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The Public Enemy Quotes

The Public Enemy is a television program that first aired in 1970 . The Public Enemy ended in 1970.

It features Darryl F. Zanuck as producer, and Devereaux Jennings as head of cinematography.

The Public Enemy is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Public Enemy is 83 minutes long. The Public Enemy is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Jean Harlow as Gwen Allen, James Cagney as Tom Powers, Mae Clarke as Kitty, Donald Cook as Mike Powers, Murray Kinnell as Putty Nose, and Edward Woods as Matt Doyle.

The Public Enemy Quotes

James Cagney as Tom Powers

  • (James Cagney) "Hey, stoop, that's got gears. It ain't no Ford."
  • (Jane) "Let me fix you another drink, Tommy."
  • (James Cagney) "You mean to say you got any of that stuff left?"
  • (Jane) "Ha-ha-ha. You haven't drank so much."
  • (James Cagney) "Well, I can drink it as long as you can pour it."
  • (James Cagney) "Why that dirty, no good, yellow-bellied stool. I'm gonna give it to him right in the head the first time I see him."
  • (James Cagney) "How goes it babe? Going south?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Yes. But, I'm not accustomed with riding with -- eh -- strangers."
  • (James Cagney) "We're not going to be strangers."
  • (James Cagney) "I'm going to hit the hay."
  • (Jane) "I thought you'd like a little nightcap, Tommy. You don't need to feel ashamed in front of me Tommy. Here, let me help you."
  • (James Cagney) "I don't need any help."
  • (Jane) "Be a good boy and sit down. I'll take your shoes off too. I want to do things for you, Tommy. You don't think I'm old, do you Tommy?"
  • (James Cagney) "No."
  • (Jane) "You like me, don't you Tommy?"
  • (James Cagney) "Sure -- What's the idea?"
  • (Jane) "Just a good night kiss for a fine boy."
  • (Jane) "In your hat."
  • (James Cagney) "-- I ain't so tough."
  • (Jane) "Breakfast is all ready, Tommy."
  • (James Cagney) "I ain't hungry. Pour me some coffee, will you, and make it black."
  • (Jane) "You aren't sorry are you?"
  • (James Cagney) "Sorry? Sorry about what?"
  • (Jane) "For last night."
  • (James Cagney) "What do you mean? For getting drunk?"
  • (Jane) "Aren't you the little play actor."
  • (James Cagney) "Wait a minute -- Do you mean that -- Why you --"
  • (James Cagney) "That sister of yours ain't getting any bargain in Mike."
  • (James Cagney) "So beer ain't good enough for you, huh?"
  • (Donald Cook) "Do you think I care if there was just beer in that keg? I know what's in it. I know what you've been doing all this time, how you got those clothes and those new cars. You've been telling Ma that you've gone into politics, that you're on the city payroll. Pat Burke told me everything. You murderers. There's not only beer in that jug. There's beer and blood; blood of men."
  • (James Cagney) "You ain't changed a bit."
  • (James Cagney) "Besides, your hands ain't so clean. You killed and liked it. You didn't get them medals for holding hands with them Germans."
  • (James Cagney) "Ain't you got a drink in the house?"
  • (Mae Clarke) "Well, not before breakfast, dear."
  • (James Cagney) "-- I didn't ask you for any lip. I asked you if you had a drink."
  • (Mae Clarke) "I know Tom, but I, I wish that --"
  • (James Cagney) "-- there you go with that wishin' stuff again. I wish you was a wishing well. So that I could tie a bucket to ya and sink ya."
  • (Mae Clarke) "Well, maybe you've found someone you like better."

Murray Kinnell as Putty Nose

  • (Murray Kinnell) "Are you alone?"
  • (James Cagney) "I'm always alone when I'm with Matt."
  • (Murray Kinnell) "We ain't sore are you Tom? I've always been your friend."
  • (James Cagney) "Sure, you taught us how to cheat, steal and kill. And then you lambed out on us."
  • (Edward Woods) "Yeh, if it hadn't been for you we might have been on the level."
  • (James Cagney) "Sure. We might have been ding-dings on a streetcar. Come on --"

Edward Woods as Matt Doyle

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Jean Harlow as Gwen Allen

  • (Jean Harlow) "You are different, Tommy. Very different. And I've discovered it isn't only a difference in manner and outward appearances. It's a difference in basic character. The men I know; and I've known dozens of them; oh, they're so nice, so polished, so considerate. Most women like that type. I guess they're afraid of the other kind. I thought I was too, but you're so strong. You don't give, you take. Oh, Tommy, I could love you to death."

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