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The Mask of Fu Manchu Quotes

The Mask of Fu Manchu is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Mask of Fu Manchu stopped airing in 1970.

It features Tony Gaudio as head of cinematography.

The Mask of Fu Manchu is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Mask of Fu Manchu is 68 minutes long. The Mask of Fu Manchu is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Lawrence Grant as Sir Lionel Barton, Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu, Myrna Loy as Fah Lo See, Lewis Stone as Nayland Smith, Karen Morley as Sheila, Jean Hersholt as Von Berg, Charles Starrett as Terrence Granville, David Torrence as McLeod, and Boris Karloff as Goy Lo Sung - Fu Manchu Messenger.

The Mask of Fu Manchu Quotes

Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu

  • (Boris Karloff) "You've read about this, Barton: the torture of the bell: it never stops. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day. Seems harmless, doesn't it? Just a bell ringing. But the percussion and the repercussion of sound against your eardrums will soften and destroy them until the sound is magnified a thousand times."
  • (Boris Karloff) "You can't move. You can't sleep. You will be frantic with thirst. You will be unspeakably foul. But here you will lie, day after day, until you tell."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Why, my dear Sir Nayland Smith, I will show the sword myself; just before I dispatch you to your cold, sacred, Christian paradise."
  • (Boris Karloff) "You can't fool Fu Manchu."
  • (Charles Starrett) "That's the sword we found in the tomb."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Lies. You cursed son of a white dog. I'll flail you for this."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Would you have maidens like this for your wives?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Then conquer and breed. Kill the white man and take his women."
  • (Boris Karloff) "See that he is quite comfortable -- for the present."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Silence. It is my pleasure to show you how I entertain my guests."
  • (Boris Karloff) "You, Miss Barton, will be taken to the Room of the Golden Peacock, where you will be prepared as a sacrifice to our gods."
  • (Boris Karloff) "And you? You, my dear doctor, will follow my slaves to the Room of the Slim Silver Fingers, where I am sure you will be more than comfortable."
  • (Boris Karloff) "And at sunrise tomorrow, as my chieftains are assembled in the temple below, you two, and your compatriot, Sir Nayland Smith, will have the pleasure of entering your Christian heaven together. It will be your honor to be the first white martyrs to perish at the hands of the new Genghis Kahn. I congratulate you."
  • (Boris Karloff) "This serum, distilled from dragon's blood, my own blood, the organs of different reptiles, and mixed with the magic brew of the sacred seven herbs, will temporarily change you into the living instrument of my will. You will do as I command."
  • (Boris Karloff) "I have brought you here for great tidings. I am the most unfortunate of men. I have no son to follow me. Therefore, in shame, I ask you to receive a message from my ugly and insignificant daughter. Speak, my daughter."
  • (Myrna Loy) "I have seen a vision, the prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Genghis Khan, masked in his plate of gold, bearing the scimitar that none but he could ever wield, comes back to us. I've seen a vision of countless hordes swarming to recapture the world. I've seen them victorious. I've heard the shouts of the dead and the dying drowned by the victorious cries of our people. Genghis Khan comes back. Genghis Khan leads the East against the world."

Myrna Loy as Fah Lo See

  • (Myrna Loy) "Did you send for me, my father?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "My daughter. Explain to this gentleman the rewards that might be his. Point out to him the delights of our lovely country, the promise of our beautiful women. Even my daughter. Even that, for you."
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Fu Manchu, I'm not for sale."
  • (Myrna Loy) "He is not entirely unhandsome, is he, my father?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "For a white man, no."

Lewis Stone as Nayland Smith

  • (Lewis Stone) "Is this a friend of your family's?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "It is not wise to insult your host, Sir Nayland. If it were not the easy way out, I would kill you now."
  • (Lewis Stone) "McLeod and Von Berg have agreed to carry on with the expedition. To face the job of getting to the tomb before Fu Manchu."
  • (Karen Morley) "I'm going with Dr. Von Berg."
  • (Lewis Stone) "Sheila, that's no place for a woman."
  • (Lewis Stone) "I see. Another of your Oriental tricks. In the name of the British Government, I demand the release of his boy."
  • (Boris Karloff) "British Government. I'll wipe them and the whole accursed white race off the face of the earth."
  • (Lewis Stone) "Lionel, the British Government is asking you to risk your life again."
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Oh, very well."
  • (Lewis Stone) "All right, then."
  • (Lewis Stone) "What I really want is a little comfort. A little rest. Pleasant dreams, perhaps."
  • (Boris Karloff) "A-no. No can do. Not for; white man."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Ah, understand."
  • (Lewis Stone) "What do you expect to find in that tomb?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "A record, the golden plate, the threat of Genghis Khan's return, the golden mask he wore, and the famous golden scimitar."
  • (Lewis Stone) "Exactly, of course in your hands these things would be merely interesting archaeological specimens to go into British Museum, but should Fu Manchu put that mask across his wicked eyes and take that scimitar into his bony, cruel hands, all Asia rises. He'll declare himself Genghis Khan come to life again. And that, my friend, is what you have got to prevent. You must find that grave, and you must be the first to find it. And you must bring those pretty things back to England."
  • (Lewis Stone) "You know what I want. I want Terry Granville and I want him alive."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Really?"
  • (Lewis Stone) "Where is he?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "At the moment, he's being entertained by my beautiful daughter."
  • (Lewis Stone) "I want to ask you a very funny question. Do you love your country?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Oh, yes. All through the War and the Depression and the high taxes and the low rent. I shall never love another."

Lawrence Grant as Sir Lionel Barton

  • (Lawrence Grant) "I want you to understand the truth. From the moment we start, we're in grave danger. There's a fanatic in the East: Dr. Fu Manchu. And we have to beat him."
  • (Jean Hersholt) "A Chinaman beat me? He couldn't do it."
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Thanks, old friend."
  • (Lawrence Grant) "You're Fu Manchu, aren't you?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "I am a doctor of philosophy from Edinburgh, I am a doctor of law from Christ College, I am a doctor of medicine from Harvard. My friends, out of courtesy, call me doctor."
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Oh, I beg your pardon. Well, three times doctor, what do you want of me."
  • (Boris Karloff) "I have sent for you to make your fortune. What good are these relics of a dead warrior to you?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Oh, our English people like to look at them on holidays."
  • (Boris Karloff) "Are they worth a million pounds to you?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "My dear fellow, I can't sell what I haven't got."
  • (Boris Karloff) "But you will tell me where they are for money, I mean?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "Not for anything in the world."

Karen Morley as Sheila

  • (Karen Morley) "Terrence?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "It seems my daughter has conceived a romantic interest in this young man. She's having him taken to the laboratory to await further injections of that interesting serum; which, as you may have noticed, will make him her more than willing slave. Until, of course, she tires of him."
  • (Karen Morley) "You yellow beast."
  • (Karen Morley) "You hideous yellow monster. You've got your cursed sword and mask. What more can you want of us? Do you want to destroy us all?"
  • (Boris Karloff) "Yes. This is only the beginning. I will wipe out your whole accursed white race."

Charles Starrett as Terrence Granville

  • (Charles Starrett) "Nayland, we're done in. We're exhausted. We can't go tonight. Why, think of Sheila."
  • (Lewis Stone) "She's the one I am thinking of. You suppose for a moment Fu Manchu doesn't know we have a beautiful white girl here with us? He wants the sword and mask. Suppose he takes them? Suppose he takes Sheila also?"
  • (Charles Starrett) "I hadn't thought of that."
  • (Lewis Stone) "We're in the enemies country now and a wise enemy."
  • (Charles Starrett) "Do you really think he knows about Sheila?"
  • (Lewis Stone) "He knows everything. He knows every move me make. His spies are all around us. I can't even trust our own coolies."

Jean Hersholt as Von Berg

  • (Jean Hersholt) "Much more of this and I won't have no hands left."
  • (Charles Starrett) "Why, we haven't even started doctor. Just wait until we get in the tomb and start to dig out the jolly old skeleton himself."
  • (David Torrence) "We be lucky at that, Von Berg. We haven't been bothered by any curious Chinaman."
  • (Charles Starrett) "Quite right, Mac."

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