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The Players Club Quotes

The Players Club is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Players Club ended in 1970.

It features Patricia Charbonnet as producer, Frank Fitzpatrick in charge of musical score, and Malik Hassan Sayeed as head of cinematography.

The Players Club is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Players Club is 104 minutes long. The Players Club is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: LisaRaye as Diamond, Monica Calhoun as Ebony, Adele Givens as Tricks, Jamie Foxx as Blue, Ice Cube as Reggie, Chrystale Wilson as Ronnie, and Larry McCoy as St. Louis.

The Players Club Quotes

LisaRaye as Diamond

  • (LisaRaye) "I loved The Players Club for offering women a way to reach their goals in life. But I also hated The Players Club for all the girls it destroyed in the process."
  • (LisaRaye) "It's bitches like you who make it harder for women like me."
  • (LisaRaye) "Make the money, don't let it make you."

Jamie Foxx as Blue

  • (Jamie Foxx) "Comin' to the stage now is a woman who's been in the game since Kunta Kente was big ballin' and shot callin'. They say tricks are for kids and she got four of them mother f***ers. Let's give it up for 'Trix'."
  • (Jamie Foxx) "I just don't understand exactly why you're charging me twenty percent interest on the money that you loaned me, when you already taking thirty percent out of my check."
  • (Dollar Bill) "Welcome to the strippin' game, partner. Blue, you ain't nothin'. All you do is spin records, that's all you do. Who'd you think you is, DJ Quick? Kid Kapri? Oh, then you must be Jimmie Walker. Blue you ain't nut-zin. You don't deserve nut-zin, you don't get nut-zin. You get what I give you. I got a contract betwinx me and you that say you do what I tell you to do. Therefore, shut the f***, don't say nothin to me, don't even look at me. Tell you what, you better get on up outta my office and outta my face, before you get swole."
  • (Jamie Foxx) "Hey, Bill, I --"
  • (Dollar Bill) "Hay for horses, hay for horses --"
  • (Jamie Foxx) "I didn't try to come up here and cheat you out of --"
  • (Dollar Bill) "Blue, let me tell you somethin'. Blue, if I raise up, gonna be trouble -- trouble, so go walk it off."
  • (Dollar Bill) "Blue, if have to raise out this chair gon' be trouble, trouble."
  • (Jamie Foxx) "Dollar, I ain't tryin' to --"
  • (Dollar Bill) "Now git out my face, before you git swole."

Ice Cube as Reggie

  • (Ice Cube) "Um, tell her -- we realize -- "no means no"."

Larry McCoy as St. Louis

  • (Larry McCoy) "If there's anybody here that don't wanna get murdered,"
  • (Larry McCoy) "get the f*** out."

Monica Calhoun as Ebony

  • (Dollar Bill) "Stripping business started in Africa. Long time ago, long long time ago, white man went to Africa. And he saw all these bootiful black women, walking around, dancing, working, living, in the nude. Bucked Nakeds. You could see their public hairs. This white man went from village to village to seek out these bootiful black women, watching them perform, in the nude. TITTIES. Asses. Free. White man got an idea. He figure he go back to Europe and start the same type of business, taking away from our black women, trying to get them white bithches to dance the same identical way, huh? But to no avail. Wasn't no shame in our black women walking around BUCKED NAKED. So he went over to Europe and tried the same thang. Them white bitches told that white man the must bootiful words you ever want to hear in our profession."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "What did she say?"
  • (Dollar Bill) "Baby, them white bitches looked that white man dead in the eye and told him, "f*** that. Pay me." Ha ha. That's why I get 30 percent."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "When can I start?"
  • (Dollar Bill) "Immedjately."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "You need a bigger size, huh?"
  • (Stripper #1) "It's about time. You took so long I don't even know what I want no 'mo."
  • (Stripper #2) "Girl, I could not put up with your job."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "I couldn't put up with yours either. What club do you all work at?"
  • (Stripper #2) "Club Sugar Daddy."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "Hmm, how do you put up with your job?"
  • (Stripper #1) "Now easy, Miss Thang. We just using what we got to get what we want."
  • (Stripper #2) "Go on, girl."
  • (Monica Calhoun) "Well, if that's all you got, you don't want much."

Chrystale Wilson as Ronnie

  • (Chrystale Wilson) "No balls here, bitch."
  • (LisaRaye) "Could've fooled me."

Adele Givens as Tricks

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