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The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) Quotes

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . The Perks of Being a Wallflower ended in 1970.

It features Plain list, * Lianne Halfon; Russell Smith (producer); John Malkovich as producer, Michael Brook in charge of musical score, and Andrew Dunn (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) is 103 minutes long. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) is distributed by Summit Entertainment.

The cast includes: Logan Lerman as Charlie, Emma Watson as Sam, Ezra Miller as Patrick, Nina Dobrev as Candace, Tom Savini as Mr. Callahan, Joan Cusack as Dr. Burton, Mae Whitman as Mary Elizabeth, Johnny Simmons as Brad, and Zane Holtz as Chris.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film) Quotes

Logan Lerman as Charlie

  • (Logan Lerman) "Did you have fun on your break?"
  • (Bill) "More fun than you're gonna have today, Sinatra."
  • (Bill) "You know, I heard you had a tough time last year. But they say if you make one friend on your first day you're doing okay."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Thank you, sir, but if my English teacher is the only friend I make today, that would be sorta depressing."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Well, I have one thousand three hundred and eighty-four days to go. Just so I say it to someone, high school is even worse than middle school."
  • (Logan Lerman) "I think The Smiths are my favorite."
  • (Emma Watson) "Are you kidding? I love The Smiths. Best break up band ever. What's your favorite song?"
  • (Logan Lerman) ""Asleep"."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Touch my friends again and I'll blind you."
  • (Logan Lerman) "I don't know if I will have the time to write any more letters because I might be too busy trying to participate. So if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn't know what I was talking about or know someone who's gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don't happen. And there are people who forget what it's like to be 16 when they turn 17. I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. We'll all become somebody's mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you're listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Dear Friend, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while, but I've been trying hard not to be a loser."
  • (Logan Lerman) "I know who you are, Sam. I know I'm quiet -- and, and I know I should speak more. But if you knew the things that were in my head most of the time, you'd know what it really meant. How, how much we're alike, and how we've been through the same things -- and you're not small. You're beautiful."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Dear Friend. I am writing to you because she said you listen and understand and didn't try to sleep with that person at that party even though you could have. Please don't try to figure out who I am. I don't want you to do that. I just need to know that people like you exist. Like if you met me you wouldn't think I was the weird kid who spent time in the hospital. And I wouldn't make you nervous. I hope it's okay for me to think that. You see, I haven't really talked to anyone outside of my family all summer. But tomorrow is my first day of high school ever, and I need to turn things around. So I have a plan. As I enter the school for the first time, I will visualize what it would be like on the last day of my senior year. Unfortunately I counted, and that's one thousand three hundred and eighty-five days."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Are you having a good time?"
  • (Emma Watson) "Not really, how about you?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "I don't know. It's my first date, I don't have much to compare it to."
  • (Logan Lerman) "My doctor said we can't choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there. I know it's not all the answers but it was enough to start putting these pieces together."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Patrick never likes to be serious, so it took me a while to get what happened. When he was a junior, Patrick started seeing Brad on the weekends in secret. I guess it was hard, too, because Brad had to get drunk every time they fooled around. Then Monday in school Brad would say, 'Man, I was so wasted. I don't remember a thing.' This went on for seven months. When they finally did it Brad said he loved Patrick and then he started to cry. No matter what Patrick did, Brad kept saying that his dad would kill him and saying he was going to hell. Patrick was eventually able to help Brad get sober. I asked Patrick if he felt sad that he still had to keep it a secret, and he said no. Because at least now Brad doesn't have to get drunk to love him."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Candice, I killed Aunt Helen, didn't I? She died getting my birthday present, so I guess I killed her, right? I tried to stop thinking that, but I can't. She keeps driving away and dying and I can't stop her. Am I crazy, Candace?"
  • (Nina Dobrev) "Call the police and send them to my house."
  • (Nina Dobrev) "No, Charlie, listen to me. Mom and Dad are going to be home with Chris any second."
  • (Logan Lerman) "What if I wanted her to die, Candace?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Dad, can I have 30 dollars?"
  • (Father) "20 dollars? What do you need 10 dollars for?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "So, you're not scared of me?"
  • (Emma Watson) "No."
  • (Logan Lerman) "So, can we be friends again?"
  • (Emma Watson) "Of course."
  • (Emma Watson) "C'mon. Lets go be psychos together."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Sam, do you think if people knew how crazy you really were, no one would ever talk to you?"
  • (Emma Watson) "All the time."
  • (Logan Lerman) "If my Aunt Helen were still here, I could talk to her. And I know she would understand how I am both happy and sad, and I'm still trying to figure out how could that be."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Mr. Anderson? Can I ask you something?"
  • (Bill) "Yeah."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?"
  • (Bill) "Are we talking about anyone specific?"
  • (Bill) "Well, we accept the love we think we deserve."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Can we make them know that they deserve more?"
  • (Bill) "We can try."
  • (Logan Lerman) "There is so much pain. And I-I-I don't know how to not notice it."
  • (Joan Cusack) "What's hurting you?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "No, not -- not me. It's them. It's -- it's everyone. It never stops. Do you understand?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Mary Elizabeth is a really nice person underneath the part of her that hates everyone."
  • (Logan Lerman) "My aunt had the same thing done to her too, and she turned her life around."
  • (Emma Watson) "She must have been great."
  • (Logan Lerman) "She was my favorite person in the world. Until now."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Hey, Patrick."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Hey. You're in my shop class, right? How's your clock coming?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "My dad's building it for me."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Yeah. Mine looks like a boat. You wanna sit over here or are you waiting for your friends?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "No, no, no I'll sit."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Thanks for not calling me Nothing, by the way. It's an endless nightmare. And these assholes, they actually think they're being original."

Ezra Miller as Patrick

  • (Linebacker) "Hey, Nothing."
  • (Nose Tackle) "Hey, Nothing."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Let it go. Jesus. It's an antique joke. It's over."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Can Charlie come out and play?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "Why can't you save anybody?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "I don't know."
  • (Ezra Miller) "My life is officially an after school special."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Hey, everyone. Every body. Everyone, raise your glasses to Charlie."
  • (Logan Lerman) "What did I do?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "You didn't do anything. We just want to toast to our new friend. You see things and you understand. You're a wallflower."
  • (Ezra Miller) "What is it? What's wrong?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "I didn't think anyone noticed me."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Well we didn't think there was anyone cool left to meet. So come on everyone. To Charlie."
  • (Twin Girl) "Hey, Nothing."
  • (Twin Girl) "Hey, Nothing."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Oh, suck it virginity pledges. Suck it."
  • (Ezra Miller) "C minus, ladies and gentlemen. I am below average."
  • (Emma Watson) "Below average."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Below average."
  • (Ezra Miller) "My turn. Let's see. Let's think -- Charlie."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Truth."
  • (Ezra Miller) "How's your first relationship going?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "It's so bad, that I keep fantasizing that one of us is dying of cancer, so that I don't have to break up with her."
  • (Ezra Miller) "I'll tell you Sam, this one is tough. I have received a harmonica, a magnetic poetry set, a book about Harvey Milk, and a mix tape with the song Asleep on it twice. I mean, I have no idea. This collection of presents is so gay that I think I must have given them to myself. Despite that distinct possibility, I'm going to have to go with -- drum roll -- Charlie. Obviously."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Are you baked?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Like a cake. That's what Bob said."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Oh, that's f***ed up."
  • (Ezra Miller) "This is Charlie's first party ever. So I expect nice, meaningful, heartfelt blow jobs, from both of you."
  • (Ezra Miller) "How is it that you've got meaner since becoming a buddhist?"
  • (Mae Whitman) "Just lucky, I guess."
  • (Ezra Miller) "No, you're doing something wrong, I think."
  • (Ezra Miller) "What?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "I feel infinite."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Hey, Sam."
  • (Emma Watson) "Question. Could the bathrooms here be anymore disgusting?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "Yes, they call it the men's room."
  • (Emma Watson) "So, I finally got a hold of Bob."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Party tonight?"
  • (Emma Watson) "He's still trying to shag that waitress from the Olive Garden."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Ugh, he's never tossing that salad."
  • (Ezra Miller) "I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room on the lips. And notice I charitably said girl and not person because let's face it, I'd smoke all you bitches."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Be aggressive. Passive aggressive."
  • (Ezra Miller) "There's this one guy, queer as a 3 dollar bill. The guy's father doesn't know about his son. So, he comes into the basement one night when he's supposed to be out of town. Catches his son with another boy, so he starts beating him. But not like the slap kind, the real kind. And the boyfriend says, "Stop. You're killing him." But the son just yells, "Get out." And, eventually, the boyfriend just -- did."

Emma Watson as Sam

  • (Emma Watson) "How do you feel, Charlie?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "I just really want a milkshake."
  • (Emma Watson) "Oh my God. They're playing good music."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Holy s***. Holy s***. They are, they're playing good music."
  • (Emma Watson) "You can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love."
  • (Emma Watson) "Charlie, I know that you know I like Craig. But I want to forget about that for a minute, okay?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Okay."
  • (Emma Watson) "I just want to make sure that the first person who kisses you loves you. Okay?"
  • (Emma Watson) "I love you, Charlie."
  • (Logan Lerman) "I love you, too."
  • (Emma Watson) "You can't just sit there and put everybody's life ahead of yours and think that count as love."
  • (Emma Watson) "Patrick?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "Yeah?"
  • (Emma Watson) "Who's this?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "This is --"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Charlie -- Kelmeckis."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Kelmeckis. No s***. Your sister's dating Ponytail Derek, isn't she?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Is that what they call him?"
  • (Emma Watson) "Would you leave Ponytail Derek alone? You put the ass in class, Patrick."
  • (Ezra Miller) "I try. Sam, I try."
  • (Emma Watson) "It's nice to meet you, Charlie. I'm Sam."
  • (Emma Watson) "Welcome to the island of misfit toys."

Mae Whitman as Mary Elizabeth

  • (Mae Whitman) "Charlie, Charlie, what do you think about high school?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "High school? Bulls***. The cafeteria is called the Nutrition Center; people wear their letter jackets even when it's 98 degrees out. And why do they give out letter jackets to marching band? It's not a sport. We all know it."
  • (Mae Whitman) "This kid is crazy."
  • (Logan Lerman) "Mary Elizabeth, I think you're really gonna regret that, you know"
  • (Logan Lerman) "haircut when you look back at old photographs. I'm really sorry. That sounded like a compliment in my head."
  • (Mae Whitman) "Alright guys, I got multiple pairs of blue jeans. Wow, this is a really tough one but I'm gonna have to guess Alice. Wait. Guys, a receipt. She actually paid. I'm so touched."
  • (Mae Whitman) "Wait a second, there's only Secret Santa presents. There's rules."
  • (Ezra Miller) "Mary Elizabeth, why are you trying to EAT Christmas?"

Tom Savini as Mr. Callahan

  • (Tom Savini) "You've gotta be kidding me."
  • (Ezra Miller) "If you fail me, you get me next semester."
  • (Tom Savini) "Nothing, why don't you read first?"
  • (Ezra Miller) "Alright, Chapter 1: Surviving your fascist shop teacher who needs to put kids down to feel big. Oh wow. This is useful guys, we should read on."

Zane Holtz as Chris

  • (Zane Holtz) "How are you feeling, Charlie?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Good."
  • (Zane Holtz) "No, you know what I mean. Is it bad tonight?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "No, no. I'm not picturing things anymore. Or if I do I can just shut it off."
  • (Zane Holtz) "Well, you know, Mom did say that you have good friends now. And maybe if it does get bad again, you can just talk to them. Yeah?"
  • (Logan Lerman) "Yeah. Especially Sam. She's great."

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