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The Greatest Show on Earth (film) Quotes

The Greatest Show on Earth (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Greatest Show on Earth ended in 1970.

It features Cecil B. DeMille as producer, Victor Young in charge of musical score, and George Barnes (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Greatest Show on Earth (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Greatest Show on Earth (film) is 152 minutes long. The Greatest Show on Earth (film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Cornel Wilde as Sebastian, James Stewart as Buttons, Betty Hutton as Holly, Lyle Bettger as Klaus, Gloria Grahame as Angel, Dorothy Lamour as Phyllis, Charlton Heston as Brad Braden, and Cecil B. DeMille as Narrator.

The Greatest Show on Earth (film) Quotes

Betty Hutton as Holly

  • (Betty Hutton) "When things go wrong, and life's no song, and you're flat on your back, that doesn't mean you have to lie there: be a jumping jack."
  • (James Stewart) "Keep on the hop, and if you flop, and everything looks black, stand on your head and holler "hi there." Be a jumping jack."
  • (Betty Hutton) "When things go up, they must come down, and also visa verse. If things look bad, don't fret and frown; they could be ten times worse."
  • (James Stewart) "Your train of luck, it may get stuck if something's on the track; give a good jump and you'll get by there --"
  • (James Stewart) "Be a jumping jack."

James Stewart as Buttons

  • (Buttons' Mother) "They've been around again, asking questions."
  • (James Stewart) "I know Mother. They'll never find me, behind this nose."
  • (Buttons' Mother) "Be very careful, dear."
  • (James Stewart) "Now, how about a nice smile, that I can remember until next year?"
  • (Buttons' Mother) "God be with you my boy."
  • (James Stewart) "It's all right Mother."
  • (James Stewart) "Clowns are funny people, they only love once."
  • (Betty Hutton) "All men aren't that way, even if they act like clowns."

Dorothy Lamour as Phyllis

  • (Dorothy Lamour) "Why is it whenever he's around I'm all wet?"
  • (Birdie) "In more ways than one."

Cornel Wilde as Sebastian

  • (Cornel Wilde) "If he should make love well after this, pay no attention; it will be me."
  • (Cornel Wilde) "Qu'est-ce qu'al y a?"
  • (Betty Hutton) "Let me go. Sebastian."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Never try to take anything from an elephant."
  • (Betty Hutton) "Sebastian, do something."
  • (Cornel Wilde) "A lion I fight for you, a tiger. But the red-headed wildcat with an elephant, no."
  • (Betty Hutton) "You make this two-tailed jackass put me down."

Gloria Grahame as Angel

  • (Gloria Grahame) "Did he say you were like cognac? All fire in zee glass?"
  • (Betty Hutton) "No, he said I was like champagne. I made his head spin."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Yeah, only you'll be the one who winds up with a hangover."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "You are a sourpuss, aren't you?"
  • (Charlton Heston) "Yeah."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "You want to bite somebody?"
  • (Charlton Heston) "Yeah."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Well, pick your spot."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Hey. Don't crowd, mister. Can't you see an elephant or do I have to paint her red?"
  • (Cornel Wilde) "I was blinded by the memory of a beautiful night in Paris."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Blow up your water wings, girls, here comes the big wave."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "How come no husband ever shot you?"
  • (Cornel Wilde) "I never offer a sitting target."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "I thought I'd seen the last of you when you got mixed up with that wire walker in Lisbon."
  • (Cornel Wilde) "You will never see the last of me, Angel."
  • (Lyle Bettger) "Angel."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "That will be arranged when you meet Klaus."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Listen, sugar, the only way that you can keep me warm is to wrap me up in a marriage license."

Cecil B. DeMille as Narrator

  • (Cecil B. DeMille) "We bring you the circus, pied piper whose magic tunes greet children of all ages, from six to 60, into a tinsel and spun-candy world of reckless beauty and mounting laughter and whirling thrills; of rhythm, excitement and grace; of blaring and daring and dance; of high-stepping horses and high-flying stars. But behind all this, the circus is a massive machine whose very life depends on discipline and motion and speed. A mechanized army on wheels, that rolls over any obstacle in its path, that meets calamity again and again, but always comes up smiling. A place where disaster and tragedy stalk the big top, haunt the backyard, and ride the circus train. Where death is constantly watching for one frayed rope, one weak link, or one trace of fear. A fierce, primitive fighting force that smashes relentlessly forward against impossible odds. That is the circus. And this is the story of the biggest of the big tops, and of the men and women who fight to make it "The Greatest Show on Earth.""

Lyle Bettger as Klaus

  • (Lyle Bettger) "You always have a smile for that high-flying peacock."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Well, what do you want me to do, cry over him?"
  • (Lyle Bettger) "Your legs are too thin, your hair is too red, you have lips like a cat. You're no good. You give me too much trouble."
  • (Gloria Grahame) "Flattery rolls right off me."

Charlton Heston as Brad Braden

  • (Charlton Heston) "Buttons. If that detective sees you doing this, he won't need fingerprints."

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