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The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) Quotes

The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Masque of the Red Death ended in 1970.

It features Roger Corman as producer, Dave Lee (Jazz musician) in charge of musical score, and Nicolas Roeg as head of cinematography.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) is 90 minutes long. The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) is distributed by American International Pictures (US).

The cast includes: Vincent Price as Prospero, Jane Asher as Francesca, Paul Whitsun-Jones as Scarlatti, Hazel Court as Juliana, Patrick Magee as Alfredo, Skip Martin as Hop Toad, David Weston as Gino, and David Davies as Lead Villager.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964 film) Quotes

Vincent Price as Prospero

  • (Vincent Price) "There is no other God. Satan killed him."
  • (Vincent Price) "Somewhere in the human mind, my dear Francesca, lies the key to our existance. My ancestors tried to find it. And to open the door that separates us from our Creator."
  • (Jane Asher) "But you need no doors to find God. If you believe --"
  • (Vincent Price) "Believe? If you believe you are gullible. Can you look around this world and believe in the goodness of a god who rules it? Famine, Pestilence, War, Disease and Death. They rule this world."
  • (Jane Asher) "There is also love and life and hope."
  • (Vincent Price) "Very little hope I assure you. No. If a god of love and life ever did exist -- he is long since dead. Someone -- something, rules in his place."
  • (Vincent Price) "The Red Death is laying waste to the countryside."
  • (Paul Whitsun-Jones) "The Red Death? I beg you, Prospero, sanctuary."
  • (Vincent Price) "This is no church."
  • (Vincent Price) "That cross you wear around your neck; is it only a decoration, or are you a true Christian believer?"
  • (Jane Asher) "Yes, I believe; truly."
  • (Vincent Price) "Then I want you to remove it at once. And never to wear it within this castle again."
  • (Vincent Price) "These, all of my friends -- I promised them safety."
  • (Man in red) "You presumed too much."
  • (Vincent Price) "I know, I know, but it does make a fine jest -- the kind of jest that would amuse Satan."
  • (Man in red) "Would it?"
  • (Vincent Price) "How like a worm you are. Be one."
  • (Vincent Price) "I should like to see your face."
  • (Man in red) "There is no face of death -- until the moment of your own death."
  • (Vincent Price) "Do you know how a falcon is trained, my dear? Her eyes are sewn shut. Blinded temporarily, she suffers the whims of her God patiently, until her will is submerged and she learns to serve; as your God taught and blinded you with crosses."
  • (Man in red) "I have no title. Why do you call me "Excellency"?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Well, I thought that as the ambassador of Satan --"
  • (Man in red) "He is not my master. Death has no master."
  • (Vincent Price) "I see you no longer turn away from the cruelties of life."
  • (Jane Asher) "I no longer care. My life is done."
  • (Jane Asher) "What's left I give to you tonight."
  • (Vincent Price) "Your Excellency -- this girl"
  • (Vincent Price) "-- in all my life, I've never met one who's faith rivalled mine. Spare her to me."
  • (Man in red) "A charitible request -- a rare thing with you, Prospero."
  • (Vincent Price) "The way is not easy, I know, but I will take you by the hand and lead you through the cruel light into the velvet darkness."
  • (Vincent Price) "I'm not corrupting, Alfredo, no -- instructing."
  • (Man in red) "Is my costume such a disguise that you don't recogbnize me?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Your voice, it's familiar. Dottore Bernelli, that's who you are. Bernelli, you dog, thinking --"
  • (Vincent Price) "You're not Bernelli."
  • (Man in red) "No. The doctor dances in the White Room -- but I passesd close by him."

Jane Asher as Francesca

  • (Jane Asher) "Juliana, thank God, I thought -- don't know."
  • (Jane Asher) "What's that?"
  • (Hazel Court) "Satan's mark."
  • (Jane Asher) "Prospero did THAT to you?"
  • (Hazel Court) "No, I did it to myself. Marks me as one of Satan's handmaidens."
  • (Jane Asher) "You had me take off my cross because it offended --"
  • (Vincent Price) "It offended no one. My Master and his followers look about with open eyes. No, it simply appeared to me to be discourteous -- to wear the symbol of a deity long dead."
  • (Jane Asher) "Juliana betrayed us."
  • (Vincent Price) "She betrayed ME."
  • (Jane Asher) "Is there anything to fear in that room?"
  • (Vincent Price) "For the uninvited, there is much to fear."
  • (Jane Asher) "Prince Prospero let me go with him."
  • (Vincent Price) "You?"
  • (Jane Asher) "Please."
  • (Vincent Price) "You, oh no my dear I couldn't bear to think of -- No"
  • (Vincent Price) "you will go to your rooms now and prepare for the masque, you will not appear in your costumes until -- midnight."
  • (Vincent Price) "Why do you follow me?"
  • (Jane Asher) "Bring Gino back and I will do whatever you wish."
  • (Vincent Price) "You would destroy yourself for him?"
  • (Jane Asher) "Yes."
  • (Vincent Price) "You almost cause me to doubt."
  • (Hazel Court) "Prospero, my prince I'm ready"
  • (Hazel Court) "."
  • (Jane Asher) "Forgive them."
  • (Vincent Price) "Forgive them? If my hound bites my hand after I have fed and caressed him, should I allow him to go undisciplined?"

David Weston as Gino

  • (David Weston) "My God -- my God."
  • (Man in red) "Who is -- your God?"
  • (David Weston) "The true one."
  • (Man in red) "Yes --"
  • (David Weston) "I'm afraid. I'm afraid."
  • (Man in red) "I give you a sign."
  • (David Weston) "What does it mean?"
  • (Man in red) "Mankind."

Hazel Court as Juliana

  • (Hazel Court) "My master -- Satan."
  • (Hazel Court) "Prospero? Prospero?"
  • (Hazel Court) "I am betrothed -- of the devil. And I have seen the terrors."
  • (Vincent Price) "Not all of them."
  • (Hazel Court) "I have survived my own sacrifice."
  • (Vincent Price) "There is more."
  • (Hazel Court) "And I'm stronger in the devil's favor than you are."
  • (Hazel Court) "Together on earth -- we shall live as man and wife -- and when he calls us, you shall be saved -- and I, still, your wife."
  • (Hazel Court) "I have tasted the beauties of terror."
  • (Vincent Price) "Hush. Listen. The passing of time -- the beating of a heart -- the footsteps of an assassin -- destiny."
  • (Hazel Court) "Gino, my father where are they?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Modesty but no humility, why do you hide yourself?"
  • (Jane Asher) "It's not right that you should look at me."
  • (Vincent Price) "That cross you wear around your neck is it only a decoration or are you a true christian believer?"
  • (Jane Asher) "Yes I believe truly."
  • (Vincent Price) "Then I want you to remove it at once and never to wear it within this castle again."
  • (Vincent Price) "."
  • (Hazel Court) "This peasant girl is she always to be bathed in my bedroom?"
  • (Vincent Price) "We'll find you another room Juliana, meanwhile you will dress the Lady Francesca in one of your finest gowns."
  • (Hazel Court) "I don't --"
  • (Vincent Price) "Later you can instruct her in the ways of the court."
  • (Jane Asher) "Please my father."
  • (Vincent Price) "Your father -- oh yes your father and your lover are being quartered in a warm and safe place, now I must go and join my guests."
  • (Hazel Court) "You may think that you have impressed the Prince Prospero, but you can count on little help from me."
  • (Jane Asher) "You will do as he told you."
  • (Hazel Court) "Yes as we all must do."
  • (Jane Asher) "I will do what I must to save my men, but if they are killed I will die and so will Prince Prospero."
  • (Hazel Court) "Prince Prospero, why do you roam the late night corridors?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Sleep eludes me."
  • (Hazel Court) "You have disturbing thoughts?"
  • (Vincent Price) "And you Juliana what keeps you awake?"
  • (Hazel Court) "I think my thoughts dwell on the same subject as yours, the peasant girl."
  • (Vincent Price) "She has a perfect faith."
  • (Hazel Court) "So do I, in you and in what you believe, I've been an eager student but I've held back from the final cerimonies, and now I'm ready to join you at the invocation."
  • (Vincent Price) "How truly realistic women are, finally you are ready to dare the most terrible rites and incantations to secure your position here.I wonder if she is ready to dare as much if anything for the sake of love."

Paul Whitsun-Jones as Scarlatti

  • (Paul Whitsun-Jones) "Sir, at least spare my wife. I give her to you to do what you please."
  • (Vincent Price) "I've already had that doubtful pleasure."

Patrick Magee as Alfredo

  • (Patrick Magee) "Let me speak to you about the, uh, "anatomy of terror.""
  • (Vincent Price) "Terror? What would you know of terror, Alfredo? Your senses are much too blunt. What is "terror?" Come."
  • (Vincent Price) "Silence."
  • (Vincent Price) "Listen. Is it to awaken and hear the passing of time? Or is it the failing beat of your own heart? Or the footsteps of someone who, just a moment before, was in your room? But let us not dwell on terror. The knowledge of terror is vouchsafed only to the precious few."
  • (Patrick Magee) "Wherever did you find her?"
  • (Vincent Price) "Pretty toy isn't she?"
  • (Patrick Magee) "I wonder --"
  • (Vincent Price) "I'm sure you do, Alfredo. I'm sure you wonder about every woman in my household -- everyone with the appearance of innocence, that is."
  • (Patrick Magee) "I will set you to tortures unimagined."
  • (Skip Martin) "You have already tortured -- by your cruelty to my Esmeralda."
  • (Patrick Magee) "You promised me entertainment, I never expected this. Have such eyes seen sin?"
  • (Vincent Price) "They will."

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