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The Graduates (2008 film) Quotes

The Graduates (2008 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . The Graduates ended in 1970.

It features Ryan Gielen as producer, Songs: in charge of musical score, and Mufit Umar as head of cinematography.

The Graduates (2008 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Graduates (2008 film) is 94 minutes long.

The cast includes: Stephanie Lynn as Annie, Nick Vergara as Mattie, Michael Pennacchio as Nickie, Rob Bradford as Ben, Laurel Reese as Megs, Rachel Kiri Walker as Rachel, Nadeya Ward as Beth-Anne, Josh Folan as Jesse Swomley, Max Lodge as Stuart, Zak Williams as Mike 'The Resonator' Resniski, Blake Merriman as Andy, Brian Seibert as Brian, Tom Cryan as Tom, Josh Davis as Josh, and Lena Hall as Inga.

The Graduates (2008 film) Quotes

Tom Cryan as Tom

  • (Tom Cryan) "You guys came back. No one else came back."
  • (Nick Vergara) "We're not here to clean up Tom. We're just looking for Nickie."

Stephanie Lynn as Annie

  • (Stephanie Lynn) "Yeah, they cuffed me, but I was crying so hard they didn't even take my name."
  • (Nick Vergara) "Must be nice, man."
  • (Stephanie Lynn) "What?"
  • (Nick Vergara) "Having tits."

Michael Pennacchio as Nickie

  • (Michael Pennacchio) "Ritalin. Zoloft. Ambien. Aderol. Prozak. Ibuprofen."
  • (Blake Merriman) "What's the ibuprofen for?"
  • (Michael Pennacchio) "I get headaches from all the meds."
  • (Michael Pennacchio) "I don't need you to fight for me, Mattie, I grew up in Baltimore."
  • (Blake Merriman) "Columbia."
  • (Michael Pennacchio) "Whatever."
  • (Michael Pennacchio) "Dude, she's so hot, I just wanna, like -- dunk her head in the toilet."
  • (Rob Bradford) "That's is the worst thing I've ever heard. Do you realize that just came out of your mouth?"

Nick Vergara as Mattie

  • (Nick Vergara) "What am I supposed to do with that?"
  • (Brian Seibert) "Tell her it's aspirin."
  • (Nick Vergara) "Ben, what's with you and all this Senior Week s***, man?"
  • (Rob Bradford) "I just wanted us all to have a good time together before we -- before we --"
  • (Blake Merriman) "Before we go to college in the fall and never see each other again?"
  • (Nick Vergara) "Thanks, douche."
  • (Nick Vergara) "I only sleep with virgins."

Josh Davis as Josh

  • (Josh Davis) "Just move on man. Everybody else is going to --"

Rachel Kiri Walker as Rachel

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Rob Bradford as Ben

  • (Rob Bradford) "There's this quote from like an opera or something: "love is a rebelious bird- it is all in vein to hold it, if it chooses to refuse.""
  • (Lena Hall) "What are you saying?"
  • (Rob Bradford) "Leave me the f*** alone."
  • (Cal) "You ever smoked cat nip? I licked myself for hours."
  • (Rob Bradford) "What?"
  • (Cal) "You ever been with a man?"
  • (Rob Bradford) "You ungrateful bitches. I got us the house, I got us the car, I got us the beer. And for what? For this?"

Josh Folan as Jesse Swomley

  • (Josh Folan) "Come on, let's go get some mojitos at the Greene Turtle."

Laurel Reese as Megs

  • (Laurel Reese) "What does she have that I don't?"
  • (Rachel Kiri Walker) "Cigarettes. We should buy cigarettes."
  • (Nadeya Ward) "You don't even smoke, Rachel."
  • (Rachel Kiri Walker) "Just because I haven't smoked doesn't mean I'm not gonna love it, Beth-Anne. Jesus F-ing Christ."

Nadeya Ward as Beth-Anne

  • (Nadeya Ward) "You know what they say about love? If you really love something, let it go."
  • (Laurel Reese) "That sounds painful."
  • (Nadeya Ward) "It is. That's why it works."

Max Lodge as Stuart

  • (Max Lodge) "Who are you?"
  • (Zak Williams) "I'm the Ghost of Senior Week's Past."
  • (Max Lodge) "No way."
  • (Zak Williams) "You like mushrooms?"

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