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The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving Quotes

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving ended in 1970.

It features Roy Allen Smith as producer, and Michael Tavera in charge of musical score.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving is 71 minutes long. The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving is distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Jeff Bennett as Petrie, Whit Hertford as Hyp, Heather Hogan as Ducky, Candace Hutson as Cera, Scott Menville as Nod, Scott McAfee as Littlefoot, Kenneth Mars as Grandpa, and John Ingle as Narrator.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving Quotes

Jeff Bennett as Petrie

  • (Jeff Bennett) "Hey, me want to play Bullies too. "Hey buddy. You don't eat MY green food.""
  • (Jeff Bennett) "Hmph. Me go play Bullies somewhere else."
  • (Jeff Bennett) "Me no baby. Me big."
  • (Whit Hertford) "Yeah, big baby."

Heather Hogan as Ducky

  • (Heather Hogan) "Don't worry, Littlefoot. You're not an influence -- whatever that is."
  • (Heather Hogan) "Petrie, you are a flyer, not a swimmer."

Candace Hutson as Cera

  • (Cera's Father) "Yelling is no way to teach your child what is right or to show that you care."
  • (Hyp's Father) "How would you know?"
  • (Cera's Father) "I know because -- because I have a daughter and I yell at her. Too much. Especially when I'm worried for her safety."
  • (Candace Hutson) "You don't have to worry about me, daddy."
  • (Cera's Father) "If you always react with anger, that's all your son will know. And, that's all he'll be able to express to others."
  • (Whit Hertford) "What?"
  • (Cera's Father) "I know now that we can't live together that way; with such anger between us. Our kids found water because they worked together. Now, we must work together too."
  • (Kenneth Mars) "At last, we all agree."
  • (Candace Hutson) "I don't understand, Daddy."
  • (Cera's Father) "You need friends who know how to behave, especially in times like this."
  • (Candace Hutson) "Littlefoot is my friend. He'll always be my friend."
  • (Cera's Father) "Cera, I'm your father. I want what's best for you."
  • (Candace Hutson) "No, you don't. You just don't want me to have any fun."

Whit Hertford as Hyp

  • (Whit Hertford) "When you're big, you can do anything you want to do. All the rules that grown-ups make, they don't apply to you."
  • (Whit Hertford) "There they are and look what they found for us."
  • (Mutt) "Yeah."
  • (Scott Menville) "Yeah."
  • (Mutt) "What is it?"
  • (Whit Hertford) "Hi-yah, hatchlings. Say, "Bye bye, water"."
  • (Heather Hogan) "Why? Is it going somewhere?"
  • (Whit Hertford) "No, but YOU are."
  • (Scott Menville) "This is our water now."
  • (Mutt) "So give it back."
  • (Jeff Bennett) "Give back? But it already in my tummy."
  • (Heather Hogan) "But do you not want to share?"
  • (Whit Hertford) "We don't share with anybody, do we?"
  • (Mutt) "Uh, no. Nuh-uh."
  • (Scott Menville) "Nobody."
  • (Whit Hertford) "So I'm warning you, small fries, if you tell anybody else about this water, you'll be very, very, sorry."
  • (Scott McAfee) "We're telling and you better not try and stop us."

Scott McAfee as Littlefoot

  • (Scott McAfee) "How come all you ever want to do is fight, Hyp?"
  • (Whit Hertford) "Because we're bigger. Bigger is smarter. Bigger is meaner. And bigger is better."
  • (Scott McAfee) "He's stuck in tar. Stop moving, Hyp. You'll only sink faster."

John Ingle as Narrator

  • (John Ingle) "And so, as it turned out, the dinosaurs traveled from green spot to green spot eating their fill. Each finding a way to help others find what they needed. Each learning the special kind of joy, which comes from giving to others. And in the years to come, this story of sharing was told over and over again until it became known as the time of the great giving."

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