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The Great Gabbo Quotes

The Great Gabbo is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Great Gabbo stopped airing in 1970.

It features James Cruze as producer, Howard Jackson (composer) (musical arrangement) in charge of musical score, and Ira H. Morgan as head of cinematography.

The Great Gabbo is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Great Gabbo is 96 minutes long. The Great Gabbo is distributed by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures.

The cast includes: Erich von Stroheim as Gabbo, George Grandee as Otto, and Betty Compson as Mary.

The Great Gabbo Quotes

George Grandee as Otto

  • (George Grandee) "How are you fixed for steady company?"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Otto. How often do I have to tell you not to be so fresh?"
  • (George Grandee) "Okay chief."
  • (George Grandee) "How are you fixed for steady company?"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Otto. Now that's enough or I'll put you away."
  • (George Grandee) "Say, vhere do I come in? I could hide some hotdogs vithout any trouble."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "You said I was you, so I'm eating enough for both of us."
  • (George Grandee) "Vell then, I hope I have a pain in your shtomach."
  • (George Grandee) "Ha ha ha. He he he. Ho ho ho. I'm laughing."

Erich von Stroheim as Gabbo

  • (Erich von Stroheim) "What do I care for your show? Would you have a show without the Great Gabbo? All right. I'll quit."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Otto, he thinks he's going to have a show without Gabbo. I'M LAUGHING."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Well, Otto, my boy, how do you feel today?"
  • (George Grandee) "Oh, I feel fine, thank you. How do you feel, Gabbo?"
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Otto, if you don't keep quiet I'll smash you. I'll destroy so that you won't make another sound. Do I want to listen to you? No."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "How is your little baby brother, Otto?"
  • (George Grandee) "Oh, he makes me so mad. He cries und cries und cries."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "You know Otto, I think that child is ABSOLUTELY spoiled."
  • (George Grandee) "Oh, no. Dey all smell dat vay."

Betty Compson as Mary

  • (Betty Compson) "Oh, I see a move. Look; eight on the nine, and then your King comes up, and that plays a Queen."
  • (Erich von Stroheim) "Will you leave these cards alone? You think you can show me something?"

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