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The Seventh Cross (film) Quotes

The Seventh Cross (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Seventh Cross stopped airing in 1970.

It features Pandro S. Berman as producer, Roy Webb in charge of musical score, and Karl Freund as head of cinematography.

Each episode of The Seventh Cross (film) is 110 minutes long. The Seventh Cross (film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: George Macready as Bruno Sauer, Hume Cronyn as Paul Roeder, Katherine Locke as Frau Hedy Sauer, Kurt Katch as Leo Hermann, and Herbert Rudley as Franz Marnet.

The Seventh Cross (film) Quotes

George Macready as Bruno Sauer

  • (George Macready) "I came because I had something to tell you."
  • (Kurt Katch) "We haven't seen you for some time. Sit down."
  • (George Macready) "No, thank you. I'll just tell you, and then I'll go. A man came to see me this morning. I had never seen him before, but what he told me may be something in which you are interested. He said he came with a message from a mutual friend. He didn't name the mutual friend, but I think he was speaking of George Heisler. You all know that Heisler escaped from Westhofen and is hiding somewhere in the city. He needs help. I think that's why he sent the man to me. I couldn't be sure the man was what he said he was, so I sent him away. I think now I may have been mistaken."
  • (Kurt Katch) "What was the messenger's name?"
  • (George Macready) "I don't know. He didn't tell me."
  • (Kurt Katch) "What did he look like?"
  • (George Macready) "Small, slight, sandy-haired and freckled. Clothes; he might have been a factory worker. He wore glasses."
  • (Herbert Rudley) "That must be --"
  • (George Macready) "I don't blame you for not being willing to speak in front of me. I'll go now. I've told you all I know."
  • (Kurt Katch) "Wait. Sit down. You've done a great deal for us. Franz, who's the man?"
  • (Herbert Rudley) "Paul Roeder. It must be Paul Roeder. Little? A wide mouth? A manner like a boy? I'm not sure where he lives, but I know the neighborhood. I'll inquire at the market."
  • (George Macready) "Come in. You want to see me? What can I do for you?"
  • (Hume Cronyn) "I bring you the regards of a mutual friend. I wonder if you still remember him. He was with you once on a canoeing excursion."
  • (George Macready) "I'm afraid I don't understand. Whose regards are you bringing me?"
  • (Hume Cronyn) "It was more than three years ago. You said to him that if there was ever something big he wanted done, he could count on you."
  • (George Macready) "I still don't understand at all. I think you must have the wrong address. You'll have to excuse me. I'm afraid your friend put you in touch with the wrong man. I happen to be in a great hurry just now. Hedy. Will you show this man the door, Hedy?"

Katherine Locke as Frau Hedy Sauer

  • (Katherine Locke) "I heard what he said."
  • (George Macready) "Did you see the little rat slipping around? He tried to drag me into something."
  • (Katherine Locke) "You've cut yourself. He was speaking of George Heisler, wasn't he?"
  • (George Macready) "How do I know?"
  • (Katherine Locke) "Who was he?"
  • (George Macready) "I never saw the fellow before."
  • (Katherine Locke) "But he seemed to know what you had said to Heisler."
  • (George Macready) "He might very well have been the Gestapo."
  • (Katherine Locke) "He might very well have been sent by Heisler. You didn't even try to find out. You're a coward."
  • (George Macready) "How could I be sure?"
  • (Katherine Locke) "You've been telling yourself for years that someday you would do something. You never really meant it. You've been fooling yourself, excusing your own weakness. Today you had your chance, and you didn't take it."
  • (George Macready) "Hedy."
  • (Katherine Locke) "You were afraid."
  • (George Macready) "Hedy, please, why do you torture me? What's wrong between us?"
  • (Katherine Locke) "What do you think? When I left home to marry you, it was because everything there was repulsive to me. My father, my brothers, their way of living. I think sometimes of the plans you used to have. What's become of them? The things you used to say, the things you planned to do."
  • (George Macready) "I can't help it. I don't dare to risk anything. My home, my family, you. I'm very much in love with you, Hedy."
  • (Katherine Locke) "You've chosen the wrong way to keep me. I'd risk all this, all of it. It's no use to me now, because I've lost my respect for you. It's a shame. It shouldn't have happened."

Kurt Katch as Leo Hermann

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