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The Same Boat Quotes

The Same Boat is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The Same Boat ended its run in 1970.

The Same Boat Quotes

  • (Paula) "When's the last time anyone checked this place?"
  • (Michelle) "It was fine a month ago."
  • (Molly) "Sweetie, that was a month ago, s*** hardens quick. The guns have gone bye-bye, the food's gone bye-bye, and we got growlers up an down the halls."
  • (Donnie) "You lost your balls, Paula. You should've shot her in the head so they could hear her die."
  • (Paula) "If you could just shut up, I'll solve this."
  • (Donnie) "Then make the deal or we go in."
  • (Molly) "She said shut up, so shut it. You should be glad she doesn't have a sack of gonads to trip over."
  • (Paula) "I was a secretary before. I fetched coffee for my boss and made him feel good about himself. I spent most of my days reading stupid inspirational e-mails to feel good about myself. There was this one that kept going around. A young woman was having a hard time and told her mom she wanted to give up, so her mom went to the kitchen and started boiling three pots of water. She put a carrot in one, an egg in another, and ground coffee beans in the last one. After they had boiled a while, her mom said, 'Look, all three things went through the same boiling water. The carrot went in strong and came out soft. The egg was fragile and came out hard. But the coffee beans changed the water itself.' You're supposed to want to be the coffee beans. See, to me, coffee was just a thing that my boss would drink up. No matter how many times I refilled his damn cup, it was just never enough. I was at work when the Army took over DC. We weren't allowed to leave. They had to evacuate all the important people first; members of Congress, government employees. So I was stuck with my boss. Not my family; My husband, my four girls -- My boss was weak and stupid and he was going to die and he was going to take me down, too. He was the first person I killed so that I could live. I stopped counting when I hit double digits. That's around the time I stopped feeling bad about it."
  • (Carol Peletier) "You have to listen to me, please. Rick is a man of his word. He wouldn't put me and Maggie at risk to attack."
  • (Paula) "Then he's just as stupid as you are."
  • (Maggie Greene) "They need our help."
  • (Carol Peletier) "You are staying here."
  • (Paula) "Omega, Omega, Saviors down. Go to Gamma code, 'fire'. Alpha channel is not clear. We follow the protocol. Where the hell are you guys?"
  • (Paula) "What do you think you know about Negan?"
  • (Carol Peletier) "He sounded like a maniac. We were scared. We had to stop him."
  • (Molly) "Sweetie, sweetie. We are all Negan."
  • (Paula) "What are you so afraid of? Are you actually afraid to die? All this and you're afraid of getting your ticket punched."
  • (Carol Peletier) "It doesn't matter what happens to me. Just don't hurt Maggie. Don't hurt the baby."
  • (Paula) "You're some kind of stupid, getting knocked up at a time like this."
  • (Paula) "You think that's funny?"
  • (Maggie Greene) "When was it ever smart to get knocked up?"
  • (Paula) "I want to kill you both right now. It's taking all I have not to, so go ahead, I dare you, try something. Just see what happens."
  • (Michelle) "Look at you. Bitch, how did you make it this far?"
  • (Molly) "Honey, you need to take some yoga breaths and calm your ass down."
  • (Molly) "You're one of those."
  • (Rick Grimes) "Was Negan in that building last night, or was he here?"
  • (Primo) "Both. I'm Negan, s***head. Now, there's a whole world of fun we can talk about, so let's have a chat."
  • (Rick Grimes) "I'm sorry it had to come to this."
  • (Michelle) "You're not the good guys. You should know that."
  • (Carol Peletier) "You're the one who's afraid to die. And you're going to. You will die. It's what's gonna happen if you don't work this out."
  • (Paula) "Are you going to kill me?"
  • (Carol Peletier) "I hope not."
  • (Paula) "I don't care if your old man used to ring your bell. I see exactly who you are, Carol. I know. You're pathetic. You wanna think we're just the same. Go ahead. You're wrong. He's just a warm body for my bed. That's it. I could kill him in his sleep."
  • (Paula) "I'm still me, but better. I lost everything and it made me stronger."
  • (Carol Peletier) "You sure about that?"
  • (Paula) "I'm alive."
  • (Carol Peletier) "With those people, those killers."
  • (Paula) "Your people are killers, Carol. That makes you a killer."
  • (Paula) "Do you really believe in that crap?"
  • (Carol Peletier) "My faith got me through the death of my daughter."
  • (Paula) "Hmm. Well, the good news is maybe you'll see her again soon."
  • (Carol Peletier) "The baby."
  • (Molly) "Honey, in case you haven't noticed, you've got bigger problems than a little secondhand smoke."
  • (Michelle) "Molls."
  • (Molly) "Y'all are worse than a bunch of evangelical second graders."
  • (Molly) "Eat s*** and die, Donnie."
  • (Molly) "Where are ya, Magnolia? I wanna bloody up that nice --"
  • (Molly) "He got you good, kid."
  • (Paula) "He's in pain. Guys can't handle pain."
  • (Michelle) "Smug prick. He must think we're stupid."
  • (Paula) "That's a good thing."
  • (Maggie Greene) "They're dead. They're all dead, the ones who took us. They're all dead."
  • (Glenn Rhee) "Hey, are you okay?"
  • (Maggie Greene) "I can't -- I can't anymore."
  • (Paula) "You're wondering if there's a way out of this. There isn't. Not unless I say so."
  • (Maggie Greene) "Women used to just die in childbirth. And they always thought the world was gonna end. Living through it, why would you just give up?"
  • (Paula) "But are you going to live through it? Anyway, that's cute. Babies are the point. Children are our future. Making bite-sized snacks for the dead. The point is to stay standing."
  • (Maggie Greene) "No. Walkers do that. I'm choosing something."
  • (Maggie Greene) "I'm not planning to die today."
  • (Michelle) "Yeah, me neither. Thing is, one of us is wrong."

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