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The Nines Quotes

The Nines is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Nines ended in 1970.

It features Dan Jinks as producer, Alex Wurman in charge of musical score, and Nancy Schreiber as head of cinematography.

The Nines is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Nines is 99 minutes long. The Nines is distributed by Destination Films.

The cast includes: Melissa McCarthy as Margaret, Melissa McCarthy as Gary, Octavia Spencer as Streetwalker, Elle Fanning as Noelle, and Melissa McCarthy as Mary.

The Nines Quotes

Melissa McCarthy as Margaret

  • (Sarah) "When I was a little girl, our house caught on fire."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Oh s***."
  • (Sarah) "I'll never forget the look on my father's face as he gathered me up in his arms and raced through the burning building and out onto the pavement. I stood there shivering in my pajamas and watched the whole world go up in flames. And when it was over, I said to myself "is that all there is to a fire?""
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Are you saying I'm God?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Technically, no. If God is a ten, a theoretical ultimate, that-which-no-greater-can-be-imagined, you're more of a nine."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "So what are you?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Humans are sevens. Monkeys are sixes."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "What are the eights?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Koalas. They're telepathic. Plus, they control the weather."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "What's important is that you, you're the big cheese. El Supremo. You could destroy the world with a single thought."
  • (Gabriel) "I guess I'm more worried about the human factor. You guys kill each other a lot."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "In fairness it's usually in your name. Plus, we've gotten much more efficient at it."
  • (Gabriel) "I like this world. I like my life here with you and Noelle."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "It's not real. I'm not really your wife. You're not really my husband. On some level it's all pretend. How many versions were there?"
  • (Gabriel) "Ninety. This is the last one."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Wow."
  • (Gabriel) "I've destroyed billions of people with a thought, and you like to think that it's painless?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Stop. You don't have to explain or apologize. Everything that is is because of you. And if that's all there is, that's enough."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I'll be coming by twice a day to check up on you. I should be the only person coming by. No pals, no buddies, no heroin dealers."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I don't do heroin."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Yeah, crack is classy. Hmmm. But I'm not buying you porn. There's pay-per-view or cable."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Great, because I really wasn't concerned about my career, family, or future. I just wanted to jerk off."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I'm a fan of yours, you know. Your number one fan. But if you f*** this up, I'll smash your ankles with a sledgehammer."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I know who you are."
  • (Sarah) "Really."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I know what you are. If you come near him again --"
  • (Sarah) "You'll what? What are you going to do about it? Hmmm? Sorry, what's he calling you?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Margaret."
  • (Sarah) "I like that. Margaret. Classic."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Why don't you just leave him alone?"
  • (Sarah) "Alone? He can't be left alone; he's an actor. If no one's watching him, he doesn't really exist. And for the record, I'm not the one deceiving him. He'll figure it out eventually, and when he does who do you think he's going to blame?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Hey, do you sell crack?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "No, it's cool. I only play a cop on TV."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Okay, just so it's said, this house IS flammable."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I didn't mean to burn down my house."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Yeah, and I didn't mean to eat my way into a 10-year shame spiral, but I did. And it's healthier to acknowledge it."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Good night, buttface."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Good night, you filthy whore."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "This is all a dream?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "No."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I'm in a coma?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "No."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I'm dead? This is hell or purgatorium or something?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Okay, purgatorium is where Romans vomited, but no, this is as real as anything can be."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "What does that mean?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Everything is what it is. You're not who you think you are."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "It's incredible."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Whenever I see them, it's like -- damn --"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "I was born at the wrong time."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Hey, is this crack? Do you know how to do it?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "You're not going to understand this yet, but we've known each other for like twenty-five years. One day when I was twelve, you called me out of the blue and we've been talking ever since."
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "Talking?"
  • (Melissa McCarthy) "On the phone, usually."

Octavia Spencer as Streetwalker

  • (Gavin) "I'm not going to be your f***ing puppet."
  • (Octavia Spencer) "Are you alright?"
  • (Gavin) "Yeah, I'm fine."
  • (Octavia Spencer) "Who are you talking to?"
  • (Sierra) "You're a crackhead, G. Thing is, this planet and these people are your drug of choice. It wasn't that hard to make a universe. At first, you just checked in every once in a while, see how the Neanderthals were doing, move a couple of continents around. But then you got more into it. You started playing a couple of characters of your own. Slaves, kings, messiah, priest. Soon, you were playing 24/7."
  • (Gabriel) "How long have I been --"
  • (Sierra) "You've been gone for four thousand years. Not that time means the same for us."
  • (Gabriel) "You came looking for me."
  • (Sierra) "That's what a girl does."
  • (Gabriel) "Why now?"
  • (Octavia Spencer) "Because you forgot who you were."
  • (Agitated Man) "You forgot this wasn't real."
  • (Sierra) "We couldn't just storm in on a fiery chariot. It was your universe. We had to play by your rules. We had to show you how limited and corrupt your little world was. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, it's cozy. But do you remember where you came from? Do you remember where you came from?"
  • (Gabriel) "It was warm and white, like --"
  • (Agitated Man) "You can't describe it with human words."
  • (Octavia Spencer) "You can't think it with human thoughts."

Elle Fanning as Noelle

  • (Elle Fanning) "He's not coming back."

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