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The Incredible Hulk (1978 TV series) Quotes

The Incredible Hulk is a Action -Adventure fiction; Superhero fiction; Dramatic programming that debuted in 1977 on CBS. The Incredible Hulk completed its run in 1982.

The Incredible Hulk lasted 5 seasons and 80 + 5 TV movies episodes. It features James D. Parriott, Kenneth Johnson, and Nicholas Corea as producer, and Joe Harnell as composer. The Incredible Hulk is executive produced by Kenneth Johnson.

The Incredible Hulk is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Incredible Hulk is 44-48 minutes long. The Incredible Hulk is produced by Universal Television and distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution. Spinoffs for this show include The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988).

The cast includes: Bill Bixby as Dr. David Bruce Banner, and Jack Colvin as Jack McGee.

The Incredible Hulk Quotes

Bill Bixby as Dr. David Bruce Banner

  • (Bill Bixby) "What is this?"
  • (Denny Kayle) "That is your severance pay you've been severed."
  • (Michael) "So that's how you're clothes got ripped off. You just stretched out of them. Boy, I sure wish I was you. There's some people I'd like to be mad at."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Michael, you don't wish you were me. It's like having a demon inside of you."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Hello, David."
  • (Bill Bixby) "How are you feeling?"
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Much better, thank you. You look a little better yourself."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Well, I was pretty grubby before."
  • (Denny Kayle) "Ok, punk, I don't want to get angry."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Believe me, neither do I."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Julie the branch get it down get it down for me."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "I can't walk David."
  • (Bill Bixby) "I'm not asking you to walk I'm asking you to stand."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Oh God David I cant do it."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Julie JULIE."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "David don't let that happen no not that you'll make it worse."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Julie for God's sake."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "David."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "You sure you won't stay?"
  • (Bill Bixby) "And have that creature turn up one night when I have a dream and become angry? No, I have to keep moving, till I can be certain this is never going to happen again."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "But David --"
  • (Bill Bixby) "Julie, the creature is wanted for murder. One that I can not prove that he or I didn't commit and you would be harboring a criminal."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "I don't care."
  • (Bill Bixby) "I do."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Julie, I think the whole thing is pschycological."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Now why would I not want to walk?"
  • (Bill Bixby) "I don't know. You loved your dad a lot. Maybe you feel guilty because he died and you didn't."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Oh come on, that has nothing to do with it. I mean why would it be my legs anyway?"
  • (Bill Bixby) "Guilt. People have lost things they love because of guilt. Painters have lost their eyesight. It does happen."
  • (Bill Bixby) "That's my name."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Griffith?"
  • (Bill Bixby) "David."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "That's my favorite name. Means 'beloved'."
  • (Michael) "Now you two better git."
  • (Bill Bixby) "No we're not leaving without you. Now Julie, I think you can walk. I think you can if you want to, if you need to."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "I can't."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Well I can't carry both of you. Now you got to try."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Look, why can't you just get mad or something and turn yourself back into that thing, then you can --"
  • (Bill Bixby) "It does'nt work that way. I can't control it."
  • (Juliet Griffith) "Well I can't control my legs either."
  • (Bill Bixby) "Mrs. Griffith, we are waisting time. While I stand here trying to dazzle you with biochemical trivia, your stepdaughter might be in serious trouble."
  • (Bill Bixby) "I'm trying to tell you that Judy's in danger."
  • (Denny Kayle) "From weirdos like you."

Jack Colvin as Jack McGee

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