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The Party (2017 film) Quotes

The Party (2017 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Party stopped airing in 1970.

It features Kurban Kassam, and Christopher Sheppard as producer, and Aleksei Rodionov as head of cinematography.

The Party (2017 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Party (2017 film) is 71 minutes long. The Party (2017 film) is distributed by Picturehouse Entertainment.

The cast includes: Emily Mortimer as Jinny, Patricia Clarkson as April, Kristin Scott Thomas as Janet, Cillian Murphy as Tom, Timothy Spall as Bill, Bruno Ganz as Gottfried, and Cherry Jones as Martha.

The Party (2017 film) Quotes

Cherry Jones as Martha

  • (Cherry Jones) "I too am frequently described by internet trolls as an embarrassment, or worse. Much worse, actually. Is it a crime to be an embarrassment?"
  • (Cherry Jones) "April, really. I am a professor. Specializing in domestic labour gender differentiation in American utopianism."
  • (Cherry Jones) "Where is Janet?"
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "Doing a Thatcher. Proving she can still rustle up a canape in the kitchen when necessary, despite her political prowess."
  • (Cherry Jones) "I guess we're going to be a collective. Just when I got used to the idea of us being a couple."
  • (Emily Mortimer) "Martha. We're going to be a family."

Patricia Clarkson as April

  • (Patricia Clarkson) "The beautiful Marianne, queen of spin and that ridiculously handsome husband of hers. Too bad he's a wanker banker with a mysterious ability to make millions out of other's misfortune."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "You mean you'll be her boss?"
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "Well, I don't actually use that word, but yes, I suppose so."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "So she'll be your underling, taking copious notes while plotting how to take your place some time."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "Look, if Dennis Thatcher and Prince Philip could trail behind their female leaders without complaint, then so can Bill."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "Gottfried and I are seperating. This is our last supper."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "Babies, excuse me Jinny, Martha, babies get born every day in extremely large numbers to the point of endangering the planet and all our futures. It's not every day, however, that one of us becomes a minister. In your entirely rotten and useless opposition party."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "Please tell me you're not meditating, Gottfried. Pull yourself together."

Kristin Scott Thomas as Janet

  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "It's not fake. It's just sometimes you have to pretend. In order to win."
  • (Kristin Scott Thomas) "You told me you loved me. Me. Traitor."

Timothy Spall as Bill

  • (Timothy Spall) "She wants love; and ideas, you see, Tom: not money and business; such a, such an intelligent, such a passionate, such a sensitive woman, such a; rational woman --"
  • (Bruno Ganz) "Love is a very powerful force"
  • (Timothy Spall) "Yes, yes, and I'm Bill, I think. Well, I used to be."

Cillian Murphy as Tom

  • (Cillian Murphy) "Oh, here we go: you f***ing English intellectuals. You think you're so superior, huh: even you need money, Bill. Money bought the house, not f***ing ideas."
  • (Timothy Spall) "NOT dirty money --"
  • (Cillian Murphy) "No money is clean; Bill. It all comes through the system and into your pocket; into your grubby little pocket."
  • (Timothy Spall) "It's real money: cash, Tom: you trade in fictional profits, stolen from worker's hard earned paycheck funds."
  • (Cillian Murphy) "Stolen?"
  • (Cillian Murphy) "From the mouth of the man who stole my wife."

Bruno Ganz as Gottfried

  • (Bruno Ganz) "It's good that this is all coming out, very good. But now I think you need to protect yourself from so much negative female energy."
  • (Bruno Ganz) "I believe it's better to hit a cushion than to eat herself."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "She wants to smash his face in, not ruin her soft furnishings."

Emily Mortimer as Jinny

  • (Emily Mortimer) "IVF is practically a miracle."
  • (Patricia Clarkson) "And I thought it was a procedure involving a Petri dish."
  • (Emily Mortimer) "I don't think. It might ruin everything. It usually does."

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