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The Little Shop of Horrors Quotes

The Little Shop of Horrors is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Little Shop of Horrors ended its run in 1970.

It features Roger Corman as producer, Fred Katz, Uncredited:, and Ronald Stein in charge of musical score, and Archie R. Dalzell, and Vilis Lapenieks as head of cinematography.

The Little Shop of Horrors is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Little Shop of Horrors is 72 minutes long. The Little Shop of Horrors is distributed by The Filmgroup.

The cast includes: Dick Miller as Burson Fouch, Mel Welles as Gravis Mushnik, Jack Nicholson as Wilbur Force, Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboin, Jackie Joseph as Audrey Jr., Jackie Joseph as Audry Fulquard, Dodie Drake as Waitress, Leola Wendorff as Siddie Shiva, Meri Welles as Leonora Clyde, and John Herman Shaner as Dr. Phoebus Farb.

The Little Shop of Horrors Quotes

Dick Miller as Burson Fouch

  • (Dick Miller) "My name is Burson Fouch."
  • (Mel Welles) "Excellent. I am Gravis Mushnik."
  • (Dick Miller) "Oh, that's a good one."
  • (Dick Miller) "I'm just crazy about Kosher flowers."
  • (Dick Miller) "Anyway, I've got to go home. My wife's making gardenias for dinner."
  • (Dick Miller) "I remember in one flower shop there was a whole wall covered with poison ivy. People came from miles around to look at that wall and they stayed to buy."
  • (Mel Welles) "And the owner got rich?"
  • (Dick Miller) "No, he scratched himself to death in an insane asylum."

Jonathan Haze as Seymour Krelboin

  • (Jonathan Haze) "You mean I'm fired?"
  • (Mel Welles) "No, I'm electing you President from the United States --. YES, you are fired."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Don't waste your pity on me, Audrey. I'm not worth it."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Who says you're not?"
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Everybody."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Yeah, I know."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "I didn't mean it."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "I'm getting pretty tired of you."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "I need food."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "I don't care what you need. Look what you've done, you not only made a butcher out of me but you drove my girl away."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Shut up and bring on the food."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Oh boy."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Did you call me, Mr. Mushnick?"
  • (Mel Welles) "No, I was calling John D. Rockefeller for to make a loan on my Rolls Royce."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Sorry I said it."

Jackie Joseph as Audry Fulquard

  • (Jackie Joseph) "Why don't you give him a chance to resurrect himself?"
  • (Mel Welles) "I give him chance to quit."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "I ain't gonna quit."
  • (Mel Welles) "You're a brave boy, you're fired."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "You're gonna be another Luther Glendale."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Pasadena."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Burbank."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Feed me."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "I need some chow."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Gravis, what happened? Tell me."
  • (Mel Welles) "All right, I'll tell you tomorrow right after I tell the police."
  • (Unnamed) "But Mushnik didn't go to the police. If he had, that would have been the end of this unhappy story. But it was not."
  • (Jackie Joseph) "Give me food."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Aw, take it easy, Dracula. What do you think I'm carrying here, my dirty laundry?"

John Herman Shaner as Dr. Phoebus Farb

  • (John Herman Shaner) "Would you look at that, Seymour? I didn't know you were an elk."

Meri Welles as Leonora Clyde

  • (Meri Welles) "What's the matter? Don't you like me?"
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Too bony."
  • (Meri Welles) "Too bony? Nobody's ever told me that before."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Beef is better than veal."
  • (Meri Welles) "You're such a do-do. What do you call this, chopped liver?"
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Master would like more fat."
  • (Meri Welles) "Speak for yourself, John."
  • (Jonathan Haze) "My name is Seymour."
  • (Meri Welles) ""My name is Seymour.""
  • (Jonathan Haze) "That's my name, too."

Mel Welles as Gravis Mushnik

  • (Mel Welles) "Who -- I mean -- what did that plant eat last night?"
  • (Jonathan Haze) "Uh -- about a million Japanese beetles."
  • (Mel Welles) "Flowers, fresh as the springtime, Mushnik's"
  • (Unnamed) "We just want to ask you a few questions."
  • (Mel Welles) "I didn't do it."
  • (Unnamed) "Do what?"
  • (Mel Welles) "Whatever."
  • (Mel Welles) "It's a finger of speech."
  • (Mel Welles) "You have perhaps an explanation for this?"
  • (Jonathan Haze) "No, but if you give me a minute I'll think of one."
  • (Mel Welles) "Bring me whisky, rum, wine, gin, bourbon --"
  • (Dodie Drake) "What?"
  • (Mel Welles) "-- scotch, rye, tequila, sake, manashevet --"
  • (Dodie Drake) "Did you bring the money?"
  • (Mel Welles) "Don't work me about money. I've got to get drunk, now."

Jack Nicholson as Wilbur Force

  • (Jack Nicholson) ""The patient came to me with a large hole in his abdomen, caused by a fire poker used on him by his wife. He almost bled to death and gangrene had set in. I didn't give him much of a chance. There were other complications. The man had cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, and a touch of the grippe. I decided to operate.""
  • (Jack Nicholson) "No novocaine. It dulls the senses."

Leola Wendorff as Siddie Shiva

  • (Leola Wendorff) "Oh. Such a thing, eating flowers."
  • (Dick Miller) "Don't knock it 'till you try it, alright?"

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