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The Shop Around the Corner Quotes

The Shop Around the Corner is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Shop Around the Corner ended its run in 1970.

It features Ernst Lubitsch as producer, Werner R. Heymann in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Shop Around the Corner is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Shop Around the Corner is 99 minutes long. The Shop Around the Corner is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: James Stewart as Alfred Kralik, Frank Morgan as Hugo Matuschek, Joseph Schildkraut as Ferenc Vadas, Felix Bressart as Pirovitch, William Tracy as Pepi Katona, Edwin Maxwell as Doctor, and Grace Hayle as Woman Customer.

The Shop Around the Corner Quotes

James Stewart as Alfred Kralik

  • (Unnamed) "All my knowledge came from books, and I'd just finished a novel about a glamorous French actress from the Comedie Francaise. That's the theater in France. When she wanted to arouse a man's interest, she treated him like a dog."
  • (James Stewart) "Yes, well, you treated me like a dog."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, but instead of licking my hand, you barked."
  • (James Stewart) "Yes, Mr. Matuschek"
  • (Frank Morgan) "Eh, close the door. Kralik, why did you put me in that situation, in front of the whole shop?"
  • (James Stewart) "Well, I'm very sorry, sir -- but it was not my fault."
  • (Frank Morgan) "Well whose fault was it? Mine?"
  • (James Stewart) "Well -- yes."
  • (James Stewart) "Suppose a fellow gets an apartment with three rooms. Dining room, bedroom, living room."
  • (Felix Bressart) "What do you need three rooms for? You live in the bedroom."
  • (James Stewart) "Where do you eat?"
  • (Felix Bressart) "In the kitchen. You get a nice big kitchen."
  • (James Stewart) "Where do you entertain?"
  • (Felix Bressart) "Entertain? What are you, an embassador? Who do you want to entertain? Listen listen, if someone is really your friend, he comes after dinner."
  • (James Stewart) "Are you disappointed?"
  • (Unnamed) "Psychologically, I'm very confused -- But personally, I don't feel bad at all."
  • (James Stewart) "There might be a lot we don't know about each other. You know, people seldom go to the trouble of scratching the surface of things to find the inner truth."
  • (Unnamed) "Well I really wouldn't care to scratch your surface, Mr. Kralik, because I know exactly what I'd find. Instead of a heart, a hand-bag. Instead of a soul, a suitcase. And instead of an intellect, a cigarette lighter -- which doesn't work."
  • (James Stewart) "Flora, take a letter. Ah -- To whom it may concern. Mr. Vadas has been in the employ of Matuschek & Company for the last two years, during which he has been very efficient as a stool pigeon, a troublemaker, and a rat."
  • (Joseph Schildkraut) "Now look here."
  • (James Stewart) "And if he doesn't clear out of here he's going to get a punch in the nose. Yours very truly, Alfred Kralik, Manager, Matuschek & Company."
  • (James Stewart) "Pirovitch, did you ever get a bonus?"
  • (Felix Bressart) "Yes, once."
  • (James Stewart) "Yeah. The boss hands you the envelope. You wonder how much is in it, and you don't want to open it. As long as the envelope's closed, you're a millionaire."

Grace Hayle as Woman Customer

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Frank Morgan as Hugo Matuschek

  • (Frank Morgan) "Well, Mr. Kralik, what do you think now?"
  • (James Stewart) "I think people who like to smoke candy and listen to cigarettes will love it."

Edwin Maxwell as Doctor

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William Tracy as Pepi Katona

  • (William Tracy) "Well Doctor, I would say it's a nervous breakdown. What do you think?"
  • (Edwin Maxwell) "It appears to be an acute epileptoid manifestation and a pan phobic melancholiac with indication of a neurasthenia cordus."
  • (William Tracy) "Is that more expensive than a nervous breakdown?"

Felix Bressart as Pirovitch

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