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The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Quotes

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Gamers: Dorkness Rising completed its run in 1970.

It features Ben Dobyns as producer, David Wolbrecht in charge of musical score, and Christopher Mosio as head of cinematography.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is 105 minutes long.

The cast includes: Tallis Moore as Drazuul, Nathan Rice as Sir Osric, Brian Lewis as Brother Silence, Nathan Rice as Lodge, Scott C. Brown as Leo, Brian Lewis as Cass, Chris Duppenthaler as Mark, and Geoff Gibbs as Mort Kemnon.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising Quotes

Nathan Rice as Lodge

  • (Nathan Rice) "You can't use a lightsaber. It -- it's not even the right system."
  • (Brian Lewis) "I see no lightsaber. That would be a copyright infringement. I see a psionic spirit blade."
  • (Nathan Rice) "You do not have my permission to use that in my campaign."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Fine. Then you do not have my permission to use my old character."
  • (Nathan Rice) "What do you have against peasants, murderous trollop?"
  • (Luster) "Just a general, all-purpose loathing."
  • (Nathan Rice) "I am never gonna finish this frecking module."
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "Party die again?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "They don't try anything new and then they blame me when they die. Ungrateful munchkins. I'm really kinda pissed off."
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "This has nothing to do with your writer's block."
  • (Nathan Rice) "I do not have writer's block. I know exactly how the story ends. I just -- don't know how to get there."
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "Obviously neither do your players."
  • (Nathan Rice) "How am I supposed to write a module based on an adventure if we never finish the adventure?"
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "Just run 'em through it until they win -- or your head explodes."
  • (Nathan Rice) "We're gonna start all over again once we have a few more players."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Mark. Why don't you join? You used to game all the time in college."
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "I haven't gamed since -- the Incident."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Total party wipeout?"
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "Like you can't even imagine."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Hey, Cass."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Lodge. Mark. Haven't seen you in a long time. It's like I forget you even exist."
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "Yeah, I get that a lot."
  • (Gary) "What is that?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "The Heart of Therin. Legend has it the gem is composed of solid light."
  • (Gary) "Can I steal it?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "Well, considering it is one of the holiest symbols of the church and that the cathedral is swarming with paladins, that would most likely be suicide. Go right ahead."
  • (Joanna) "What's with the pirates?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "Everything's better with pirates."
  • (Flynn the Fine) "Total waffle for the paladin."
  • (Nathan Rice) "I feel dirty."
  • (Flynn the Fine) "Dear Goblin friends, dear Goblin friends, please hear my song --"
  • (Nathan Rice) "Yeah. Yeah, you're dead."
  • (Gary) "At 29 minutes, 42 seconds. New personal best, Leo."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "There are so many places I could put that stopwatch."
  • (Nathan Rice) "I've got a new villain lined up. Got it from a friend. Sort of a ninja-swashbuckler -- the Shadow."
  • (Joanna) "The Shadow?"
  • (Gary) "The Shadow?"
  • (Chris Duppenthaler) "The Shadow?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "Flynn is alone with the Grimmoire."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "I stab it. Wait. I BACKSTAB it."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Good call."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Y-y-you can't backstab it. You can't sneak-attack an inanimate object."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Why not? It's PRONE."
  • (Nathan Rice) "It doesn't have a discernible anatomy."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "It's got a SPINE. Doesn't it?"
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Bards suck."
  • (Nathan Rice) "That -- was unprecedented, Leo."

Scott C. Brown as Leo

  • (Game Store Employee) "How many of these do you actually need?"
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Let me answer that with another question: shut up."
  • (Game Store Customer) "Your boss is a dick."
  • (Gary) "I'm a wild mage. WILD. But you losers can call me "sorceress". That's right. I'm playing a chick."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Dude, you hot?"
  • (Gary) "Seventeen charisma."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Wanna have sex?"
  • (Gary) "Totally."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Great. I seduce him, uh her."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Yes. I can totally seduce any homophobe with that roll."
  • (Nathan Rice) "We haven't started yet. You guys haven't met."
  • (Scott C. Brown) "Take that, Jesus. Who's the Messiah now?"

Brian Lewis as Brother Silence

  • (Brian Lewis) "You could have been a GOD. I know MORMONS who would KILL for that."
  • (Brian Lewis) "The four elements, like man alone, are weak. But together they form the strong fifth element: boron."
  • (Brian Lewis) "He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who -- sticks out in darkness -- is -- fluorescent."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Lose fifty experience."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Why don't I get a save?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "It's a Death Demon. It's fear aura is too strong. You can't roll a successful save."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Incorrect."
  • (Nathan Rice) "What's your willpower save?"
  • (Brian Lewis) "Plue nine."
  • (Nathan Rice) "The DC to beat his aura is 32. You would need to role a 23, on a twenty-sided die in order to succeed. Now, I don't have a math degree. But that's impossible."
  • (Brian Lewis) "A natural twenty is an automatic success no matter the circumstances."
  • (Nathan Rice) "You still have only a five percent chance of rolling that twenty."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Can I make the roll? I mean it's in the rules. Or is it okay if we play by the rules?"
  • (Nathan Rice) "Ooooooohhh. Oh, fumble. That means you're completely compelled and I get to control your character until you snap out of it."
  • (Nathan Rice) "Since we're playing by the rules, I know you don't mind."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Oh, shut up, Kevin."

Geoff Gibbs as Mort Kemnon

  • (Geoff Gibbs) "You really think you have defeated me?"
  • (Luster) "You did just explode."
  • (Brian Lewis) "Twice, actually."

Tallis Moore as Drazuul

  • (Luster) "This flask is now full of holy water. Tell us what we want to know -- or I'll give you a bath."
  • (Tallis Moore) "Your threat's empty. A paladin cannot stand by while torture takes place."
  • (Nathan Rice) "My, what fine yet rustic architecture. I think I will examine it more closely."

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