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The Stepford Wives (1975 film) Quotes

The Stepford Wives (1975 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Stepford Wives ended in 1970.

It features Edgar J. Scherick as producer, Michael Small in charge of musical score, and Owen Roizman as head of cinematography.

The Stepford Wives (1975 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Stepford Wives (1975 film) is 115 minutes long. The Stepford Wives (1975 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Nanette Newman as Carol Van Sant, Paula Prentiss as Bobbie Markowe, Tina Louise as Charmaine Wimperis, Katharine Ross as Joanna Eberhart, Carol Eve Rossen as Dr. Fancher, Remak Ramsay as Mr. Atkinson, Robert Fields as Raymond Chandler, Patrick O'Neal as Dale Coba, Barbara Rucker as Mary Ann Stavros, Judith Baldwin as Patricia Cornell, Peter Masterson as Walter Eberhart, George Coe as Claude Axhelm, William Prince as Ike Mazzard, and Katharine Ross as Kim Eberhart.

The Stepford Wives (1975 film) Quotes

Patrick O'Neal as Dale Coba

  • (Patrick O'Neal) "I like to watch women doing little domestic chores."
  • (Katharine Ross) "You came to the right town."
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "It's nothing like you imagine, just a, another stage. Think about it like that, and there's nothing to it."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Why?"
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "Why? Because we can."

Paula Prentiss as Bobbie Markowe

  • (Paula Prentiss) "Dave turned me loose at Bergdorf's and I went mad."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "If I was forced to apologize every time I got smashed, I'd spend my whole life wandering around saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.""
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Joanna. How could you do a thing like that? How could you do a thing like that? How could you do a thing like that? When I was just going to give you coffee. When I was just going to give you coffee. When I was just going to give you coffee. I thought we were friends. I thought we were friends. I was just going to give you coffee. I was just going to give you coffee. I thought we were friends -- I thought we were friends -- I thought we were friends. How could you do a thing like that? I thought we were friends."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "I think there's something in the water that turns us into house fraus."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Two things I always carry: Tampax and Ring Dings. And I don't even wanna think what that means."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "I can't figure out this burg. It's like maids have been declared illegal, and the housewife with the neatest place gets Robert Redford for Christmas. And believe me, if that's the prize, I'd enter, but nobody'll tell what the contest rules are. Cheers."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "If you're going to tell me you don't like this dress, I'm sticking my head right in the oven."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "I'm also an ex-Gothamite, who's been living here in Ajax country for just over a month now, and I'm going crazy. You see doctor, my problem is that given complete freedom of choice, I don't WANT to squeeze the god**** Charmin."

Tina Louise as Charmaine Wimperis

  • (Tina Louise) "Believe me, I know that it's unfair and sexist, but frankly, anything that gets him out of the house nights is fine with me."
  • (Tina Louise) "I don't think that, uh, Ed ever loved me. I mean, uh, he married me because I looked right and it made a big impression on the other TV executives for his wife to look like I look. God knows he's given me things, I -- I'm not complaining on that score, but -- uh -- he never loved me."

Nanette Newman as Carol Van Sant

  • (Nanette Newman) "This is all so silly -- it's just my head. This is all so silly -- it's just my head. This is all so silly -- it's just my head --"
  • (Nanette Newman) "I'll just die if I don't get this recipe. I'll just die if I don't get this recipe. I'll just die if I don't get this recipe."

Katharine Ross as Joanna Eberhart

  • (Katharine Ross) "What do you think they do up there?"
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Watch dirty movies and reminisce about the Good Old Days."
  • (Katharine Ross) "What Good Old Days?"
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Like those Good Old Days when "Playboy" used the airbrush."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Am I crazy? Aren't they good? Please say something. I don't care. No, I do care. Don't say anything bad."
  • (Remak Ramsay) "These are, um, really quite good."
  • (Katharine Ross) "You're not just saying that be cause you're frightened I, I might be a crazy lady?"
  • (Remak Ramsay) "Clearly you are a crazy lady, but clearly again, these are nice."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Wait a minute. You said 'Good'. 'Really quite good' you said. 'Good' is better than 'nice'. You're not changing your mind, are you?"
  • (Remak Ramsay) "No, the results are lovely. Don't get upset again. 'Lovely' is better than 'good'. But, um, what fascinates me is: What is it you want from it all? Do you know?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "I want; somewhere, someday, someone to look at something and say 'Hey, that reminds me of an Ingalls'. 'Ingalls' was my maiden name. I guess I want to be remembered."
  • (Remak Ramsay) "Yes, don't we all?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "-- just like your wife. Bobby and I tried to involve her in one of our projects, but she had too much ironing. Maybe you could convince her. Kit Sundersen, too. If they could find the time for me -- I could find it for you."
  • (George Coe) "Isn't this uh -- kind of blackmail, Joanna?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "It's what made this country great, Claude."
  • (Katharine Ross) "I won't be here when you get back, don't you see? It's going to happen before then. Don't ask me to explain it, I just know. There'll be somebody with my name, and she'll cook and clean like crazy, but she won't take pictures, and she won't be me. She'll; she'll, she'll be like one of those the robots in Disneyland."
  • (Carol Eve Rossen) "Alright, now listen. I'll give you a prescription which you have filled, then you gather up your children and you GET THE HELL AWAY. Don't tell your husband, don't tell anyone, just go, wherever you feel safe. Now, do you have family?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "They're dead."
  • (Carol Eve Rossen) "Well, just drive, and stop some place. Then in a few days; I'll be back on the 10th; you ring me, I'll come to you, and we'll sort this thing out. Now how does that sound?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "This is not me and what you're saying isn't you."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Hello, Bobbie."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Oh, hello, Joanna."
  • (Katharine Ross) "How are you?"
  • (Paula Prentiss) "I'm fine. How are you?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "I'm fine. How are the children?"
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Fine --"
  • (Katharine Ross) "Daddy, I just saw a man carrying a naked lady."
  • (Peter Masterson) "Well, that's why we're moving to Stepford."
  • (Katharine Ross) "I can't just call him up and say, "Hi. I used be Joanna Ingalls. You deflowered me twelve years ago. Would you check my water?""
  • (Katharine Ross) "I guess I want to be remembered."
  • (Katharine Ross) "We may be new here, but isn't Stepford Hospital that way?"
  • (Peter Masterson) "Oh, no, no, no, you're wrong -- No, no, you're not wrong, the ambulance went that way, didn't it?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "I've told you, I messed a little bit with women's lib in New York."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Didn't we all?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "I'm not contemplating any Maidenform bonfires, but they could certainly use something around here."
  • (Paula Prentiss) "Oh yeah."
  • (Katharine Ross) "You game?"
  • (Paula Prentiss) "I'm game. Boy, am I game."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Why do they call you Diz?"
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "Because I used to work at Disneyland."
  • (Katharine Ross) "No, really."
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "That's really. Don't you believe me?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "No."
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "Why not?"
  • (Katharine Ross) "You don't look like someone who enjoys making other people happy."

Robert Fields as Raymond Chandler

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Judith Baldwin as Patricia Cornell

  • (Judith Baldwin) "Oh, Frank you're the best, you're the champ, you're the master --."

William Prince as Ike Mazzard

  • (William Prince) "In case you're wondering what I've been doing."
  • (Katharine Ross) "You're not the Ike Mazzard are you?"
  • (William Prince) "I'm afraid so."
  • (Katharine Ross) "Walter tell him, I'm just awful on names. You'll have to forgive me. I used to gawk at all those girls in those magazines. You blighted my adolescence, you know that?"
  • (Peter Masterson) "I thought I benighted your adolescence."

Peter Masterson as Walter Eberhart

  • (Peter Masterson) "She cooks as good as she looks, Ted."

Barbara Rucker as Mary Ann Stavros

  • (Barbara Rucker) "I'm sorry. I just can't waste my spare moments on something like that."
  • (Katharine Ross) "But you do go out sometimes don't you?"
  • (Barbara Rucker) "Go out? Of course I go out. I'm out now, aren't I?"

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