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The Proposition (2005 film) Quotes

The Proposition (2005 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . The Proposition completed its run in 1970.

It features Chris Brown as producer, Nick Cave in charge of musical score, and Benoît Delhomme as head of cinematography.

The Proposition (2005 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of The Proposition (2005 film) is 104 minutes long. The Proposition (2005 film) is distributed by First Look Pictures.

The cast includes: Guy Pearce as Charlie Burns, John Hurt as Jellon Lamb, Robert Morgan as Sergeant Lawrence, Tom Budge as Samuel Stote, Tom E. Lewis as Two Bob, Danny Huston as Arthur Burns, and Richard Wilson as Mike Burns.

The Proposition (2005 film) Quotes

Robert Morgan as Sergeant Lawrence

  • (Unnamed) "I wish to present you with a proposition. I know where Arthur Burns is. It is a God-forsaken place. The blacks won't go there, not the tracks; not even wild men. I suppose, in time, the bounty hunters will get him. But I have other plans, I aim to bring him down; I aim to show that he's a man like any other. I aim to hurt him."
  • (Robert Morgan) "When you're ready, sir --"
  • (Unnamed) "And what will most hurt him? Well I thought long and hard about that, and I've realized Mr. Burns, that I must become more inventive in my methods. But those be my words listen to me now, don't say a word. Now suppose I told there was a way to save your little brother Mikey from the noose. Suppose I gave you a horse, and a gun. Suppose Mr. Burns, I was to give you and your young brother Mikey here a pardon. Suppose I said that I could give you a chance to expunge the guilt, beneath which you so clearly labor. Suppose I gave you 'til Christmas. Now, suppose you tell me what it is I want from you."
  • (Guy Pearce) "You want me to kill me brother."
  • (Unnamed) "I want you to kill your brother."

John Hurt as Jellon Lamb

  • (John Hurt) "Forgive me, sir, but I've been stuck here with no one but this sorry sack of Hibernian pig s*** for conversation. Poor, poor Dan O'Reilly. Sit, sir. Drink with me."
  • (Guy Pearce) "One more crack about the Irish, Mr. Lamb, and I'll shoot you. Am I clear?"
  • (John Hurt) "Oh, as the waters of Ennis, sir. Let us drink, then, to the Irish. No finer race of men have ever -- peeled a potato."
  • (Guy Pearce) "Do you pray, Mr. Lamb?"
  • (John Hurt) "Perhaps you've read "On the Origin of the Species By Means of Natural Selection" by Charles Darwin. Oh, don't be thrown by the title, he had some most fascinating things to say. Chilling things. Mr. Darwin spent time studying Aboriginals. He claims we are, at bottom, one in the same. He infers, Mr. Murphy, that we share a common ancestry with monkeys."
  • (John Hurt) "Monkeys --"
  • (John Hurt) ""We are white men, Sir, not beasts. Oh, he sits up there in those melancholy hills; some say he sleeps in caves like a beast, slumbers deep like the Kraken. The Blacks say that he is a spirit. The Troopers will never catch him. Common force is meaningless, Mr. Murphy, as he squats up there on his impregnable perch. So I wait, Mr. Murphy. I wait."
  • (Guy Pearce) "Aye, you wait. You wait here -- bounty hunter."
  • (John Hurt) "There's night and day brother, both sweet things. Sun and Moon and stars, all sweet things. And quiet, there's a wind on the east. Life is very sweet, brother."
  • (Danny Huston) "Life is very sweet, brother, who wish to die."
  • (John Hurt) "Ah."
  • (Danny Huston) "George Borrow, I believe. A worthy writer, and a beautiful sentiment sir. But you're not my brother."

Guy Pearce as Charlie Burns

  • (Guy Pearce) "They're hanging Mikey come Christmas day."
  • (Danny Huston) "When's Christmas, Charlie?"
  • (Guy Pearce) "Do you pray, Mr. Lamb?"
  • (John Hurt) "Good Lord, son, no, I do not. I was, in days gone by, a believer. But alas, I came to this beleaguered land, and the God in me just... evaporated. Let us change our toast, sir. To the God who has forgotten us."
  • (Unnamed) "Do I need to introduce myself?"
  • (Guy Pearce) "I know who you are."
  • (Unnamed) "Good. I know who you are."
  • (Guy Pearce) "No more."

Danny Huston as Arthur Burns

  • (Danny Huston) "Love. Love is the key. Love and family. For what are night and day, the sun, the moon, the stars without love, and those you love around you? What could be more hollow than to die alone, unloved?"
  • (Danny Huston) "Why can't you ever just -- stop me?"
  • (Danny Huston) "You got me, Charlie. What are you going to do now?"

Tom Budge as Samuel Stote

  • (Tom Budge) "What's a misanthrope, Arthur?"
  • (Tom E. Lewis) "Some bugger who f***in' hates every other bugger."
  • (Tom Budge) "Hey, I didn't ask you, you black bastard"
  • (Danny Huston) "He's right Samuel. A misanthrope is one who hates humanity."
  • (Tom Budge) "Is that what we are, misanthropes?"
  • (Danny Huston) "Good lord no. We're a family."

Tom E. Lewis as Two Bob

  • (Unnamed) "Who the f*** left Danny Boy out in the sun?"
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, Jacko, you lazy bugger, I told you to bury that bastard last night. He stinks worse than you. Jacko."
  • (Tom E. Lewis) "You got the wrong f***in' black man."
  • (Danny Huston) "Slowly now, Sergeant. Put your privates back in your pants and turn around. Come to steal my brother a horse, and we find ourselves a copper."
  • (Unnamed) "You fire that gun, you'll have eight more all over you."
  • (Danny Huston) "Fair enough."
  • (Danny Huston) "Step into the shade, Sergeant. To the back."
  • (Unnamed) "Has Charlie found you, then? Stanley's little mate."
  • (Danny Huston) "Over there, by the straw. That's right. Stay. Lay down, Sergeant."
  • (Unnamed) "I know something you don't know. Your brother's come to kill you. I can help."
  • (Danny Huston) "You can help me? Help your f***ing self."
  • (Danny Huston) ". Help. Your. f***ing. Self. Copper."

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