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The Majestic (film) Quotes

The Majestic (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Majestic ended in 1970.

It features Frank Darabont as producer, Mark Isham in charge of musical score, and David Tattersall as head of cinematography.

The Majestic (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Majestic (film) is 152 minutes long. The Majestic (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Martin Landau as Luke Trimble, Martin Landau as Harry Trimble, Amanda Detmer as Sandra Sinclair, Jim Carrey as Peter Appleton, Hal Holbrook as Congressman Doyle, Bob Balaban as Elvin Clyde, James Whitmore as Stan Keller, Ron Rifkin as Kevin Bannerman, Allen Garfield as Leo Kubelsky, Laurie Holden as Adele, Karl Bury as Bob Leffert, Gerry Black as Emmett Smith, and David Ogden Stiers as Doc Stanton.

The Majestic (film) Quotes

Jim Carrey as Peter Appleton

  • (Jim Carrey) "I didn't know anyone was here."
  • (Laurie Holden) "I was just -- saying goodbye."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Adele, I'm sorry the way things turned out. I never meant to hurt anyone, least of all you."
  • (Laurie Holden) "People get hurt sometimes, we can't always help it. So are you really a communist?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "No, I'm really not."
  • (Laurie Holden) "I didn't think so. Only a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist could have gotten The Majestic up and running."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Great endorsement. Can I call you as a witness?"
  • (Laurie Holden) "Eh, if it helps. So what will you tell the committee?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Tell them what they want to hear: "Sorry, I won't do it again, blah, blah.""
  • (Laurie Holden) "You're not serious."
  • (Jim Carrey) "What's wrong with it?"
  • (Laurie Holden) "Everything."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Could you be a little more specific?"
  • (Laurie Holden) "Aside from the fact that this is a free country, and you can be a communist if you want to be a communist; leaving that aside, if you're accused falsely you have a duty as well as a right to stand up and suggest they drop dead."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Emile Zola, you feel strongly about this."
  • (Laurie Holden) "Damn right I do."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Great, but it doesn't make the game any less rigged. There's a reason it's called a witch-hunt."
  • (Laurie Holden) "And there's burden of proof, innocence before guilt."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Maybe in law school. But the rest of us have to live in the real world and in the real world, I mess with these guys, I go to jail."
  • (Laurie Holden) "All the more reason to fight them."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Like Luke would've done? Go ahead, say it."
  • (Laurie Holden) "Yes. Like Luke would have done."
  • (Jim Carrey) "God, here it comes. Tell me again what a great guy Luke was, 'cause God I haven't heard that enough."
  • (Laurie Holden) "He wouldn've stood up to them."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Yeah well, he's not here -- to vouch for that, is he? We have to take your word for it. And forgive me but everybody's memory of Luke is a little rose-colored in this town. Besides, I'm not Luke. While he was liberating Europe, I was running the PX. He couldn't wait to save the world. Me, I was happy not to go overseas."
  • (Jim Carrey) "I thought this was a democracy."
  • (Allen Garfield) "The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, they're all just pieces of paper with signatures on them. And you know what a piece of paper with a signature is: a contract. Something that can be renegotiated at any time. Just so happens that the House un-American activities committee is renegotiating the contract this time around. Next time it will be somebody else, but it will always be somebody."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Why didn't you dance with her?"
  • (Karl Bury) "Excuse me?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Mabel. Why didn't you dance with her? Seems to me a pretty girl asks you to dance and you say no -- you came home more crippled than you thought."
  • (Jim Carrey) "I can't take this constant nagging. I'm leaving you, Jerry. I'm leaving you; and I'm taking the monkey with me."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Sound good? Oh, you're just saying that. I'm talking to monkey."
  • (Jim Carrey) ""Adele Louise Stanton has passed the State Bar Examination.""
  • (Jim Carrey) "Wow. Does this mean you're qualified to tend bar?"

Martin Landau as Harry Trimble

  • (Martin Landau) "That's why we call it The Majestic. Any man, woman, child could buy their ticket, walk right in. Here they'd be, here we'd be. "Yes sir, yes ma'am. Enjoy the show." And in they'd come entering a palace, like in a dream, like in heaven. Maybe you had worries and problems out there, but once you came through those doors, they didn't matter anymore. And you know why? Chaplin, that's why. And Keaton and Lloyd. Garbo, Gable, and Lombard, and Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney. Fred and Ginger. They were gods. And they lived up there. That was Olympus. Would you remember if I told you how lucky we felt just to be here? To have the privilege of watching them. I mean, this television thing. Why would you want to stay at home and watch a little box? Because it's convenient? Because you don't have to get dressed up, because you could just sit there? I mean, how can you call that entertainment, alone in your living room? Where's the other people? Where's the audience? Where's the magic? I'll tell you, in a place like this, the magic is all around you. The trick is to see it."
  • (Martin Landau) "When bullies rise up, the rest of us have to beat them back down, whatever the cost. That's a simple idea, I suppose, but one worth giving everything for."

David Ogden Stiers as Doc Stanton

  • (David Ogden Stiers) "Your face really does seem -- familiar."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Wish I could say the same thing."

Amanda Detmer as Sandra Sinclair

  • (Roland the Intrepid Explorer) "Oh, Emily."
  • (Amanda Detmer) "Oh, Roland."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Oh, s***."

Laurie Holden as Adele

  • (Laurie Holden) "Dad, what is it? Oh my God, did somebody die?"
  • (David Ogden Stiers) "Well -- somewhat the opposite, actually."
  • (Laurie Holden) "I'm trying to make up my own mind, about you being Luke."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Join the club. So what you do think?"
  • (Laurie Holden) "The jury is still out."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Fair enough."
  • (Laurie Holden) "Why?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Because I didn't want to end up like him. I wanted to survive. You stand for a cause, you get mowed down. Look. Look. That's the real world. I want my god**** life back, Adele --"
  • (Laurie Holden) "Do you remember me?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "No, but I'll sure try."
  • (Laurie Holden) "You remember movies but you don't remember your life?"

Gerry Black as Emmett Smith

  • (Irene Terwilliger) "Really, Luke. That's no way to treat Mr. Liszt. Stop that. Stop it, stop it. Who taught you to play like that? I demand to know. Where on earth did you learn to play such a thing?"
  • (Gerry Black) "I taught him that -- when you weren't looking."
  • (Gerry Black) "You found me."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Oh, sorry. I didn't know who was down here."
  • (Gerry Black) "Just me and the dog."
  • (Jim Carrey) "What's his name?"
  • (Gerry Black) "Dog."
  • (Gerry Black) "Luke, something's wrong. Harry missed the reel change."
  • (Jim Carrey) "What?"
  • (Gerry Black) "Harry missed the reel change."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Harry?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Harry. Jesus."
  • (Jim Carrey) "Go get Doc."
  • (Gerry Black) "Doc. Doc. Harry's in trouble. Come quick."
  • (Martin Landau) "Oh, no. No."
  • (Jim Carrey) "What, Harry? What?"
  • (Martin Landau) "I missed the damn reel change."
  • (Jim Carrey) "It's all right. You just lay still. Doc's on his way. I'm here."

Hal Holbrook as Congressman Doyle

  • (Hal Holbrook) "Are you asking this committe to believe that you attended the meeting of a communist organization because of a girl?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "Yes, sir -- I'm sure that even a majority counselor like yourself has familiar with the concept of impressing a girl."

Bob Balaban as Elvin Clyde

  • (Bob Balaban) "Who did you go as?"
  • (Jim Carrey) "A horny young man."

Karl Bury as Bob Leffert

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