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The In-Laws (2003 film) Quotes

The In-Laws (2003 film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The In-Laws ended its run in 1970.

It features Bill Gerber as producer.

The In-Laws (2003 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The In-Laws (2003 film) is 98 minutes long. The In-Laws (2003 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Robin Tunney as Angela Harris, Michael Douglas as Steve Tobias, Albert Brooks as Jerry Peyser, Ryan Reynolds as Mark Tobias, David Suchet as Jean-Pierre Thibodoux, Lindsay Sloane as Melissa Peyser, and Maria Ricossa as Katherine Peyser.

The In-Laws (2003 film) Quotes

Robin Tunney as Angela Harris

  • (Robin Tunney) "We've got the FBI on us like trailer trash on Velveeta."
  • (Robin Tunney) "Is that a fanny pack?"
  • (Michael Douglas) "It's cute, isn't it?"
  • (Robin Tunney) "It's adorable."

Ryan Reynolds as Mark Tobias

  • (Ryan Reynolds) "The one time my father shows up to Cub Scouts and I earn a merit badge in covert evasion techniques."
  • (Ryan Reynolds) "Oh, an unconscious person. You must be working."

Albert Brooks as Jerry Peyser

  • (Albert Brooks) "Katharine, I am in the bathroom of Barbra Streisand's airplane."
  • (Albert Brooks) "That was fun."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Yeah blackmail. Ha ha."
  • (Albert Brooks) "You know something? He might actually like prison."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Like it? He's gonna love it."
  • (Albert Brooks) "I got what they call wet bone."
  • (David Suchet) "I'm curious to know more about wet bone."
  • (Albert Brooks) "I would contract what they call wet bone."
  • (David Suchet) "I'm curious to know more about wet bone."
  • (Albert Brooks) "I'm sorry I called you the worst father in the world. I'm sure there's at least two or three guys who are worse."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Thank you, Jer."

Michael Douglas as Steve Tobias

  • (Michael Douglas) "We're the CIA."
  • (Robin Tunney) "Great, now I have to kill him."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Doctor, do you know what a roofie is?"
  • (Albert Brooks) "Yeah I know what a roofie is, frat boys give them to girls at parties."
  • (Albert Brooks) "Oh no. Oh don't rape me."
  • (Michael Douglas) "I don't know one person here."
  • (Albert Brooks) "That's because it's not an arms market."
  • (Michael Douglas) "Uh, Jerry, you alright? You haven't even touched your food."
  • (Albert Brooks) "My food is still eating."
  • (Michael Douglas) "This wedding is going to be as normal as butter on mashed potatoes."

David Suchet as Jean-Pierre Thibodoux

  • (David Suchet) "To Fat Cobra in the flesh."
  • (David Suchet) "But there are certain things I can only do with a man, no?"
  • (Albert Brooks) "Like golf?"
  • (David Suchet) "No. I am not gay."
  • (David Suchet) "People think we are crazy. But they don't know the joy of holding a man's beating heart in the palm of your hand."
  • (Albert Brooks) "Aww, that's a good feeling."

Lindsay Sloane as Melissa Peyser

  • (Lindsay Sloane) "You guys, my dad wouldn't buy a Russian submarine -- I mean, he wouldn't even buy a foreign car."

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