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The Narrow Corner (film) Quotes

The Narrow Corner (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Narrow Corner stopped airing in 1970.

It features Hal B. Wallis as producer, Bernhard Kaun in charge of musical score, and Tony Gaudio as head of cinematography.

The Narrow Corner (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Narrow Corner (film) is 69 minutes long. The Narrow Corner (film) is distributed by Warner Brothers.

The cast includes: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Fred Blake, Arthur Hohl as Captain Nichols, Dudley Digges as Doctor Saunders, Patricia Ellis as Louise Frith, Ralph Bellamy as Eric Whittenson, William V. Mong as Jack Swan, and Reginald Owen as Mr. Frith.

The Narrow Corner (film) Quotes

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Fred Blake

  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "I want life to be fair. I want life to be brave and honest. I'm not willing to stand by while the good are punished and the wicked go scott free. I want all men to be descent. Surely, that's not asking too much."
  • (Dudley Digges) "I don't know. It's asking more than life can give. Remember the words of Disraeli, Youth is a blunder, Maturity is struggle, and Old Age are a grit."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "I'll wait."
  • (Arthur Hohl) "Why? This is Kim Ching's store. Good beer. I could do with a swallow. Blimy, if it ain't a white man?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Who are you?"
  • (Patricia Ellis) "Where did you come from?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "You're beautiful."
  • (Patricia Ellis) "And you're English."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "What if they should call?"
  • (Patricia Ellis) "Tell them, tell them I've gone to bed. It's quiet and dark in my room. And I can think."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "I don't know what it all means. Why am I here? Where am I going?"
  • (Dudley Digges) "My dear boy, men have been asking those questions since they stopped throwing coconuts at each other in the primeval forests and picked up a glimmer of intelligence."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Don't you believe in anything?"
  • (Dudley Digges) "Nothing except myself and my experience. The world consist of me, my thoughts and my feelings. Everything else is mere fancy."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Where do you want to go Doctor?"
  • (Dudley Digges) "Oh, any Dutch island where I can get a ship to take me on my way."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Alright. I suppose that will be better than being cooped up only with a belching idiot."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Where'd you learn to dance like that?"
  • (Patricia Ellis) "I followed you, that's all."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Why can't you leave me alone."
  • (Patricia Ellis) "I don't know. Something bigger than I am. We can't help ourselves any more than we can help the wind or the sea."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Resignation. The refuge of the beaten. Well, keep your resignation, I don't want it. I'm not willing to accept evil and ugliness and injustice. If life means that every thing I believe in is to be trampled on, then to the devil with life."

Ralph Bellamy as Eric Whittenson

  • (Ralph Bellamy) "I don't mind waiting. When you love anyone as I love Louise, a few months or a year, don't matter."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "You love her like that?"
  • (Ralph Bellamy) "Yes. Of course, you've only just seen her. You don't realize how beautiful she really is. And there's something else in her, too. Like a wathe, not quite at home in the haunts of men. It's so beautiful that I almost regret that she can't always keep it."
  • (Dudley Digges) "Why shouldn't she?"
  • (Ralph Bellamy) "I feel she'll lose it when she becomes a wife and a mother. It's the soul of her that's so beautiful."
  • (Dudley Digges) "Don't be silly."
  • (Ralph Bellamy) "Why is it silly? It makes me ashamed that I won't got to her as pure as she'll come to me."
  • (Dudley Digges) "My dear boy, the most valuable thing I've learned from life is to regret nothing. Life is short. Nature is hostile and man is ridiculous."
  • (Ralph Bellamy) "Hello."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Who's that?"
  • (Patricia Ellis) "Oh, that's only Eric."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Eric? Oh, well, perhaps I ought to go."
  • (Patricia Ellis) "Why?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) "Well, a fellow doesn't like to see his girl talking to another fellow with no clothes on, does he."
  • (Patricia Ellis) "Is that what they think in Australia?"

Arthur Hohl as Captain Nichols

  • (Arthur Hohl) "I'd much rather look like a crook, than like a fool."
  • (Arthur Hohl) "This is Kim Ching's ain't it?"
  • (Dudley Digges) "Yes."
  • (Arthur Hohl) "I ain't seen him in donkey's years. I thought I'd come in and have chin-wag with him."

Dudley Digges as Doctor Saunders

  • (Dudley Digges) "Youth. You're just a stranger in this world, yet. Presently you will learn to do without what you cannot get and make the most of what you can. A little common sense. A little tolerance. A little good humor. And you can make yourself very comfortable on this planet."

Reginald Owen as Mr. Frith

  • (Reginald Owen) "Never mind, Swan, you've only torn up a few dozen sheets of paper. They were merely an illusion. It would be foolish to give them a second thought. The reality of the poem remains. That is indestructible."

William V. Mong as Jack Swan

  • (William V. Mong) "I spent seven years in New Guinea, I did. I speak every language that is ever spoke in New Guinea. Go up there and ask anybody."
  • (Arthur Hohl) "Don't talk to me about New Guinea. There was a chief there wanted me to marry one of his black daughters, he did. If I'd a had any sense, I'd stayed there and been king of the cannibal islands."

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