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The Lost Battalion (2001 film) Quotes

The Lost Battalion is a television program that debuted in 2001 on A&E (TV channel). The Lost Battalion ended its run in 1970.

It features Tom Reeve as producer, Richard Marvin (composer) in charge of musical score, and Jonathan Freeman (cinematographer) as head of cinematography. The Lost Battalion is executive produced by David Gerber.

The Lost Battalion is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Lost Battalion is 92 minutes long. The Lost Battalion is produced by A&E (TV channel).

The cast includes: Jay Rodan as Lt. Leak, Rhys Miles Thomas as Yoder, André Vippolis as Lipasti, Arthur Kremer as Krotoshinsky, Rick Schroder as Maj. Whittlesey, Daniel Caltagirone as Cepheglia, Michael Goldstrom as Rosen, Joachim Paul Assböck as Maj. Prinz, and Michael Brandon as Gen. Robert Alexander.

The Lost Battalion Quotes

Arthur Kremer as Krotoshinsky

  • (Arthur Kremer) "Where's the Cowboy going?"
  • (André Vippolis) "He must know something."
  • (Arthur Kremer) "You think so?"
  • (André Vippolis) "He's from Roadville, he grew up around trees. You've ever been around trees?"
  • (Arthur Kremer) "They got trees in Union Square."
  • (André Vippolis) "Those don't count."
  • (Arthur Kremer) "He"
  • (Arthur Kremer) "thinks you might want to buy a bridge."
  • (Rhys Miles Thomas) "What bridge?"
  • (André Vippolis) "The Brooklyn Bridge. What other bridge is there? What kind of an army is this, we come all the way to France and they stick us with boys from Daisyville."

Jay Rodan as Lt. Leak

  • (Jay Rodan) "Morning Sir."
  • (Rick Schroder) "We don't salut up here Lieutenant."
  • (Jay Rodan) "I'm sorry Sir."
  • (Rick Schroder) "My officers of men shave everyday."
  • (Jay Rodan) "Oh, I'm sorry Sir."
  • (Rick Schroder) "You're sorry about a lot of things."
  • (Jay Rodan) "Well, we got up here kinda late yesterday and --"
  • (Rick Schroder) "Is that and excuse or an explanation? I'm not interested in either on. I want you and your platoon squared away, make sure your men have full rations, plenty of ammo. And wear that uniform properly. Put on dry socks if you have them and straighten your helmet. Oh and Lt. Leak, welcome to the 308th."

Michael Brandon as Gen. Robert Alexander

  • (Michael Brandon) "Major Whittlesey, there's going to be promotions and commondations for everybody. No wonder our airplanes couldn't find this place."
  • (André Vippolis) "Well -- your artillery certainly found it, General."
  • (Michael Brandon) "Where's the rest of your battallion?"
  • (Rick Schroder) "Sgt. Gaedeke we couldn't find enough to bury. Lt. Schenck's platoon is somewhere out there. I sent him to link with the French you said were on our flank, General."
  • (Michael Brandon) "These are acceptable losses --"
  • (Rick Schroder) "Not to me, sir."
  • (Michael Brandon) "I understand your feelings fo your men."
  • (Rick Schroder) "You said our flanks were supported and you ordered my men to attack. You said supply would catch up to us -- which it did not. Is that acceptable to you?"
  • (Michael Brandon) "Yes, that's acceptable to me. We were able to break through the German line because you held on here -- because you held on here like a thorn in their belly. Major, you did an incredible job out here, but you had 600 men to worry about and I had 20,000 sent into action. I have to live with that --"
  • (Michael Brandon) "I sent for trucks to bring your men back. They've been through hell."
  • (Rick Schroder) "You'll never know what they've been through, or what they can and can't do. They're better then you, General. They're better then me, they always are."
  • (Michael Brandon) "Let me take you and your officers back in my staff car."
  • (Rick Schroder) "That's not acceptable, Sir. I'll stay with my men."
  • (Michael Brandon) "I understand."
  • (Rick Schroder) "Men, we're moving out."

Daniel Caltagirone as Cepheglia

  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "It's done."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "It's not done. Anyhow, why should I share this with you?"
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Because I killed the guy you took it off."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Minor detail."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "That's just some traveling salesman throwing iron cigars."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Translation: German artillery."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Which brings me to stuff. There're two kinds of stuff."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Stuff going out, ours. Stuff comming in, theirs."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Mud crunchers must learn to judge between different kinds of stuff. If you here something that whistles and knocks, that there is a whiz-bang. Get on the ground. Sometimes herr whiz-bang brings along his lady friend, Minnie Waffer."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Minenwerfer."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Minnie Waffer sounds like one of those whining hot corn ladies on 10th Avenue."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Nah, it's more like the B.R.T. coming out of the tubes."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "The thing is that they're real hard to judge. So just hit the ground anytime you hear something like that. And don't worry if it hits you, 'cause they got a lot of other stuff. Like Jack Johnsons, Whimpering Willies --"
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "The I-Cans, airplane bombs, machine guns --"
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "And all sorts of potato masher grenades. Don't worry about any of that 'cause it all comes down to that --"
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "When you go face-to-face with a mud crunching heinie bastard with one of these at the end of his rifle. You better stick it in him before he sticks it in you."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "That -- you gotta worry about."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "This is a French Cho-Cho."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Chauchat."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "It's a piece of garbage, don't worry about it."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Leave it to Henchman and Hollingshead."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Don't worry about mortars, tanks and artillery."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "We don't have any of that either."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Basically we're mud crunchers,"
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "Gravel agitators."
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Infantry."

Rhys Miles Thomas as Yoder

  • (Rhys Miles Thomas) "Hey, how come nobody ever calls me Bob?"
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Who's Bob?"
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "He's Bob you dumb Dago. Haven't you ever heard of a first name?"
  • (Daniel Caltagirone) "Your first name is Private. You're gonna be Private all your life Rosen. You'll never make Corporal."
  • (Michael Goldstrom) "All I wanna make is civilian."

Joachim Paul Assböck as Maj. Prinz

  • (Joachim Paul Assböck) "You Americans, you always have so much of everything. No matter. Eventually you have to surrender."
  • (Jay Rodan) "I don't think so."
  • (Joachim Paul Assböck) "Are you officers so callous? You're surrounded. You have no chance of relief. Every night you send out patrols, and every night we kill them. We can hear the cries of your wounded Lieutenant. There is no dishonor in surrender."
  • (Jay Rodan) "Maybe for you, but my guys are different."
  • (Joachim Paul Assböck) "What do you mean?"
  • (Jay Rodan) "What you're up against Major, is a bunch of Mick, Pollack, Dago, and Jew boy gangsters from New York City. They'll never surrender. Never."

Rick Schroder as Maj. Whittlesey

  • (Rick Schroder) "Lieutenant Leak, fine officer, from Texas --"
  • (Unnamed) "We lost over 60 men to our own fire today. We heave less then 200 able troops left. I don't know how they keep doing it."
  • (Rick Schroder) "Don't sell them short, Captain. Two days ago we had a Chinese working our field-phone, an American-Indian for a runner; they're both dead now but that's not the point. These Italians, Irish, Jews, and Poles, they'd never hire me as an attorney; we wouldn't be seen at the same events. But we will never, in our lives, enjoy the company of finer soldiers or better men then we do tonight."
  • (Unnamed) "Major, I was with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. And I have never served with a finer officer then you. Do you know that your men would do anything, go anywhere for you?"
  • (Rick Schroder) "Thank you, George."

André Vippolis as Lipasti

  • (Unnamed) "What's your name?"
  • (André Vippolis) "Private Lipasti, sir."
  • (Unnamed) "Where'd you learn to run like that?"
  • (André Vippolis) "I used to take a shortcut home through a Mick neighborhood, had to outrun a lotta your "Irish confetti", sir."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, I'm glad one of my cousins didn't bean you with a brick."

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