust it."

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