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The Secret Garden (1993 film) Quotes

The Secret Garden (1993 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Secret Garden completed its run in 1970.

It features Zbigniew Preisner in charge of musical score, and Roger Deakins as head of cinematography.

The Secret Garden (1993 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Secret Garden (1993 film) is 102 minutes long. The Secret Garden (1993 film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Heydon Prowse as Colin, Kate Maberly as Mary, Maggie Smith as Mrs. Medlock, John Lynch as Lord Craven, Laura Crossley as Martha, Andrew Knott as Dickon, and Walter Sparrow as Ben Weatherstaff.

The Secret Garden (1993 film) Quotes

Andrew Knott as Dickon

  • (Andrew Knott) "The animals tell me all their secrets."
  • (Kate Maberly) "He wouldn't tell you my secret, would he?"
  • (Andrew Knott) "About what, Miss Mary?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "A garden. I've stolen a garden. But it may already be dead, I don't know."
  • (Andrew Knott) "I'll know."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Promise you won't tell anyone?"
  • (Andrew Knott) "Promise."
  • (Kate Maberly) "No one?"
  • (Andrew Knott) "Not a soul."
  • (Andrew Knott) "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row."
  • (Kate Maberly) "On the boat coming here, the other children used to sing that at me, but I wasn't as contrary as they were."

Heydon Prowse as Colin

  • (Heydon Prowse) "Hair is dead."
  • (Kate Maberly) "If it's dead, why does it keep growing all the time, even after you're dead? Well, maybe not your hair. You'll probably be bald."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Don't be daft. I'll die before I'm ever old enough to go bald."
  • (Kate Maberly) "I hate the way you talk about dying."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Everyone thinks I'm going to die."
  • (Kate Maberly) "If everyone thought that about me, I still wouldn't do it."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "How old are you?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "Ten."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Hey that means we're the same age."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "See, that's a picture of my mother."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Why do you keep it covered up?"
  • (Heydon Prowse) "My father doesn't like to see it. I don't look like her at all. But you, you look like her. She smiles too much."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Smiles too much? How can a person smile too much?"
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Sometimes I hate her. She died when I was born."
  • (Kate Maberly) "But I thought she died falling off the swing in her garden."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Her garden? What garden?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "Oh, just a garden."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm not sour."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm going to die."
  • (Kate Maberly) "From what?"
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Everything. I've spent my whole life in this bed."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Are you making this magic?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "No, you are."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Just like in the story."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "It's like the whole universe is in here."
  • (Kate Maberly) "I'm certain it is."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "That means I could marry you."
  • (Kate Maberly) "What? But we're cousins."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I don't care. I want us always to be together."
  • (Kate Maberly) "We are together."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm master of this house while my father is away."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Your father? He's my uncle. Nobody told me he had a son."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Come here. What's your name?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "Mary Lennox."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm Colin Craven."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Our mothers were sisters. Twins."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "Twins? Nobody told me she had a twin. Fluff the pillows for me, Cousin Mary."
  • (Kate Maberly) "What?"
  • (Heydon Prowse) "The covers on this bed are all twisted."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Well, I don't know what to do about it. I'll call Mrs. Medlock."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "No. She'll be mad if she finds you in here."

Laura Crossley as Martha

  • (Laura Crossley) "I've got a present for you. Me mother sent it over."
  • (Kate Maberly) "What's it for?"
  • (Laura Crossley) "You've got tigers and elephants in India, but have you not got skipping ropes?"
  • (Laura Crossley) "Now, what would you like to wear? Black, black, or black?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "Are you blind? They're all black. And I will not be laughed at, servant."
  • (Laura Crossley) "What do they wear in India? When I heard you'd be coming from there, I thought you'd be a native."
  • (Kate Maberly) "A what? You thought I'd be a what?"
  • (Laura Crossley) "There's no need to do that. I've nothing against natives."
  • (Laura Crossley) "I don't know when exactly your uncle will call for you."
  • (Kate Maberly) "My uncle? Mrs. Medlock said he wouldn't want to see me."
  • (Laura Crossley) "Ah but he does."

Kate Maberly as Mary

  • (Kate Maberly) "That was the night the rain stopped, the night spring came to Misselthwaite. My poor uncle fled from it, as if he were escaping the spring."
  • (Kate Maberly) "You, you. You daughter of a pig."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Look, there's a picture of my mother and my aunt sitting here."
  • (Andrew Knott) "They say that's how she died."
  • (Kate Maberly) "My aunt? How?"
  • (Andrew Knott) "Falling off it."
  • (Kate Maberly) "It looked just like my mother's room. This must have been my aunt's. The dressing tables looked the same. They even had twin ivory elephants."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Nobody wants me."
  • (Kate Maberly) "My name is Mary Lennox. I was born in India. It was hot, and strange, and lonely in India. I didn't like it. Nobody by my servant, my ayah, looked after me. My parents didn't want me. My mother cared only to go to parties. And my father was busy with his military duties. I was never allowed to go to the parties. I watched them from my mother's bedroom window. I was angry, but I never cried. I didn't know how to cry."
  • (Kate Maberly) "It's a secret garden."
  • (Andrew Knott) "Secrets are safe with me."
  • (Kate Maberly) "The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Are you my servant?"
  • (Laura Crossley) "I'm Mrs. Medlock's servant, and she's Lord Craven's, but I will be doing some upstairs housekeeping and waiting on you a bit."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Waiting on me makes you my servant, then."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Oh, stop it. I hate you. Everybody hates you. You're so selfish. You the most selfish boy there ever was."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm not as selfish as you are. Just because I'm always ill."
  • (Kate Maberly) "No on ill could scream like that."
  • (Heydon Prowse) "I'm going to die."
  • (Kate Maberly) "What would you know about dying?"
  • (Heydon Prowse) "My mother died."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Both my parents died."
  • (Kate Maberly) "You don't know anything about anything; none of you. Nothing."

John Lynch as Lord Craven

  • (John Lynch) "You brought us back to life, Mary. You did something I thought no one could do."

Maggie Smith as Mrs. Medlock

  • (Maggie Smith) "God. Look at your legs, they are swollen and red."
  • (Maggie Smith) "You're home, sir. We weren't expecting you."
  • (John Lynch) "Here I am. Where is my son?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "He's in his room, of course, Your Lordship."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Would you get back to the kitchen, you impudent girl."
  • (John Lynch) "Where is MY SON?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "He's here, my Lord. He must be here."
  • (John Lynch) "What's happened?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "It's that child, my Lord. She's created absolute havoc here. I've tried to control her. She must be sent away, my Lord. She'll kill Master Colin -- for sure."
  • (John Lynch) "Take me to her room."
  • (Maggie Smith) "She has no regard for his fragile state of health. She does what she pleases."
  • (John Lynch) "You lock her in?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "I've had to, my Lord. That's how wild she is."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Mary? Your Uncle's here."
  • (Laura Crossley) "I beg your pardon, my Lord."
  • (Laura Crossley) "Perhaps they're in the garden."
  • (John Lynch) "The garden?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "How can they be? It's quite impossible."
  • (Maggie Smith) "I've done my best, sir. I really have. But with that child defying me --"
  • (John Lynch) "SILENCE, MEDLOCK. She's just a child. I left YOU in charge."
  • (Maggie Smith) "I'll resign, sir. I'll leave today."
  • (Maggie Smith) "DON'T."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Martha -- Martha."
  • (Maggie Smith) "Here's your breakfast."
  • (Kate Maberly) "But I'm still in my nightgown."
  • (Maggie Smith) "You can dress after you've eaten. Your clothes are on the chair."
  • (Kate Maberly) "Who's going to dress me?"
  • (Maggie Smith) "Can't you dress yourself?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "Of course not. My ayah dressed me."
  • (Maggie Smith) "What did they do with you in India? Carry you around in a basket?"
  • (Kate Maberly) "How dare you speak to me with such disrespect."

Walter Sparrow as Ben Weatherstaff

  • (Walter Sparrow) "Look at him. Cheeky little blighter. I can't think why, but he's decided to make friends with you."
  • (Kate Maberly) "With me? I never had any friends before."
  • (Walter Sparrow) "That I believe."

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