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The Lawnmower Man (film) Quotes

The Lawnmower Man (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Lawnmower Man ended its run in 1970.

It features Gimel Everett as producer, Dan Wyman in charge of musical score, and Russell Carpenter as head of cinematography.

The Lawnmower Man (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Lawnmower Man (film) is 108 minutes long. The Lawnmower Man (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Lawrence Angelo, Jeff Fahey as Jobe Smith, Colleen Coffey as Caroline Angelo, and Jeremy Slate as Father Francis McKeen.

The Lawnmower Man (film) Quotes

Jeff Fahey as Jobe Smith

  • (Jeff Fahey) "Mind over matter Dr. Angelo, not a miracle; a fact."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "What are you HIDING?"
  • (Jeff Fahey) "I saw God. I touched God."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "I am god here."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "-- my birth cry will be the sound of every phone on this planet ringing in unison."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "By the year 2001, there won't be a person on this planet who isn't hooked into it, and hooked into me."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Ah, there he is. The "good" Father McKeen. Took in the poor idiot nobody wanted."
  • (Jeremy Slate) "The devil has gotten inside you, Jobe. I can see it. It's that Dr. Angelo. He's corrupted you."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "JUDGEMENT DAY IS HERE."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "This technology has peeled back a layer to reveal another universe. Virtual reality will grow, just as the telegraph grew to the telephone; as the radio to the TV; it will be everywhere."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You're having delusions, Jobe. Struggle for reason."

Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Lawrence Angelo

  • (Pierce Brosnan) "All this power isn't meant to be in the hands of one person."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "You're wrong. You need to be led, just like everyone else, it's a basic need."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "This technology was meant to expand human communication, but you're not even human any more. What you've become terrifies me. You're a freak."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "Your naive idiocy makes me VERY ANGRY."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Jobe, listen to yourself right now. The first sign of psychosis is a Christ complex."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "CyberChrist."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "This is all so new."
  • (Jeff Fahey) "It's not new. I realized that nothing we've been doing is new. We haven't been tapping into new areas of the brain; we've just been awakening the most ancient. This technology is simply a route to powers that conjurers and alchemists used centuries ago. The human race lost that knowledge and now I'm reclaiming it through virtual reality."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You're moving too fast. Even with all these new abilities, there are dangers. Man may be able to evolve a thousand-fold through this technology, but the rush must be tempered with wisdom."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "-- so I'm taking my work underground. I can't let it fall into the wrong hands again."

Jeremy Slate as Father Francis McKeen

  • (Jeremy Slate) "The devil has gotten inside you, Jobe."

Colleen Coffey as Caroline Angelo

  • (Colleen Coffey) "Falling, floating, and flying? So, what's next, f***ing?"

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