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The Howling (film) Quotes

The Howling (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . The Howling stopped airing in 1970.

It features Michael Finnell, and Jack Conrad as producer, Pino Donaggio in charge of musical score, and John Hora as head of cinematography.

The Howling (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Howling (film) is 91 minutes long. The Howling (film) is distributed by Embassy Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Picardo as Eddie Quist, John Carradine as Erle Kenton, Noble Willingham as Charlie Barton, Patrick Macnee as Dr. George Waggner, Dee Wallace as Karen White, Dennis Dugan as Chris, James Murtaugh as Jerry Warren, Christopher Stone as R. William 'Bill' Neill, Elisabeth Brooks as Marsha Quist, Belinda Balaski as Terry Fisher, Kevin McCarthy as Fred Francis, and Margie Impert as Donna.

The Howling (film) Quotes

Dennis Dugan as Chris

  • (Dennis Dugan) "You're crazy."
  • (Robert Picardo) "Oh, I'm much more than that."
  • (Dennis Dugan) "He's not here."
  • (Morgue Attendant) "He was here this morning."
  • (Belinda Balaski) "Look at the door."
  • (Dennis Dugan) "You think somebody took him?"
  • (Morgue Attendant) "Well, he didn't just get up and walk away."
  • (Dennis Dugan) "Eddie?"
  • (Robert Picardo) "You know me, but I don't know you. Why is that?"

Kevin McCarthy as Fred Francis

  • (Kevin McCarthy) "Who knows? Maybe she's pregnant. Listen, get in touch with that Fujiama, Fujimoto, or whatever the hell her name is and get her ready for the 11:00 report."

Dee Wallace as Karen White

  • (Dee Wallace) "A secret society exists, and is living among all of us. They are neither people nor animals, but something in-between."
  • (Dee Wallace) "Where's Bill?"
  • (Elisabeth Brooks) "He's one of us now."
  • (Dee Wallace) "We have to warn people, Chris. We have to make them believe."
  • (Dee Wallace) "There was howling just a minute ago."
  • (Christopher Stone) "It was probably somebody's stray dog."
  • (Dee Wallace) "It didn't sound like any dog I've ever heard before."
  • (Christopher Stone) "Honey, you're from Los Angeles. The wildest thing you've ever heard is Wolfman Jack. This is the country."
  • (Dee Wallace) "She walked past you like a bitch in heat."

Elisabeth Brooks as Marsha Quist

  • (Unnamed) "Hey Ernie? Put that pepper steak on for me, will ya? And a hamburger for the lady."
  • (Unnamed) "How do ya want that?"
  • (Unnamed) "How you want it, honey?"
  • (Elisabeth Brooks) "Rare."

Christopher Stone as R. William 'Bill' Neill

  • (Christopher Stone) "I'm looking for my wife."
  • (Elisabeth Brooks) "Why?"

Robert Picardo as Eddie Quist

  • (Robert Picardo) "I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind. I trusted you, Karen."
  • (Robert Picardo) "Hello, bright boy."
  • (Robert Picardo) "Don't you know anything?"

Patrick Macnee as Dr. George Waggner

  • (Patrick Macnee) "Thank God."
  • (Patrick Macnee) "We should never try to deny the beast; the animal within us."
  • (Patrick Macnee) "Repression. Repression is the father of neurosis, of self-hatred. Now, stress results when we fight against our impulses. We've all heard people talk about animal magnetism, the natural man. the noble savage, as if we'd lost something valuable in our long evolution into civilized human beings. Now there's a good reason for this."

Noble Willingham as Charlie Barton

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

John Carradine as Erle Kenton

  • (John Carradine) "We should have stuck with the old ways. Raising cattle for our feed. Where's the life in that?"
  • (Noble Willingham) "Humans are our cattle."
  • (John Carradine) "Humans are our prey. We should feed on them, like we've always done. Screw all this "channel your energies" crap."
  • (John Carradine) "You can't tame what's meant to be wild, doc. It just ain't natural."

Margie Impert as Donna

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