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The Green Berets (film) Quotes

The Green Berets (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Green Berets ended its run in 1970.

It features Michael Wayne as producer, Miklós Rózsa in charge of musical score, and Winton C. Hoch as head of cinematography.

The Green Berets (film) is recorded in English, and Vietnamese and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Green Berets (film) is 141 minutes long. The Green Berets (film) is distributed by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

The cast includes: Jim Hutton as Sgt. Petersen, David Janssen as George Beckworth, Raymond St. Jacques as Doc McGee, Jason Evers as Captain Coleman, Edward Faulkner as Capt. MacDaniel, Bruce Cabot as Col. Morgan, and Craig Jue as Hamchunk.

The Green Berets (film) Quotes

Jim Hutton as Sgt. Petersen

  • (Jim Hutton) "3:30. Is that right, Sarge?"
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "That's right, Soldier-boy. That's right."
  • (Jim Hutton) "We'd better get some sleep. We've got a hell of a lot of work to do tomorrow."
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "Peterson, I worry about you. Three tours of duty and you're still acting like a civilian."
  • (Jim Hutton) "Muldoon, I'm not a Marine. I believe in my comfort."
  • (Jim Hutton) "With joyous memories, we leave the mystical city of Da Nang. What gay adventure lies ahead? Brother, this trip is gonna make LSD feel like aspirin."

Bruce Cabot as Col. Morgan

  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "What is there not to like? Who is she?"
  • (Bruce Cabot) "Her name is Lin. Her father was chief of the Han Phou provence."
  • (Col. Cai) "Until he refused to cooperate with the Viet Cong."
  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "So, they killed him."
  • (Col. Cai) "They murdered him and her little brother in the most hideous way."
  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "That's their style."

Jason Evers as Captain Coleman

  • (Jason Evers) "Oh, uh, I noticed a load of corrugated tin has miraculously appeared overnight."
  • (Edward Faulkner) "Sergeant Petersen provided it."
  • (Jason Evers) "Well, that's a good man you've got there."
  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "Sergeant Petersen say where he got it?"
  • (Edward Faulkner) "He, uh, said The Good Fairy left it."
  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "I hope he said The Good Fairy left it, SIR."

David Janssen as George Beckworth

  • (David Janssen) "Petersen, what was all that talk about the enemy building ladders and coffins?"
  • (Jim Hutton) "Well, when Charlie knows he's got a nice box to be buried in, he's just as brave as hell."
  • (David Janssen) "What about the ladders?"
  • (Jim Hutton) "They throw the ladders across the wire to get at us. And later on, they use them for litters to stack on and carry away the dead bodies."
  • (David Janssen) "Later on -- you mean after everybody's dead?"
  • (Jim Hutton) "Yes, everybody. Men -- women -- and children. Everybody."
  • (David Janssen) "How do you know we should be fighting for this present government of South Vietnam? They have no constitution. They haven't had any free elections. And six months ago, a committee was appointed to form a constitution -- and still no constitution."
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "The school I went to, Mr. Beckworth, taught us that the thirteen colonies, with proper and educated leadership, all with the same goal in mind, AFTER the Revolutionary War, took from 1776 to 1787, eleven years of peaceful effort, before they came up with a paper that all thirteen colonies would sign -- our present Constitution."
  • (David Janssen) "That's very good, Sergeant. But there are still a lot of people who believe that this is simply a war between the Vietnamese people. It's their war, let's let them handle it."
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "Let them handle it, Mr. Beckworth?"
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "Captured weaponry."
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "From Red China: Chicom K-50 sub-machine gun -- Chinese communist. SKS Soviet-made semi-automatic carbine -- Russian communist. Ammunition, Czechoslovakian-made -- Czech communist. No sir, Mr. Beckworth. It doesn't take a lead weight to fall on me or a hit from one of those weapons to recognize that what's involved here is communist domination of the world."
  • (Colonel Mike Kirby) "What are you going to say in that newspaper of yours about us in Vietnam?"
  • (David Janssen) "If I say what I feel, I may be out of a job."

Edward Faulkner as Capt. MacDaniel

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Craig Jue as Hamchunk

  • (Craig Jue) "Was my Peter-san brave?"

Raymond St. Jacques as Doc McGee

  • (Raymond St. Jacques) "How come you like blowing things up so much?"
  • (Sergeant Muldoon) "My dad gave me a chemistry set. It got bigger than both of us."

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