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The Good Life (1975 TV series) Quotes

The Good Life is a Sitcom that debuted in 1975 on BBC One. The Good Life completed its run in 1978.

The Good Life lasted 30 episodes. It features John Howard Davies as producer. The Good Life is created by Esmonde and Larbey.

The Good Life is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Good Life is 30 minutes long. The Good Life is produced by BBC.

The cast includes: Penelope Keith as Margo, Richard Briers as Tom, Paul Eddington as Jerry, and Felicity Kendal as Barbara.

The Good Life Quotes

Felicity Kendal as Barbara

  • (Felicity Kendal) "I suppose we must be rather a blot on the avenue's escutcheon."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Yes, you are."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Oh."
  • (Penelope Keith) "But you are very dear friends. And by now I have risen like a phoenix from the fires of your eccentricities."
  • (Richard Briers) "Ah, don't she talk lovely."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Yeah, very nice."
  • (Penelope Keith) "You know what I mean. Nothing you can do now will shock me. It's quite simple."
  • (Richard Briers) "Yes. I see that. When's the boar-walker coming, Barbara?"
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Tomorrow."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Boar-walker? What's a boar-walker?"
  • (Richard Briers) "This chap we know is bringing his boar to serve Pinky."
  • (Penelope Keith) "With what?"
  • (Penelope Keith) "Oh, my God."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Margo, you're shocked."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Where?"
  • (Richard Briers) "Not in here, in the garden."
  • (Penelope Keith) "But I shall be able to see it over the fence."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Only if you're looking."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Oh, Tom. I do miss you."
  • (Richard Briers) "I miss you too, love. There's two-thousand of us in here but it's ever so lonely."

Paul Eddington as Jerry

  • (Paul Eddington) "I was just telephoning to find out if I can have my car today. Oh, Tuesday."
  • (Penelope Keith) "What do you mean Tuesday?"
  • (Penelope Keith) "Be quiet."
  • (Penelope Keith) "I don't care if the spare parts come from Mars. Go and collect them. "A bottle-neck in the lube bay." What does that mean in English? Well, say lubrication, then."
  • (Paul Eddington) "Margo."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Be quiet, Jerry."
  • (Penelope Keith) "All right. Go and look at your wretched worksheet. No, you may not tinkle me back. I'll hold on."
  • (Paul Eddington) "Brick by brick, she's building a madhouse."

Richard Briers as Tom

  • (Richard Briers) "Come on, Margo. Get your hat on."
  • (Penelope Keith) "This is the "Daily Mirror"."
  • (Paul Eddington) "Please, have the "Telegraph"."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Thank you."
  • (Richard Briers) "Hello, girls. Had a good gossip?"
  • (Felicity Kendal) "No, we've been playing strip poker with the postman."
  • (Richard Briers) "Bring out your dead. Bring out your dead."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Tom."
  • (Penelope Keith) "What is that?"
  • (Richard Briers) "It's two dustbins on a trolley."
  • (Penelope Keith) "I can see it's two dustbins on a trolley and when I asked you the question it was a rhetorical one which does not need a direct answer as you knew very well in the first place."
  • (Richard Briers) "Oh. You make me hold my breath when you do those long sentences, Margo."
  • (Penelope Keith) "What is it?"
  • (Richard Briers) "It's two rhetorical dustbins on a rhetorical trolley."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Then will you kindly remove them from my crazy paving before someone sees us."
  • (Richard Briers) "They'd have less chance of seeing us if we hide behind the dustbins."
  • (Richard Briers) "Barbara, I can't get my wellies off."
  • (Richard Briers) "I'm stronger that you are and I can pin you to the bed any time I feel like it."
  • (Felicity Kendal) "Rubbish."

Penelope Keith as Margo

  • (Penelope Keith) "Why don't you just throw a bucket of mud on the floor?"
  • (Paul Eddington) "Look, I've just cut my finger clipping your blasted hedge."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Don't swear, Jerry. And don't bleed in the sink, I've just cleaned it."
  • (Penelope Keith) "Did I hear a dinner gong?"
  • (Richard Briers) "Not unless the chicken jumped out of the oven and banged one."

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