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The Disease Quotes

The Disease is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Disease completed its run in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

The Disease Quotes

  • (Harry Kim) "It's an old story; boy meets girl from the wrong side of the galaxy. Boy loses girl."
  • (Derran Tal) "And girl loses boy."
  • (Harry Kim) "That man you were going to marry; if you could have just taken a hypospray to make yourself stop loving him, so that it didn't hurt so much when you were away from him; would you have done that?"
  • (The Doctor) "Sometimes I think everyone on this ship has been possessed by alien hormones."
  • (B'Elanna Torres) "Impressive."
  • (Tom Paris) "Just trying to orchestrate the antimatter flow."
  • (B'Elanna Torres) "You should try some Chopin when you're done."
  • (Harry Kim) "I'm violating about half a dozen regulations by just being in this room. And what we did earlier -- I don't know if Starfleet even has a regulation for that."
  • (Harry Kim) "Seven, you've been around humans for a while now. What do you think about -- love?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "We're scanning for microfractures. I don't see the relevance."
  • (Harry Kim) "Just curious."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Parental love, romantic love, affection between friends; specify."
  • (Harry Kim) "Romantic love."
  • (Seven of Nine) "An attraction based on sexual desire, one that facilitates procreation."
  • (Harry Kim) "I guess I'm asking the wrong person."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Not at all. The Borg have referenced this condition in over 6,000 assimilated species."
  • (Harry Kim) "Condition? You make it sound like a disease."
  • (Seven of Nine) "Physiologically, it bears a striking similarity to disease. A series of biochemical responses that trigger an emotional cascade, impairing normal functioning."
  • (Harry Kim) "Forget it."
  • (Derran Tal) "Are all Humans so jumpy?"
  • (Harry Kim) "No. Only me."
  • (Derran Tal) "If you're planning on leaving through the viewport, you might wanna get dressed. The interstellar vacuum might get a little chilly."
  • (Tom Paris) "Oh, here we go again."
  • (Harry Kim) "What?"
  • (Tom Paris) "You, going after impossible women. Uh, a hologram, an ex-Borg, the wrong twin, and now a girl from a xenophobic species?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "Your epidermis luminesced."
  • (Harry Kim) "Have you ever been in love, Captain?"
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Your point?"
  • (Harry Kim) "Did your skin ever flush when you were near another person? Did your stomach ever feel like -- someone hollowed it out with a knife when you were apart? Did your throat ever swell when you realized it was over? Seven of Nine; Seven of Nine told me love's like a disease. Well, maybe it is. Pheromones, endorphins, chemicals in our blood; changing our responses -- physical discomfort; but any way you look at it, it's still love."
  • (Seven of Nine) "The treatment to relieve your condition was available, and yet you refused."
  • (Harry Kim) "I've got a disease; but I'm willing to live with the symptoms. Doesn't make much sense, does it?"
  • (Seven of Nine) "I assumed that romantic love was a human weakness. But clearly it can also be a source of strength. Perhaps my analogy was flawed. Love is not a disease. Get well soon."
  • (Harry Kim) "Do me one favor."
  • (Derran Tal) "Anything."
  • (Harry Kim) "Next time you run across a class 3 nebula -- think of me."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "I've been thinking about how I reacted to your relationship with Tal."
  • (Harry Kim) "You reacted like any captain would."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Probably. But I can't help wondering if my response would have been the same if it had been, say -- Tom Paris instead of you. Oh, don't get me wrong; I still would have been angry and disappointed. But -- I wouldn't have been surprised."
  • (Harry Kim) "Because Ensign Kim doesn't break the rules."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "The truth is, Harry -- I think about you differently than the rest of the crew. Which isn't to suggest that I don't care deeply about each of them, but -- you came to me fresh out of the Academy, wide-eyed with excitement about your first deep space assignment. From that first day, I've always felt more protective of you than the others."
  • (Harry Kim) "I appreciate that. But that was five years ago. I've changed."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Yes, you have."
  • (Harry Kim) "Maybe I'm not the perfect officer anymore."
  • (Captain Kathryn Janeway) "Maybe not -- but you're a better man."
  • (Derran Tal) "Navigation?"
  • (Harry Kim) "Oh-oh, careful. That's the weapons array. You know, you almost vaporized your living quarters."
  • (Derran Tal) "Oh. Well, they could use a good cleaning."
  • (Harry Kim) "Where would you most like to be, right now?"
  • (Derran Tal) "Besides your quarters?"
  • (Harry Kim) "Besides my quarters."
  • (Derran Tal) "Hmm -- On a distant moon, where the air is warm and the gravity is light. No bulkheads around me. Where, if I walk too quickly, I can almost fly."
  • (Tom Paris) "If you wanted to, you could recreate Vulcan in your quarters with that system."
  • (Tuvok) "Why would I want to?"
  • (Tom Paris) "A little taste of home in the Delta Quadrant? Think about it; springtime on the shores of Lake Yuron."
  • (Tuvok) "I require a desk and a bed, nothing more."
  • (Tom Paris) "You're missing the point."
  • (Tuvok) "No doubt."
  • (Tom Paris) "These people have been traveling for 400 years. They've learned a thing or two about living comfortably."
  • (Tuvok) "Our systems are more than adequate."
  • (Tom Paris) "Ah. I give up."
  • (Chakotay) "After only two minutes? Tuvok, how do you do it?"
  • (Tuvok) "I wait until his own illogic overwhelms him."
  • (Derran Tal) "If you believe in something strongly enough, you can't ignore it; even if it means breaking a few rules."
  • (Harry Kim) "Well, that's why I took this shuttle. But every time I break a rule, I feel like my skull's gonna decompress."
  • (Derran Tal) "Problem?"
  • (Harry Kim) "Stray radiation from the nebula. I thought it was the proximity alarm."
  • (Derran Tal) "You said we had a couple of hours. No one's gonna come looking for us."
  • (Harry Kim) "Now, you don't know Commander Tuvok. If he sees one electron out of place, he calls for red alert."
  • (Derran Tal) "I envy your freedom. I mean, your crew's mission to seek out life; what could be more liberating? You explore the unknown. Don't be afraid to explore what's happening between us."

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