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The Star (2017 film) Quotes

The Star (2017 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Star ended its run in 1970.

It features Jenni Magee Cook as producer, and John Paesano in charge of musical score.

The Star (2017 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Star (2017 film) is 86 minutes long. The Star (2017 film) is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

The cast includes: Oprah Winfrey as Deborah, Tyler Perry as Cyrus, Tracy Morgan as Felix, Steven Yeun as Bo, Gina Rodriguez as Mary, Zachary Levi as Joseph, Keegan-Michael Key as Dave, Aidy Bryant as Ruth, Ving Rhames as Thaddeus, Gabriel Iglesias as Rufus, Christopher Plummer as Herod, Phil Morris as Balthazar, Fred Tatasciore as Melchior, Joel Osteen as Caspar, Kelly Clarkson as Leah, Anthony Anderson as Zach, Patricia Heaton as Edith, Joel McCrary as Angel, and Kris Kristofferson as Old Donkey.

The Star (2017 film) Quotes

Steven Yeun as Bo

  • (Steven Yeun) "Mary's having a baby."
  • (Kelly Clarkson) "A baby? I love babies."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Bring him back here. There's plenty of room in the stable."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Great. Now, we'll never sleep."
  • (Steven Yeun) "It's here. I can't believe this."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Me neither."
  • (Steven Yeun) "You don't understand. That light. That's the star. This is where it's been leading me. But -- Mary -- Joseph. Guys, I gotta get out of here. Can you help me?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "I gotcha. I'm gonna chew him free."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Woody."
  • (Steven Yeun) "No. Try biting the --"
  • (Kelly Clarkson) "I know. I'll sing you free."
  • (Steven Yeun) "That was beautiful -- but not helpful."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "I think I got a splinter in my tongue."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Step aside."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Yes, yes. That's perfect. Now, I just gotta get past that gate."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Has that ever worked for you?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "No, actually."
  • (Steven Yeun) "See? I knew that would work."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "Just like we planned -- with a momentary near-death income."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Do you see anything?"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Uh -- What are we looking for?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Mary, you are in real danger. You need to hear what I am going to say extremely carefully."
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "Ever feel like he's trying to talk to us?"
  • (Zachary Levi) "Why is he here? Where did he come from?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "She's not getting it. Okay, new plan. Can you two act like dogs?"
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "What do you think?"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Uh, yes. I do a great dog. Dogs are my fourth best animal."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Great. Just follow my lead."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Look at me. I'm Mary. I'm so pregnant."
  • (Steven Yeun) "I'm Joseph. I'm in a bad mood. Dur dur dur dur dur --"
  • (Zachary Levi) "Wait a minute. Is that supposed to be me?"
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "It's totally you."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Oh no. Here come the dogs."
  • (Steven Yeun) "That's you guys."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Oh. Oh. Uh --"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Woof. Woof woof woof. Throw me a stick, and I'll bring it right back. Ooh, what's this? It's a tail?"
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "Seriously? We're doing this instead of the royal caravan?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "No, Ruth, you're a scary dog. Just be meaner."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Oh, meaner? You mean like --"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "-- THIS?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Yah."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Oh no. He got me. If only a certain donkey had warned me."
  • (Zachary Levi) "There's something seriously wrong with those animals."
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "I think Bo's trying to tell us something."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Come on -- come on --"
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "I think he wants -- a belly rub."
  • (Steven Yeun) "What? No. I mean, yes, always, but not now."
  • (Steven Yeun) "The miller's on my tail."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "Yeah, and he does not look happy."
  • (Miller) "I am not happy."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Guys, I carried a king on my back."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "We're never going to hear the end of this, are we?"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "And I hope we never do."
  • (Steven Yeun) "I can't let them down. I can try praying. Now, how did Mary do this?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Never mind. It's fine."
  • (Steven Yeun) "God? Hello? Um -- I don't really know how this works, or if you listen to prayers from donkeys, but I've seen Mary do this many times, and I don't know what else to do. My friends need help. I thought if I followed the star, it would lead me to where I'm supposed to be, but I failed them. What do you want me to do?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "You guys are pretty scary, and you might be stronger than I am, but if you want to get to my friends, you'll have to get passed me first."
  • (Gabriel Iglesias) "No problem, donkey. Getting passed you is my middle name."
  • (Steven Yeun) "What is that?"
  • (Gabriel Iglesias) "What's what? I wasn't supposed to look, was I?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Donkey kick."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Ruth, you stay here and guard Mary. If anything happens, warn us."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Yeah. We should have a secret signal."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Sounds great."
  • (Steven Yeun) "They left the gate open. I'll make a run for it. Dave, you jump out and create a distraction."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "What? No. Terrible plan. Why don't you create a distraction and I run for it?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Because I'm the one that's trapped in here, and you can fly, as you keep telling me."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "All valid points."

Phil Morris as Balthazar

  • (Phil Morris) "For Jesus, Gold."
  • (Fred Tatasciore) "Myrrh."
  • (Joel Osteen) "Do you like Frankincense? I never know what to get."

Tracy Morgan as Felix

  • (Tracy Morgan) "What are they saying?"
  • (Tyler Perry) "Shh. I can't make it out, but it's something about the King of the -- Shoes?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "King of the Shoes? That's what this is about?"
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Uh-uh. That can't be right."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Wow. Look. That's gold slippers. King of the Shoes, no doubt."
  • (Tyler Perry) "That, Felix, is money and no taste."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Can we move past the shoes?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Look at that guy. You see him?"
  • (Tyler Perry) "Oh, he's just a royal dog-walker. Trust me. Felix, I know these things."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "What? Dog-walker? He's like a nightmare wearing a helmet."
  • (Christopher Plummer) "We must find this king at once. I will send my scribes to the task. In the meantime, I invite you to stay in the palace as my royal guests."
  • (Phil Morris) "No, no. That's not necessary, Sire."
  • (Christopher Plummer) "Oh, but I insist."
  • (Tyler Perry) "Okay, that was sinister."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "We're leaving. We are not going to do any slumber parties with any evil shoe king. No thank you."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Too late."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Look with your eyes."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "I knew it. It's a birthday party for the new king."
  • (Tyler Perry) "No, no. I'm pretty certain it's a baby shower."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Or maybe they're referring to the coming Messiah. The Son of God."
  • (Tyler Perry) "Okay, now, I'm starting to worry about her."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Deborah, are you okay? How many hooves am I holding up?"
  • (Tracy Morgan) "These wise guys are lost."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Wise men don't get lost, Felix."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "So you're saying they know where this birthday party is?"
  • (Tyler Perry) "And what makes you so certain it's a birthday party?"
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Oh, here we go."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Have you seen the presents these guys are bringing? Gold? Myrrh? Frankincense?"
  • (Tyler Perry) "Could be a baby shower. You bring presents to a baby shower."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "Baby shower? What's a baby going to do with frankincense, silly camel? It's a birthday party."

Gabriel Iglesias as Rufus

  • (Gabriel Iglesias) "Thaddeus, are we good dogs now?"
  • (Ving Rhames) "We have to try."
  • (Gabriel Iglesias) "I smell something. I can smell -- a dog. Thaddeus, there is definitely a dog in here -- Oh, I smell me."
  • (Gabriel Iglesias) "We're bad dogs."
  • (Steven Yeun) "You don't have to be. You're free now."

Keegan-Michael Key as Dave

  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "Guys, donkeys are stubborn."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Yeah."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "He's not gonna tell you anything."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Sorry, guys."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "You're gonna have to torture it out of him."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Wait, what?"
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "I can carry two grapes. One in each talon. Thank you very much."

Anthony Anderson as Zach

  • (Anthony Anderson) "Be gone. Away with you."
  • (Steven Yeun) "God?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Now it's talking back. There's nothing to fear, Zach. It's all a figment of your imagination. Just a realistic vision of a donkey talking to God that won't stop eyeballing you."

Aidy Bryant as Ruth

  • (Aidy Bryant) "Hey, everybody. What's up? It's me, Ruth."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Okay, I know you guys think it was crazy for me to leave and follow the star, but you wouldn't believe all the adventures I've had out there, and the biggest one of all is happening tonight. I made new friends, and they need my help, so this time, you gotta follow me."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Guys?"
  • (Aidy Bryant) "This is important."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Whoa."
  • (Joel McCrary) "Fear not. I bring good tidings of great joy, for unto you is born this day a savior -- Christ, the Lord."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Told ya it was important."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Excellent climbing form, Bo. Be the wedge."
  • (Aidy Bryant) "Those guys? Oh, yeah. They've been following us since we came down the cliff."
  • (Keegan-Michael Key) "Couldn't you have pointed that out sooner?"

Patricia Heaton as Edith

  • (Patricia Heaton) "What's your name, sweetie?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Bo?"
  • (Kelly Clarkson) "Bo is a funny word. Bo bo bo -- bo-bo-bo-bo-bo bo bo --"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "What? That's his name? And you're singing him a song?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "I'm doomed."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "They're not usually like this. You caught us at a bad time."
  • (Kelly Clarkson) "We haven't slept in nine months."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Nine months?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "Not a wink."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Oh, so that explains your eyes."
  • (Anthony Anderson) "What? What's wrong with my eyes?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "Nothing."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Yep. No sleep at all since that giant nightlight turned on."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Light?"
  • (Anthony Anderson) "All you can do is lie awake and listen to the crickets."
  • (Patricia Heaton) "Ta-da."
  • (Kelly Clarkson) "Sorry. Too excited. Zach and Edith don't like the spotlight, but I think it's beautiful."

Ving Rhames as Thaddeus

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Tyler Perry as Cyrus

  • (Tyler Perry) "I expected a left turn two deserts ago."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "I can't believe we passed that last oasis. I'm getting thirsty."

Oprah Winfrey as Deborah

  • (Oprah Winfrey) "You know? I think people are going to remember this night. What happened around this manger will be celebrated for thousands of years. Families will come together and exchange presents and sing carols all to remember the grace of this moment that we are witnessing right now."
  • (Tyler Perry) "Okay, Deborah."
  • (Tracy Morgan) "She's back to talking crazy again."
  • (Oprah Winfrey) "Uh-huh."

Kris Kristofferson as Old Donkey

  • (Kris Kristofferson) "Any new escape plans, kid?"
  • (Steven Yeun) "What's the point? Always gonna be stuck on the same old wheel with the same old view."
  • (Kris Kristofferson) "There's nothing out there for ya, kid."
  • (Steven Yeun) "Things are changing, and I'm not gonna be in here forever. That star means something."

Joel McCrary as Angel

  • (Joel McCrary) "Fear not, for you have been favored by God to conceive and bear a son."
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "A -- a son? But how?"
  • (Joel McCrary) "The Holy Spirit will overshadow you, and the child will be called the Son of God, for nothing is impossible with God."
  • (Gina Rodriguez) "Thank you. Do I say thank you? I mean, yes. Let it be done just as you say."

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