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The Frisco Kid Quotes

The Frisco Kid is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Frisco Kid completed its run in 1970.

It features Mace Neufeld as producer, Frank De Vol in charge of musical score, and Robert B. Hauser as head of cinematography.

The Frisco Kid is recorded in English, Yiddish language, and Hebrew language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Frisco Kid is 119 minutes long. The Frisco Kid is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Harrison Ford as Tommy, Gene Wilder as Avram, Val Bisoglio as Chief Gray Cloud, Jack Somack as Samuel Bender, and Penny Peyser as Rosalie.

The Frisco Kid Quotes

Harrison Ford as Tommy

  • (Harrison Ford) "You give me the pee-doodles."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Reach for it. PLEASE."
  • (Harrison Ford) "What do you call this in Jewish?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Uh, a tuchas."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, you keep your eyes on this took-iss, and don't take them off 'till I tell you."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, cuz, we made it. It was just like I told you. Right at that big tree; then left for a couple days; sharp right; and then straight as piss till you come to the ocean."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Who would have dreamed it could be so simple?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Yeah. You don't know me the next time you see me, I'm gonna kick your ass all the way back to Poland."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Why wouldn't I know you? You going away someplace?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, yeah. This is where we say goodbye, Avram."
  • (Gene Wilder) "What do you mean?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, you follow that beach for a day and a half, you'll be in San Francisco. You don't need me no more."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Where are you going?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, I'm going that way."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Sutter's Mill. That's where the gold is."
  • (Gene Wilder) "But I don't want you to go."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, I gotta go."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Why?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, I got people to see. Banks to rob. You know. I gotta make a living."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Who's going to be the best man at my wedding?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "What do you mean? That's for one of your Jewish friends. You gotta pick your best friend for that."
  • (Gene Wilder) "You -- you are my best friend."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I'm your best friend?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "You're my only friend."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Now, listen to me, cuz. You keep your eyes on this tuchas, and don't you take them off till we get to San Francisco."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I never had a best friend."
  • (Harrison Ford) "You sure talk funny. Where you born at?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Poland."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Oh. Is that near Pittsburgh?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "No, that's near Czechoslovakia."

Gene Wilder as Avram

  • (Gene Wilder) "-- In that case, would you like to fight for that last fish?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "You think you got a chance?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "I think I can say with complete confidence -- none, whatsoever. But I'm still hungry."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Help yourself."
  • (Gene Wilder) "This is a very big country. I'll tell you what I think is the best thing. I'll take San Francisco; you take the rest of America. And if you ever come back to this place again, I don't think you're gonna get off so easy."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Now, get the hell out of here. Would somebody please show this poor asshole the way out of town?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Chicken, chicken, chicken. Chickie-chickie-chickie-chicken. Come here,"
  • (Gene Wilder) "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to eat you."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Come here, wait. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to make you kosher."
  • (Gene Wilder) "In the Talmud, it says "find thyself a teacher" and this I have done. However, there were times I feared that he would find another pupil."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Watch that lady. I think that lady's a Jewish Indian."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Oy."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Howdy."
  • (Penny Peyser) "Hello. Uh, howdy."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Howdy. How do? Uh, hello there."
  • (Penny Peyser) "Do you want something?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Uh, well, um, do I want; No. Well. Goldang it, ma'am, my name is Tommy Lillard, and I come from the Texas. Uh, I come from Texas. And, um, excusing me if I gave you a little startle there. I was a little startled there for a second."
  • (Gene Wilder) "We are doing this to keep warm, aren't we?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Uh-huh."
  • (Gene Wilder) "In that case, you can put your arms around me."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Come here, darling."

Penny Peyser as Rosalie

  • (Penny Peyser) "What do you want?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Um, well, I came to bring this thing here"
  • (Gene Wilder) "for, eh, for Mr. Bender, iffen I got the right house, an' all."
  • (Penny Peyser) "You do. I'm his daughter."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Yeah, I know that."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Oh. Oh, you're the daughter. You're the Bender daughter. Oh."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Howdy."
  • (Penny Peyser) "Would you care to come in?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Well, I would like to, but I, ah; thanks, no, because I got a friend waitin' at the saloon and, uh, my other friend, the rabbi, asked me to bring this here to you. I mean, bring this to your father."
  • (Penny Peyser) "What is it?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "This thing? I, I don't know. I think it's some kind of Torah."
  • (Penny Peyser) "A Torah."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Yeah, I think that's what he called it."
  • (Penny Peyser) "So where is he?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Who?"
  • (Penny Peyser) "The rabbi."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Where is the rabbi? Oh; where is the rabbi? The rabbi. Well, I don't rightly know, ma'am. Um, the last time I seen him, I was bustin' my britches in the cat-house. And, um, my friend the rabbi asked me, iffen I should ever come Frisco way, would I drop by this house and do him this favor."
  • (Penny Peyser) "Oh."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Anyway, it was nice to, um, make your acquaintance, ma'am, and, um, I'd, uh --"
  • (Penny Peyser) "Is something wrong?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "No, no, no. No. It's just I didn't know that your eyes would be so brown."
  • (Penny Peyser) "How would you know that?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "How would I know that? Ha ha ha. How would I know that, that's right. How would I know that? I couldn't know that. Well, I'd, uh, I'd better get going. I hate to keep my sidewinder waitin'. So, I'll just give you that to give to, uh, to give to your father, and I'll say goodbye."
  • (Penny Peyser) "Just wait, wait. Papa."
  • (Gene Wilder) "No, no, no, don't call the papa. I'd, uh, I'd really better get my ass outta here. So, thanks, and adios for everything."

Val Bisoglio as Chief Gray Cloud

  • (Val Bisoglio) "I have read this."
  • (Val Bisoglio) "Can't understand a single word of it."
  • (Val Bisoglio) "What does he do?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "He -- He can do anything."
  • (Val Bisoglio) "Then why can't he make rain?"
  • (Gene Wilder) "Because he doesn't make rain. He gives us strength when we're suffering. He gives us compassion when all that we feel is hatred. He gives us courage when we're searching around blindly like little mice in the darkness -- but He does not make rain."
  • (Gene Wilder) "Of course -- sometimes, just like that, he'll change His mind."
  • (Val Bisoglio) "-- And you, who speak to Indians as if to little children: Your heart is big. Not as big as your mouth, but you have good feelings inside."

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