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The People Under the Stairs Quotes

The People Under the Stairs is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The People Under the Stairs ended in 1970.

It features Stuart M. Besser as producer, Don Peake in charge of musical score, and Sandi Sissel as head of cinematography.

The People Under the Stairs is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The People Under the Stairs is 102 minutes long. The People Under the Stairs is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Ving Rhames as Leroy, Brandon Quintin Adams as Fool, Sean Whalen as Roach, A. J. Langer as Alice, Everett McGill as Man, Wendy Robie as Woman, and Bill Cobbs as Grandpa Booker.

The People Under the Stairs Quotes

Wendy Robie as Woman

  • (Unnamed) "My name is Ruby Williams and I represent the association of people who have been unjustly evicted, exploited and generally f***ed over."
  • (Wendy Robie) "What?"
  • (Unnamed) "You and your brother are landlords of over 50 buildings in this city, ALL of which you've allowed to deteriorate into rat infested hellholes while you guys get rich charging ridiculous rents. THEN, you evict anyone the minute they can't pay rent so you can tear down their homes and build some more office buildings, isn't that about right?"
  • (Wendy Robie) "Get off my property."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Just want to finish saying our piece, ma'am."
  • (Unnamed) "Not only are you bad landlords but 10 times worse. You've stolen all the children from our community for your own sick needs."
  • (Wendy Robie) "There's no community here, all I see are a couple of ni --"
  • (First man) "Ruby, right here."
  • (First woman) "Got that right."
  • (Second woman) "We busted your ass, bitch."
  • (Unnamed) "What're you gonna do, shoot us all?"
  • (Wendy Robie) "I don't want to see another cop or cookie in my life. I don't know which one makes me sicker."
  • (Wendy Robie) "You viper in my bosom. You little Judas."
  • (Everett McGill) "What are we gonna do with 'em, Mommy?"
  • (Wendy Robie) "It is time to clean house. Total -- spring -- cleaning."
  • (Wendy Robie) "Then she can burn in hell. Both of them."
  • (Wendy Robie) "How dare he come into our happy home."
  • (Everett McGill) "He came back to get Alice. You should have let me kill her."
  • (Wendy Robie) "You stay away from Alice."
  • (Everett McGill) "She did it with him. I know it."
  • (Wendy Robie) "Not my little girl."
  • (Everett McGill) "She's a whore."
  • (Unnamed) "What're you gonna do, shoot us all?"
  • (Wendy Robie) "You'll do."
  • (A. J. Langer) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Damn, she knocked that bitch cold."
  • (Second man) "Look at her, what they doing to her in there?"
  • (Wendy Robie) "What's a mother to do? Lazy brat sits in her room all day, sewing dolls. Children misbehaving in the basement. And one in the wall, doing his business God knows where. You kids will be the death of me -- the death of me."
  • (Wendy Robie) "You didn't lick this, did you?"

Everett McGill as Man

  • (Everett McGill) "Burn in hell for gettin' free, and burn in hell for showin' the way."
  • (Everett McGill) "Kiss your ass goodbye, boy."

Brandon Quintin Adams as Fool

  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Hey."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "You shoot me, and you die too, man. And you better believe it. Don't be crazy now. There's enough dynamite back there to blow you sky high. Not the best place to store it, in my opinion. But there it was. Now just put the gun down."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Put the gun down. I don't wanna kill you, but I will 'cuz I don't like you much anyway."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "I'm tired of f***ing around. So either put the gun down now, or kiss your ass goodbye, boy."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Listen Alice, they're not your real parents."
  • (A. J. Langer) "What?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "They're not. They're not even husband and wife. They stole you, like they did Roach and all the others. They're a bunch of rotten baby snatchers."
  • (A. J. Langer) "You're just saying that --"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "My grandfather Booker told me. He wouldn't lie to me."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "My name is Fool. What's yours?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "Alice."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Don't be scared. You never seen a brother before?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "Never had a brother."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "No, I mean a black dude. There's black folks in this neighborhood."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Neighborhood?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "The neighborhood. You know, outside."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Well, that's outside, not in here."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "So you get outside, don't you?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "You sayin' never?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "Can't get out. No one ever has."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Well, I'm gonna get out. I'm a whole other thing."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "No wonder there's no money in the ghetto."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "They've got padlocks on the outside of the house too --"
  • (Ving Rhames) "Padlocks on the outside ?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Thanks."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "He doesn't talk much, does he?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "His tongue's cut out."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Mommy caught him trying to call for help one day, and Daddy had to teach him to --"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Speak no evil, right?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Your father's one sick mother, you know that? Actually, your mother's one sick mother, too."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Shhh. You're speaking evil. They'd kill you if they heard a word you just said."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Well I don't want in, I want out."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Sometimes in is out."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "How did Spenser get past her? She's got X-Ray eyeballs."

A. J. Langer as Alice

  • (A. J. Langer) "People have tried."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "You mean, the people in the cellar?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Who are they?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "Mommy and Daddy looked a long time to find the perfect boy child, but each one they found turned out bad. Some saw things they weren't supposed to, others heard too much, others talked back. Daddy cut out the bad parts, and put the boys in the cellar, one by one. They get flashlights and food of some kind. I suppose they're happy in their own way."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Yeah right. What about you? How come they haven't put you in the cellar?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "I do not see, or hear, or speak evil. It's the only way."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "What is that?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "What?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "That yelling. What is that?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "Well, that's Roach."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Roach?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "That's who Daddy's hunting. See, Daddy hates Roach because he got out of the cellar and into the walls, and now Daddy can't find him."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Roach is my friend."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Roach? I'm Poindexter."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Everybody calls me Fool."
  • (Sean Whalen) "Foo?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "You sure got the names, huh?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "This Leroy? You did this? Why you make these?"
  • (A. J. Langer) "To hold the souls of burglars when they died. Or salesmen, workmen, other people who saw too much."
  • (A. J. Langer) "Go to hell."
  • (A. J. Langer) "He said he killed you."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "He was exaggerating."

Ving Rhames as Leroy

  • (Ving Rhames) "You seen Spencer?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "I seen Spencer, alright."
  • (Ving Rhames) "You find anything?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Something found him. He's dead, Leroy. I think scared to death."
  • (Ving Rhames) "Y-you sure?"
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "You thought he was white before, you should see that sucker now."
  • (Ving Rhames) "He came at me like an airplane or something."
  • (Ving Rhames) "Nice to see the rich folks' got rats too."

Bill Cobbs as Grandpa Booker

  • (Bill Cobbs) "Meanwhile, you be careful. That brother and sister act you mess with are evil, plain and simple."
  • (Brandon Quintin Adams) "Wait a minute, brother and sister?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Brother and sister. Tailend of the craziest family you ever heard of. Every generation more insane than the one before it. Started out as a family running a funeral home, selling cheap coffins for expensive prices. Then they got their fingers into real estate, started making a lot of money taking over people's homes. The more money they got, the greedier they got. The greedier they got, the crazier they got. All sorts of rumors about what's going on in that place. Never proved it because the police never took it serious. But believe me, when I was a kid, none of us ever walked past that house."

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