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The Homecoming (film) Quotes

The Homecoming (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Homecoming completed its run in 1970.

It features Ely Landau as producer, and David Watkin (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Homecoming (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Homecoming (film) is 111 minutes long. The Homecoming (film) is distributed by American Film Theatre.

The cast includes: Paul Rogers as Max, Ian Holm as Lenny, Vivien Merchant as Ruth, Cyril Cusack as Sam, Terence Rigby as Joey, and Michael Jayston as Teddy.

The Homecoming (film) Quotes

Vivien Merchant as Ruth

  • (Vivien Merchant) "How many rooms would this flat have?"
  • (Ian Holm) "Not many."
  • (Vivien Merchant) "I would want at least three rooms and a bathroom."
  • (Ian Holm) "You wouldn't need three rooms and a bathroom."
  • (Paul Rogers) "She'd need a bathroom."
  • (Ian Holm) "But not three rooms."
  • (Vivien Merchant) "Have a sip. Go on. Have a sip from my glass. Sit on my lap. Take a long cool sip. Put your head back and open your mouth."
  • (Ian Holm) "Take that glass away from me."
  • (Vivien Merchant) "Lie on the floor. Go on. I'll pour it down your throat."
  • (Ian Holm) "What are you doing, making me some kind of proposal?"

Ian Holm as Lenny

  • (Ian Holm) "What did you say?"
  • (Paul Rogers) "I said shove off out of it, that's what I said."
  • (Ian Holm) "You'll go before me, Dad, if you talk to me in that tone of voice."
  • (Paul Rogers) "Will I, you bitch?"
  • (Ian Holm) "Oh, Daddy, you're not going to use your stick on me, are you? Eh? Don't use your stick on me, Daddy. No, please. It wasn't my fault, it was one of the others. I haven't done anything wrong, Dad, honest. Don't clout me with that stick, Dad."
  • (Ian Holm) "No, what I mean, Teddy, you must know lots of professors, heads of departments, men like that. They pop over here for a week at the Savoy, they need somewhere they can go to have a nice quiet poke. And of course you'd be in a position to give them inside information."
  • (Paul Rogers) "Sure. You can give them proper data. You know, the kind of thing she's willing to do. How far she'd be prepared to go with their little whims and fancies. Eh, Lenny? To what extent she's various. I mean if you don't know who does?"
  • (Ian Holm) "Take a table, take it. All right, I say, take it, take a table, but once you've taken it, what you going to do with it? Once you've got hold of it, where you going to take it?"
  • (Paul Rogers) "You'd probably sell it."
  • (Ian Holm) "You wouldn't get much for it."
  • (Terence Rigby) "Chop it up for firewood."

Paul Rogers as Max

  • (Paul Rogers) "Look what I'm lumbered with. One cast-iron bunch of crap after another. One flow of stinking pus after another."
  • (Paul Rogers) "Mind you, she wasn't such a bad woman. Even though it made me sick just to look at her rotten stinking face, she wasn't such a bad bitch. I gave her the best bleeding years of my life, anyway."
  • (Ian Holm) "Plug it, will you, you stupid sod, I'm trying to read the paper."
  • (Paul Rogers) "Listen. I'll chop your spine off, you talk to me like that. You understand? Talking to your lousy filthy father like that."
  • (Ian Holm) "You know what, you're getting demented."
  • (Paul Rogers) "I worked as a butcher all my life, using the chopper and the slab, the slab, you know what I mean, the chopper and the slab. To keep my family in luxury. Two families. My mother was bedridden, my brothers were all invalids. I had to earn the money for the leading psychiatrists. I had to read books. I had to study the disease, so that I could cope with an emergency at every stage. A crippled family, three bastard sons, a slutbitch of a wife; don't talk to me about the pain of childbirth; I suffered the pain, I've still got the pangs; when I give a little cough my back collapses; and here I've got a lazy idle bugger of a brother won't even get to work on time."
  • (Paul Rogers) "I mean, you needn't tell them she's your wife."
  • (Ian Holm) "No, we'd call her something else. Dolores, or something."
  • (Paul Rogers) "Or Spanish Jacky."
  • (Ian Holm) "No, you've got to be reserved about it, Dad. We could call her something nice -- like Cynthia -- or Gillian."

Cyril Cusack as Sam

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Michael Jayston as Teddy

  • (Michael Jayston) "You wouldn't understand my works. You wouldn't have the faintest idea of what they were about. You wouldn't appreciate the points of reference. You're way behind. All of you. There's no point in my sending you my works. You'd be lost. It's nothing to do with the question of intelligence. It's a way of being able to look at the world. It's a question of how far you can operate on things and not in things. I mean it's a question of your capacity to ally the two, to relate the two, to balance the two. To see, to be able to see. I'm the one who can see. That's why I can write my critical works. Might do you good -- have a look at them -- see how certain people can view -- things -- how certain people can maintain -- intellectual equilibrium. Intellectual equilibrium. You're just objects. You just -- move about. I can observe it. I can see what you do. It's the same as I do. But you're lost in it. You won't get me being -- I won't be lost in it."

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