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The Night of the Hunter (film) Quotes

The Night of the Hunter (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Night of the Hunter stopped airing in 1970.

It features Paul Gregory (producer) as producer, Walter Schumann in charge of musical score, and Stanley Cortez as head of cinematography.

The Night of the Hunter (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Night of the Hunter (film) is 92 minutes long. The Night of the Hunter (film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Lillian Gish as Rachel Cooper, Billy Chapin as John Harper, Shelley Winters as Willa Harper, Evelyn Varden as Icey Spoon, Peter Graves as Ben Harper, Sally Jane Bruce as Pearl Harper, and James Gleason as Birdie Steptoe.

The Night of the Hunter (film) Quotes

Lillian Gish as Rachel Cooper

  • (Lillian Gish) "It's a hard world for little things."
  • (Lillian Gish) "John; ain't you going to say hello to your pa?"
  • (Billy Chapin) "He's not my pa."
  • (Lillian Gish) "No, and he ain't no preacher neither."
  • (Lillian Gish) "They abide, and they endure."
  • (Lillian Gish) "You know, when you're little, you have more endurance than God is ever to grant you again. Children are man at his strongest. They abide."
  • (Lillian Gish) "Women are such durn fools."
  • (Lillian Gish) "Lord save little children. The wind blows, and the rains are cold. Yet they abide."
  • (Lillian Gish) "She'll be losing her mind to a tricky mouth and a full moon, and like as not, I'll be saddled with the consequences."
  • (Lillian Gish) "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit. Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits, ye shall know them."
  • (Lillian Gish) "Child -- You were looking for love, Ruby, in the only foolish way you knew how."
  • (Lillian Gish) "Where's your Mrs?"
  • (Rev. Harry Powell) "Uh, she run off with a drummer -- durin' prayer meetin'."
  • (Lillian Gish) "I'm a strong tree with branches for many birds. I'm good for something in this world and I know it too."
  • (Lillian Gish) "Women is fools. All."

James Gleason as Birdie Steptoe

  • (James Gleason) "Man of my age needs a little snort in the morning, heat the boilers."

Evelyn Varden as Icey Spoon

  • (Evelyn Varden) "What could have possessed that girl?"
  • (Rev. Harry Powell) "Satan."
  • (Evelyn Varden) "Ah."
  • (Evelyn Varden) "A husband's one piece of store goods you never know 'til you get it home and take the paper off."
  • (Evelyn Varden) "A woman's a fool to marry for that. That's somethin' for a man. The Good Lord never meant for a decent woman to want that. Not really want it. It's all just a fake and a pipe dream."

Shelley Winters as Willa Harper

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Peter Graves as Ben Harper

  • (Peter Graves) "What religion do you profess, preacher?"
  • (Rev. Harry Powell) "The religion the Almighty and me worked out betwixt us."
  • (Peter Graves) "I got tired of seein' children roamin' the woodlands without food, children roamin' the highways in this here Depression, children sleepin' in old abandoned car bodies in junk heaps. And I promised myself that I'd never see the day when my young-uns had want."

Sally Jane Bruce as Pearl Harper

  • (Rev. Harry Powell) "Now just tell me. Where's the money hid?"
  • (Sally Jane Bruce) "But I swore I promised John I wouldn't tell."
  • (Rev. Harry Powell) "John doesn't matter. Can't I get that through your head, you poor, silly, disgusting little wretch."
  • (Sally Jane Bruce) "Once upon a time there was a pretty fly, he had a pretty wife, this pretty fly. But one day she flew away, flew away. She had two pretty children, but one night these two pretty children flew away, flew away, into the sky, into the moon."

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