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The Ringer (2005 film) Quotes

The Ringer (2005 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Ringer ended its run in 1970.

It features plain list, *John Jacobs (producer); Farrelly brothers as producer, Mark Mothersbaugh in charge of musical score, and Mark Irwin as head of cinematography.

The Ringer (2005 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Ringer (2005 film) is 94 minutes long. The Ringer (2005 film) is distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The cast includes: Geoffrey Arend as Winston, Edward Barbanell as Billy, Leonard Earl Howze as Mark, Johnny Knoxville as Steve Barker, Jed Rees as Glen, Katherine Heigl as Lynn Sheridan, Bill Chott as Thomas, John Taylor as Rudy, Brian Cox as Gary, Leonard Flowers as Jimmy, and Luis Avalos as Stavi.

The Ringer (2005 film) Quotes

Bill Chott as Thomas

  • (Bill Chott) "What a cockblock."
  • (Bill Chott) "JIMMY. Can I have you're autograph?"
  • (Leonard Flowers) "Get it off eBay."
  • (Bill Chott) "Who is eBay?"
  • (Bill Chott) "Should I wear my top up"
  • (Bill Chott) "-- or down"
  • (Bill Chott) "-- or up"
  • (Bill Chott) "-- or possibly -- tucked in"
  • (Bill Chott) "I don't want her to know that I like her, I -- did you know Christ was a Jew?"
  • (Bill Chott) "This is my doberman candy."
  • (Bill Chott) "I would definitely bring protection."
  • (Bill Chott) "Goodbye, Hooker Lady."

Jed Rees as Glen

  • (Jed Rees) "Next time we should go Danish; split it 60/60."
  • (Katherine Heigl) "You mean 50/50."
  • (Jed Rees) "What, you don't believe in tipping?"
  • (Jed Rees) "Hey. Guess how many fingers i have."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Uhh, 10?"
  • (Jed Rees) "No. I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. Ha Ha Ha."

Leonard Earl Howze as Mark

  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "I've seen better acting on porno"
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "Why'd you scratch his C D?"
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Jeffy just admiring it."
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "Do it again and you'll be admiring my butt from the pavement with a straw."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "-- What?"
  • (Leonard Earl Howze) "You heard me."

Brian Cox as Gary

  • (Brian Cox) "We need to come up with a slogan. You know, like "Life is like a box of chocolates.", or "Take my hands, boss." like that monster tard off of "Green Mile.""

Johnny Knoxville as Steve Barker

  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Jeffy just doesn't know what's happening to his body --"
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "What's in that?"
  • (Jed Rees) "Milk, eggs, and meat."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "What kind of meat?"
  • (Jed Rees) "Raw meat."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Peter's another name for weaner."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "My name is Lance, and I like nuts."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Can I have a slice of your doody?"
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "I can count to potato"
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Can I have a hug?"

Edward Barbanell as Billy

  • (Edward Barbanell) "Thomas, get me some water. My throat is parched."
  • (Bill Chott) "Do you want tap or Evian?"
  • (Edward Barbanell) "I don't know. Surprise me."
  • (Edward Barbanell) "You scratched my CD. You picked it up in pure daylight and you scratched it."
  • (Edward Barbanell) "Oh my-lanta."
  • (Edward Barbanell) "SCRATCH. SCRAAAAAAAAATCH. Oh my stars of the love of Liza. You scratch my C-D."

Katherine Heigl as Lynn Sheridan

  • (Katherine Heigl) "Go away, asshole."
  • (Edward Barbanell) "Lynn said A hole with S's."

Geoffrey Arend as Winston

  • (Geoffrey Arend) "Hey steve, ask me any movie."
  • (Johnny Knoxville) "Okay, hmm -- "Jaws""
  • (Geoffrey Arend) "That's a good movie."
  • (David Patrick) "We stopped off for ice cream."
  • (Geoffrey Arend) "When the f*** did we get ice cream?"

John Taylor as Rudy

  • (John Taylor) "Smooth moove, Ajax."

Luis Avalos as Stavi

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