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The Sandlot 2 Quotes

The Sandlot 2 is a television program that first aired in 1970 . The Sandlot 2 ended its run in 1970.

It features David Bixler as producer, Laura Karpman in charge of musical score, and David Pelletier as head of cinematography.

The Sandlot 2 is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Sandlot 2 is 97 minutes long. The Sandlot 2 is distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Brett Kelly as Mac McKing, Reece Thompson as Singleton, James Willson as Johnnie Smalls, Samantha Burton as Hayley Goodfairer, David Mickey Evans as Narrator, McKenzie Freemantle as Jenny, Jessica King as Penny, Barbara Kottmeier as Hot Young Lady, Teryl Rothery as Mrs. Goodfairer, Cole Evan Weiss as Saul, and Steve Garvey as Little League Coach.

The Sandlot 2 Quotes

Teryl Rothery as Mrs. Goodfairer

  • (Teryl Rothery) "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle."

Samantha Burton as Hayley Goodfairer

  • (Samantha Burton) "Earth to boy."

Reece Thompson as Singleton

  • (Reece Thompson) "Yeah, well, you play like a girl."
  • (Samantha Burton) "Excuse me?"

Brett Kelly as Mac McKing

  • (Brett Kelly) "If they were boys, we could beat 'em up."
  • (Unnamed) "Well they ain't and we can't."
  • (Brett Kelly) "You're a fart-sniffing, road-apple-chewing, scab-licking female dog."
  • (Reece Thompson) "Well, you --"
  • (Brett Kelly) "I ain't done yet. You're ugly, your mama dresses you funny, you stink like toe fungus and you ride the short school bus."
  • (Brett Kelly) "Wow. What's that? Up there that speck."
  • (Cole Evan Weiss) "It's not a UFO, meathead."
  • (Cole Evan Weiss) "Wait; Is it?"
  • (Samantha Burton) "It looks exactly like; Johnny, please. Please. Tell me you didn't send up my dad's rocket."
  • (James Willson) "It was an accident. I swear."
  • (Brett Kelly) "Do you know what that looks like?"
  • (McKenzie Freemantle) "We see it, Mac, now shut up."
  • (Brett Kelly) "Did you guys hear that?"
  • (Jessica King) "We heard it, Mac, now hut up."

David Mickey Evans as Narrator

  • (David Mickey Evans) "We were out of ideas and I was dead meat. Untill Mac had an epiphany, which, since it was such a girlie word, he didn't have many of."
  • (David Mickey Evans) "David and Haylie went on through high school. then they went their seperate ways. Ten years later, they met again, but just as they first met, David was too scared to talk, so haylie did the talking for him."
  • (David Mickey Evans) "She said, "You're supposed to say will you marry me." And so he did."

James Willson as Johnnie Smalls

  • (James Willson) "I'm really sorry, Hayley. I'll be sure to take all the blame."
  • (Samantha Burton) "Can I ask you somethin'?"
  • (James Willson) "Sure, I guess."
  • (Samantha Burton) "It's just"
  • (Samantha Burton) "where's David? I thought he'd come back. Cuz, you know, I thought he"
  • (Samantha Burton) "nevermind. Forget it. It's stupid."
  • (James Willson) "It's not stupid. He does."
  • (Samantha Burton) "Does what?"
  • (James Willson) "Likes you."
  • (Samantha Burton) "He does?"
  • (James Willson) "Duh."
  • (Samantha Burton) "But, he never said."
  • (James Willson) "Boys don't do that. Did you ever tell him?"
  • (Samantha Burton) "Could you tell him for me?"
  • (James Willson) "Why?"
  • (Samantha Burton) "Cuz he's like the fastest boy I've ever seen and I just thought"
  • (Samantha Burton) "Forget it. It's stupid."
  • (James Willson) "No, it's not stupid. Stay here. I'll be back."
  • (James Willson) "With all due respect sir, rockets are my life."

Barbara Kottmeier as Hot Young Lady

  • (Barbara Kottmeier) "God. He stole my gum."

Cole Evan Weiss as Saul

  • (Unnamed) "Is that legal?"
  • (Cole Evan Weiss) "Is what legal?"
  • (Unnamed) "Girls, on a baseball diamond."

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