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The Mommies (TV series) Quotes

The Mommies is a Situation comedy that first aired in 1993 on NBC. The Mommies completed its run in 1995.

The Mommies lasted 2 seasons and 38 episodes. It features Rick Newberger as producer, Steve Dorff as composer, and Darryl Palagi as head of cinematography. The Mommies is executive produced by Terry Grossman. The Mommies is created by Terry Grossman.

The Mommies is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Mommies is 30 minutes long. The Mommies is produced by Speer-Grossman Productions and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Caryl Kristensen as Caryl Kellogg, Julia Duffy as Barb Ballantine, Marilyn Kentz as Marilyn Larson, Shiloh Strong as Adam Larson, Jennifer Blanc as Tiffany, Ashley Peldon as Kasey Larson, and Ryan Merriman as Blake Kellogg.

The Mommies Quotes

Shiloh Strong as Adam Larson

  • (Shiloh Strong) "Paul and Caryl just got out of their minivan."
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "This is so exciting. Have they done the paternity test yet?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "We were all sort of figuring Paul was the father."
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "That's so convenient, I mean he already lives here."
  • (Julia Duffy) "Such a pretty face."
  • (Shiloh Strong) "May I take your order please?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Yes, I'd like one Double Dougal, two half Dougals, one with cheese. A double cheeseburger special meal with a diet cola. Two regular fries, an apple pie, two small colas, and chocolate shake."
  • (Shiloh Strong) "May I take your order please?"
  • (Ashley Peldon) "Allow me, I'd like one Double Dougal, two half Dougals, one with cheese. A double cheeseburger special meal with a diet cola. Two regular fries, an apple pie, two small colas, and chocolate shake."
  • (Shiloh Strong) "Would you like something to drink with that?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "What kind of person hires a moron like that?"

Caryl Kristensen as Caryl Kellogg

  • (Caryl Kristensen) "What's with the balloons? It's not one of my kids' birthday is it?"
  • (Julia Duffy) "No, time to roll out the cul-de-sac welcome wagon. We have new neighbors moving into the old Wagner house."
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Oh, man, the Wagners. Now that was a great divorce."
  • (Caryl Kristensen) "You knew the end was near when he and his secretary started taking Lamaze classes together."
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Well, his wife was no angel herself. Remember every Friday the pool man would come over exactly at 3:00?"
  • (Caryl Kristensen) "that's right. In those tight, tight shorts on that even tighter butt? What ever happened to him?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "He hurt his back giving her horsey rides in the deep end."
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "See, you're lucky. Your kitchen window faces north. Me, all I ever get to see is old man Kelly hiding whiskey bottles in his koi pond."
  • (Julia Duffy) "Ladies, ladies, must you diminish yourselves with idle gossip?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Sure."
  • (Caryl Kristensen) "It's fun."
  • (Julia Duffy) "It's an invasion of privacy. And so often the facts are wrong. For instance, Mr. Kelly isn't hiding whiskey bottles, it's vodka. And they're not koi, they're goldfish. It's a common mistake. And as for the Wagners, he wasn't having an affair with his secretary, it was his receptionist. And as far as Mrs. Wagner and the pool man, yes, she was doing him."

Jennifer Blanc as Tiffany

  • (Jennifer Blanc) "I called AAA for you."
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "What did they say?"
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "That you taken the first step by admitting you have a problem."
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Tiffany, I don't have a drinking problem."
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "That's what they said you'd say."
  • (Shiloh Strong) "I'll call. Kasey, want to see what they put in the fish sandwiches?"
  • (Ashley Peldon) "Isn't it fish?"
  • (Shiloh Strong) "Ha ha ha ha."
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "How about some strong black coffee?"
  • (Marilyn Kentz) "Sure."
  • (Jennifer Blanc) "Would you like fries with that?"

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