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The Falcon Takes Over Quotes

The Falcon Takes Over is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Falcon Takes Over ended its run in 1970.

It features Howard Benedict (producer) as producer, Constantin Bakaleinikoff, and Roy Webb in charge of musical score, and George Robinson as head of cinematography.

The Falcon Takes Over is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Falcon Takes Over is 65 minutes long. The Falcon Takes Over is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures (theatrical).

The cast includes: George Sanders as Gay Lawrence, James Gleason as Inspector Mike O'Hara, and Ward Bond as Moose Malloy.

The Falcon Takes Over Quotes

George Sanders as Gay Lawrence

  • (Ann Riordan) "Are you all right?"
  • (George Sanders) "Nobody ever got killed by a blank cartridge."
  • (Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke) "I tell ya the guy ain't human. He's a mountain."
  • (George Sanders) "So, like Muhammad, we go to the mountain."
  • (Diana Kenyon) "May I offer you a drink?"
  • (George Sanders) "Never before sundown."
  • (Diana Kenyon) "And after that?"
  • (George Sanders) "After that the deluge."
  • (Diana Kenyon) "What about tonight?"
  • (Diana Kenyon) "You know, I can't understand how such brilliance could get you in a spot like this."
  • (George Sanders) "I'm always a sucker for a beautiful woman."
  • (Diana Kenyon) "You and mankind."
  • (Diana Kenyon) "Strange that we never met before."
  • (George Sanders) "Stranger still if we don't meet again."
  • (George Sanders) "I think you better get someone else."
  • (Lindsey W. Marriot) "I don't like your manner."
  • (George Sanders) "I'm not particularly intrigued by yours either."

James Gleason as Inspector Mike O'Hara

  • (James Gleason) "Oh, the great Falcon. I haven't seen you in half a dozen murders."
  • (Detective Bates) "I don't see any cars, Chief."
  • (James Gleason) "Did it creep into that skull of yours that maybe he deliberately gave you a bum steer?"
  • (Detective Bates) "No, sir, did it in yours?"
  • (James Gleason) "No. Shut up."
  • (James Gleason) "Start talkin' and talk fast, or I'll tell you where you're goin'."
  • (Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke) "Go ahead. Put the cuffs on me. A stretch in the clink will be like livin' at the Ritz after what I've been through."
  • (James Gleason) "I accept your resignation."
  • (James Gleason) "Go ahead, Follow 'em."
  • (Detective Bates) "Why, Chief?"
  • (James Gleason) "Because I got a gold badge and you only got a silver badge, and I want you to follow him. You don't mind, do yuh?"
  • (Detective Bates) "No, of course not, Chief."

Ward Bond as Moose Malloy

  • (Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke) "I guess I better drop you now. I got a date."
  • (Ward Bond) "You wouldn't want it with an angel, would you?"
  • (Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke) "No, sir."
  • (Ward Bond) "Then keep on drivin'."
  • (Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke) "Yes, sir."
  • (Ward Bond) "Velma, why did you do it, Baby? Why did you do it?"

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