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The Spikes Gang Quotes

The Spikes Gang is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The Spikes Gang ended in 1970.

It features Richard Fleischer as producer, Fred Karlin in charge of musical score, and Brian West (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Spikes Gang is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Spikes Gang is 96 minutes long. The Spikes Gang is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Lee Marvin as Harry Spikes, Ron Howard as Les Richter, Gary Grimes as Will Young, Charles Martin Smith as Tod, Charles Martin Smith as Tod Hayhew, and Arthur Hunnicutt as Kid White.

The Spikes Gang Quotes

Lee Marvin as Harry Spikes

  • (Lee Marvin) "They keep the money in back in the vault. They keep some money in the drawer up front. It ain't much, but we'll take it to allay the cause."
  • (Ron Howard) "What if they don't want to give it to us?"
  • (Lee Marvin) "Well, then they're dead men for sure. Remember boys, there is no arrest or trial for this crime; only convictions."
  • (Lee Marvin) "I'm on my way to meet my maker, but I ain't ready for Him yet."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Boys, I'm going to be your deliverance and salvation. Now, don't ask me why I'm doing it. It don't make no sense. God knows I could get a dozen better out of any saloon down the street. But you got some spirit, and you got some crawl. And where I come from, you harness a mule but you give a horse a chance to run. How would you boys like to throw in with me?"
  • (Lee Marvin) "I don't know when I liked a boy so much. He was never noisy -- never rude. A born gentleman by nature. Well, let's hope the ground that covers his grave will always be green."
  • (Gary Grimes) "He's not dead yet."
  • (Lee Marvin) "He's a goner. Say goodbye and let's go."
  • (Lee Marvin) "I'd stay by his side if I thought it would do him any good and me no harm. But that ain't the way it lies."
  • (Gary Grimes) "Don't you care nothing for him? You just said you did."
  • (Lee Marvin) "I've left men dead behind me. I've left men dying behind me. And I've left 'em calling my name. What you do is shut your ears and close your eyes and run like hell. If you boys were older and been in it longer, you'd know that's the only way to live."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Don't look so scared boys. Hell, look at me."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Vadalia -- Northfield -- Jonesboro -- Elysian Township -- Marysville -- Gallatin. Oh, I ducked a little late a few times, but I'm still standin'. The thing to do, my friends, is to admit to your fate with Christian resignation and live bravely until your appointed time."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Well, you boys left the farm and you had some trouble. You've seen some of the world. How do you find it?"
  • (Ron Howard) "We ain't really seen that much of it. We've been chased through it."
  • (Lee Marvin) "You brought down a big one boys. There's a bounty on ya. They don't care if you're cold or warm, they'll pay $1500 for each one of ya."
  • (Ron Howard) "Well, that makes us sitting ducks, don't it -- not knowing which way we're going to get flushed."
  • (Lee Marvin) "That's the game."
  • (Lee Marvin) "What's your name?"
  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "Oh, I got a lot of names. Billy Blanco, Kid White, take your pick."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Why, I've heard of you. You've put a few in Boot Hill haven't you?"
  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "Two or three rows."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Took some from behind, I heard."
  • (Arthur Hunnicutt) "That's right, brother. If that's the way they were facing."
  • (Lee Marvin) "So you went and robbed yourself a bank, did ya? Killed a man and lost the money. Don't look like you boys have the gift for it."

Charles Martin Smith as Tod Hayhew

  • (Charles Martin Smith) "What would you do if you was us, Mr. Spikes?"
  • (Lee Marvin) "Lie close. Keep your boots by your bed. Sit up quick when a dog barks. Go out but little. Make no acquaintances. Have nothing peculiar about your manner or dress. And above all -- never talk. It's the talking man gets caught."
  • (Charles Martin Smith) "I'd never let him do that"
  • (Charles Martin Smith) "without laughing gas."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Why, he's the same doctor that took out my appendix with only a quart and a half of tequila."

Gary Grimes as Will Young

  • (Woman) "What do you want?"
  • (Gary Grimes) "Oh, we was wondering if we could do some chores in exchange for a dollar. Swill your pigs, clean out your barn -- whatever you say."
  • (Woman) "You can scat. I don't hire saddle tramps."
  • (Ron Howard) "Ain't you heard lady? Money is like manure. It's only good when you spread it around."
  • (Gary Grimes) "Mr. Spikes is never broke. He's never hungry, either."
  • (Charles Martin Smith) "What made you think of him all of a sudden."
  • (Gary Grimes) "Looking at that bank. You know what he would do if he was in our shoes? He's walk in that bank, pull out his gun and say: it's all baloney, so slice me some."
  • (Gary Grimes) "He was nearly as old as my grandfather. He had a safety pin holding up his pants."
  • (Lee Marvin) "Son, where there ain't foolishness in life, there's misery. But we got to hold ourselves together somehow, or we would always be crying."

Ron Howard as Les Richter

  • (Ron Howard) "Well, one thing for sure; I can't die any poorer than I started."

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