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The Joy Luck Club (film) Quotes

The Joy Luck Club (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Joy Luck Club stopped airing in 1970.

It features Patrick Markey, Wayne Wang, and Amy Tan; Ronald Bass as producer, Rachel Portman in charge of musical score, and Amir M. Mokri as head of cinematography.

The Joy Luck Club (film) is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Kieu Chinh as Suyuan, France Nuyen as Ying Ying, Lauren Tom as Lena, Lisa Lu as An-Mei, Tsai Chin as Lindo Jong, Tamlyn Tomita as Waverly Jong, Rosalind Chao as Rose, Andrew McCarthy as Ted, Diane Baker as Mrs. Jordan, Victor Wong as Old Chong, and Christopher Rich as Rich.

The Joy Luck Club (film) Quotes

Tsai Chin as Lindo Jong

  • (Waverly (Age 6-9)) "I've decided to play chess again."
  • (Tsai Chin) "You think it is so easy. One day quit, next day play. Everything for you is this way: so smart, so easy, so fast. Not so easy anymore."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "What she said, it was like a curse. This power I had, this belief in myself, I could actually feel it draining away. I could feel myself becoming ordinary. All the secrets I once saw, I couldn't see them anymore. All I could see was, were my mistakes, my weaknesses. The best part of me just disappeared. But I can't put it all on my mother. I did it to myself. I never played chess again."
  • (Tsai Chin) "I could see her face looking at me but not seeing me. She was ashamed, so ashamed to be my daughter."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Mom, what's wrong?"
  • (Tsai Chin) "Nothing, nothing. Only thinking, thinking about my mother, how much I wanted to be like her."
  • (Tsai Chin) "This one moment would decide for my whole life whether fear would rule or I would. I decided. Underneath I knew who I was. I promised myself never to forget."
  • (Tsai Chin) "I told them the matchmaker had made the wrong match on purpose, just for money."
  • (Huang Tai Tai) "Matchmaker, how could you? How could you?"
  • (Matchmaker) "Well, mistakes happen in heaven."

Kieu Chinh as Suyuan

  • (Kieu Chinh) "That bad crab, only you tried to take it. Everybody else want best quality. You, your thinking different. Waverly took best-quality crab. You took worst, because you have best-quality heart. You have style no one can teach. Must be born this way. I see you."
  • (Kieu Chinh) "June, since your baby time, I wear this next to my heart. Now, you wear next to yours. It will help you know. I see you. I see you."
  • (Jing-Mei 'June' Woo) "I'm just sorry that you got stuck with such a loser, that I've always been so disappointing."
  • (Kieu Chinh) "What you mean disappoint? Piano?"
  • (Jing-Mei 'June' Woo) "Everything: my grades, my job, not getting married, everything you expected of me."
  • (Kieu Chinh) "Not expect anything. Never expect. Only hope. Only hoping best for you. That's not wrong, to hope."
  • (Jing-Mei 'June' Woo) "No? Well, it hurts, because every time you hoped for something I couldn't deliver, it hurt. It hurt me, Mommy. And no matter what you hope for, I'll never be more than what I am. And you never see that, what I really am."
  • (June (Age 9)) "You want me to be someone I'm not. I'll never be the kind of daughter that you want me to be."
  • (Kieu Chinh) "Only two kinds of daughter: obedient or follow-own-mind. Only one kind of daughter could live in this house: obedient kind."
  • (June (Age 9)) "Then I wish I wasn't your daughter. I wish you weren't my mom."
  • (Kieu Chinh) "Too late to change this."

Tamlyn Tomita as Waverly Jong

  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Even at that age, I knew I had an amazing gift: this power, this belief in myself, to be better than anyone else. If someone was bigger than me, older than me, it didn't matter. And if they were mean, I could make 'em sorry."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "Mom, why don't you like Rich?"
  • (Tsai Chin) "Is Rich you afraid I not like? If I don't like your Rich, I act polite, say nothing, let him have big cancer, let my daughter be a widow. I like Rich, of course I do. To allow him to marry such a daughter."
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "You don't know, you don't know the power you have over me. One word from you, one look, and I'm four years old again, crying myself to sleep, because nothing I do can ever, ever please you."

Christopher Rich as Rich

  • (Christopher Rich) "So, how'd your mom react when you told her about the wedding?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "It never came up."
  • (Christopher Rich) "How come?"
  • (Tamlyn Tomita) "She'd rather get rectal cancer."

Rosalind Chao as Rose

  • (Rosalind Chao) "I like being tragic, Ma. I learned it from you."
  • (Rosalind Chao) "I didn't say it to impress you."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "That's why it did."
  • (Rosalind Chao) "The beautiful part was, he never had to ask for any of this. In fact, he never even knew. I told myself that was the selfless way, the loving way, instead of the chickens*** way."

France Nuyen as Ying Ying

  • (France Nuyen) "All around this house I see the signs. My daughter looks but she does not see. This is a house that will break into pieces. It's not too late. All my pains, my regrets, I will gather them together. My daughter will hear me calling, even though I've said no words. She will climb the stairs to find me. She will be scared because at first her eyes will see nothing. She will feel in her heart this place where she hides her fears. She will know I am waiting like a tiger in the trees, now ready to leap out and cut her spirit loose."
  • (France Nuyen) "By then I realized what kind of man I had married -- happiest when he was cruel."
  • (France Nuyen) "Losing him does not matter. It is you who will be found; and cherished."
  • (France Nuyen) "Do you know what you want? I mean, from him?"
  • (Lauren Tom) "Respect. Tenderness."
  • (France Nuyen) "Then tell him now. And leave this lopsided house. Do not come back until he give you those things, with both hands open."

Andrew McCarthy as Ted

  • (Andrew McCarthy) "I always knew you were a jerk, but, s***, this is the first time in my life I've been ashamed of you."
  • (Diane Baker) "How dare you use that language. I think you'd better apologize right now."
  • (Andrew McCarthy) "I'm sorry Mom, you made a f***ing asshole out of yourself in front of the woman I love."

Lisa Lu as An-Mei

  • (Lisa Lu) "It was an old tradition. Only the most dutiful of daughters would put her own flesh in a soup to save her mother's life. My mother did this with her whole heart even though my grandmother had disowned her. This is how a daughter honors her mother. The pain of the flesh is nothing. The pain you must forget. This is the most important sacrifice a daughter can make for her mother."
  • (Lisa Lu) "I tell you the story because I was raised the Chinese way. I was taught to desire nothing, to swallow other people's misery, and to eat my own bitterness. And even though I taught my daughter the opposite, still she came out the same way. Maybe it is because she was born to me and she was born a girl, and I was born to my mother and I was born a girl, all of us like stairs, one step after another, going up, going down, but always going the same way. No, this cannot be, this not knowing what you're worth, this not begin with you. My mother not know her worth until too late; too late for her, but not for me. Now we will see if not too late for you, hmm?"

Victor Wong as Old Chong

  • (Victor Wong) "How many sharps? How many flats? What key are we in?"
  • (Jing-Mei 'June' Woo) "Z major."
  • (Victor Wong) "What?"
  • (Jing-Mei 'June' Woo) "Z major."
  • (Victor Wong) "Good."

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