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The Purple Monster Strikes Quotes

The Purple Monster Strikes is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Purple Monster Strikes ended its run in 1970.

It features Ronald Davidson as producer, and Bud Thackery as head of cinematography.

The Purple Monster Strikes is distributed by Republic Pictures.

The cast includes: James Craven as Dr. Cyrus Layton, and Roy Barcroft as Purple Monster.

The Purple Monster Strikes Quotes

James Craven as Dr. Cyrus Layton

  • (James Craven) "Why, who are you?"
  • (Roy Barcroft) "My name would mean nothing to you. I've come from the planet which people on Earth call Mars."
  • (James Craven) "From Mars? But you speak our language."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "I speak all languages. Many years ago, my people invented and perfected a remarkable instrument known as the distance eliminator. With the aid of this device, I've been able to see and hear everything that happens on Earth."
  • (James Craven) "I'm highly flattered, sir. I was afraid that my humble efforts might seem childish to a scientist from Mars."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "On the contrary, this is just what I need. Your launching rocket is far superior to ours, and the anti-gravity device, which assures a safe landing, is superb. Are there other copies of the plans?"
  • (James Craven) "No, this is the only copy. My project is backed by the Scientific Research Foundation. We've tried to keep it more or less a secret until we're ready to let the public know."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "That is a very wise precaution."
  • (James Craven) "This is really the greatest day of my life."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "Unfortunately for you, Doctor, it is also the last day of your life."

Roy Barcroft as Purple Monster

  • (Roy Barcroft) "You are Dr. Cyrus Layton. We've watched the progress of your work and have come to you for help. My own projectile, you see, has no provision for a return journey. I am anxious to see the plans for your jet plane."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "I am not mad. The invasion has only been delayed because of our inability to build ships that could safely land and return to Mars. Your plans have supplied that need."
  • (James Craven) "Then you landed in the wrong country, my friend. Do you think the American people will sit by and do nothing while you build a jet plane for the purpose of bringing in an army of conquest?"
  • (Roy Barcroft) "Yes; because they won't know I'm building it. I intend to build it in the personality of Dr. Cyrus Layton. You see, I have the ability to kill you, enter your body and use it for my own purposes."

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