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The Hunting Party (2007 film) Quotes

The Hunting Party (2007 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Hunting Party stopped airing in 1970.

It features Mark Johnson (producer) as producer, Rolfe Kent in charge of musical score, and David Tattersall as head of cinematography.

The Hunting Party (2007 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Hunting Party (2007 film) is 101 minutes long. The Hunting Party (2007 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Terrence Howard as Duck, Jesse Eisenberg as Benjamin, Richard Gere as Simon, and Mark Ivanir as Boris.

The Hunting Party (2007 film) Quotes

Mark Ivanir as Boris

  • (Mark Ivanir) "For a group of U.N. guards to go, it's too dangerous. For you guys? Sure, why not? Go to Celibici. Do the world a favor."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Okay, I'm sorry, are you still insinuating we're a CIA hit squad or something?"
  • (Mark Ivanir) "I'm sorry, are you still insinuating you're journalists?"
  • (Mark Ivanir) "I'm not doing what I'm doing. I mean, clearly I'm doing this, but I'm not doing this, because if I was doing this, I could get into a lot of trouble for doing it."
  • (Terrence Howard) "What the f***, Boris?"
  • (Mark Ivanir) "Yeah. She might seem young and beautiful to you, but she would cut your balls off and sell them as trinkets if she thinks you're f***ing with her. Okay?"

Terrence Howard as Duck

  • (Terrence Howard) "One time in Rwanda, Simon decided he was gonna assassinate the leader of the Hutus and end the war. Three days later, he was in Morocco getting a massage from a hooker named Gladys."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Oh s***, I'm staring at the midget."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Well, stop."
  • (Terrence Howard) "You know, when you think about it, the whole thing is f***ing ridiculous."
  • (Richard Gere) "Why? I could very well be CIA."
  • (Terrence Howard) "You can't even spell CIA."
  • (Richard Gere) "Every f***ing CIA guy I know looks exactly like me."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Yeah, only better-looking."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Well, they certainly do not look like me."
  • (Richard Gere) "And that is the genius of it. Of course, the CIA would have someone who doesn't look CIA. That's exactly what they would do."
  • (Unnamed) "War criminals? Believe it or not, we don't even have a copy of the complete indictment list."
  • (Terrence Howard) "You don't?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. Do you have a copy? I could always Xerox it. Miriam, is the copier working again?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Look, word has it there's a bunch of them living right here in Foca."
  • (Unnamed) "Could be. Unfortunately, we're here to reform the police force, not hunt for war criminals."
  • (Terrence Howard) "But it wouldn't be much hunting. I mean, most of them are listed right in the phone book."
  • (Unnamed) "As I said, we're not authorized to arrest war criminals."
  • (Terrence Howard) "You are the international police, right?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes. Under the flag of the United Nations."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "I thought the U.N. was looking for war criminals."
  • (Unnamed) "We are. Aggressively. There's a five million dollar reward, you know?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "But you said you don't have an indictment list."
  • (Unnamed) "We don't. Donut?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "He thinks we're a hit squad. He thinks we're a f***ing hit squad."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah, this can't be good. Isn't it illegal, impersonating a CIA officer?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Yeah, but we denied it."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah, he didn't believe it."
  • (Terrence Howard) "It's true. It's like the more we f***ing denied it, the more he didn't believe it."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah, the problem is, if you were CIA you would deny it, and if you weren't, you would also deny it."

Richard Gere as Simon

  • (Unnamed) "If I ever hear from you again, the CIA will be on you like a cheap suit from the Men's Wearhouse. You'll be arrested, jailed, and sodomized by a big, dumb, large-cocked Serbian bastard for the rest of your s***ty little lives. And if you don't care about that, if you like big Serbian cock and you still plan on reporting any of this, then your friend Boris will find himself eaten by a tiger or a lion or a squirrel of whatever f***ing animal we can find in darkest Africa. And you'll have to live with that."
  • (Richard Gere) "I assume that I can quote you on the squirrel remark."
  • (Richard Gere) "He's expecting NATO troops, not two jerks in a car."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Have you thought about the bodyguards that he travels with, Simon?"
  • (Richard Gere) "Yeah, word is he's got twenty armed guards with him at all times."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Yeah, well I heard it's fifty."
  • (Richard Gere) "Fifty?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Fifty."
  • (Richard Gere) "Maybe. Actually, some people believe he has none."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Stupid people."
  • (Unnamed) "Let me tell you something, Mr. c*** --"
  • (Richard Gere) "Hunt."
  • (Unnamed) "Mr. Hunt. You're lucky I haven't already arrested your sorry ass and thrown you in a dark f***ing hole with no f***ing exits."
  • (Richard Gere) "-- putting your life in danger is actual living; the rest is television."
  • (Unnamed) "Let me ask you a question. why would you think the CIA would want to let a war criminal go?"
  • (Richard Gere) "Let me ask you a question. In five years, why has the CIA, the Hague, the United Nations and NATO not been able to find a guy that we found in just two days, if you actually wanted to find him?"
  • (Richard Gere) "Laugh at all their jokes. Whatever you do, don't stare at the midget"

Jesse Eisenberg as Benjamin

  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "We are journalists. We can't do this. It is unethical -- and insane."
  • (Richard Gere) "It would be a pleasure to personally catch him."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "By ourselves. By ourselves. We don't even have any weapons."
  • (Richard Gere) "If I gave you a gun, would you know how to use it?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "No."
  • (Richard Gere) "Then what the f*** are you complaining about?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "I told you. The moment you start drinking that Bosnian brandy, the devil's sitting in the corner, just laughing."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "What the f*** was that about?"
  • (Richard Gere) "A warning."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah? It seemed more like a threat."
  • (Richard Gere) "Yeah, beware of the nosy waiter with Serbian pride."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Well, actually, it was the first time that I thought that maybe Simon wasn't jerking our chain."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah? Why's that?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Because the guy in there said that he's not in Celibici, which means maybe he actually is in Celebici."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Right. Unless he's really not in Celibici."
  • (Terrence Howard) "Well, that's a possibility, too."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "We're gonna die. Every single person down here knows exactly what we're doing."
  • (Richard Gere) "Keep your panties dry, Benjamin. It had nothing to do with the Fox."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "What the hell do you mean? It's just a little local tradition to shoot at every customer?"
  • (Terrence Howard) "Wait a minute. Is that my money? You mean the money I left on the table, that's mine? Simon."
  • (Richard Gere) "Times are tight. Things happen. Sue me."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Wait, wait, wait. You stole the money that was left for the bill?"
  • (Richard Gere) "I needed it more."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Okay, you got us shot at for twenty bucks."
  • (Richard Gere) "I didn't know he was gonna shoot at us."

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